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Priceless Baby's Super Daddy

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Chapter 1 - He Was So Strong

You ask me how much I love you. My love is increasing second by second. Time never fades away. My heart will go on.

--Huo Yunshen

Peijing, Kaiyueer Hotel, Room 1109.

The lights were warm yellow, and a touch of incense was floating in the air.

Too much alcohol had been poured down Xu Xiyan's throat. She was abandoned on the floor like a gunny sack.

In her blurry vision, she could vaguely see a man and woman kissing deeply and making out.

She dug her nails into her skin and used the sharp pain to make herself sober.

Were the two people in front of her really her boyfriend Chu Yuhe and her sister Xu Xinrou?

Xu Xiyan was shocked as if she were struck by a lightning bolt. She stared at them with a blank look.

There was so much pain as if her heart had just exploded.

How could they hook up?

Who could believe that the guy who said he would love her for the rest of his life was cheating on her?

Chu Yuhe let Xu Xinrou go after they kissed for a while and said gently, "Alright sweetheart. We gotta go. Mr. Li is coming in a bit."

Xu Xinrou put her arms on Chu Yuhe's shoulders and glanced at the person lying on the floor in the room and said with disdain, "So Mr. Li is really willing to invest 50 million in your Juxing Entertainment for Xu Xiyan?"

Chu Yuhe pinched her face and laughed. "How can I lie to you? The 50 million is already in my account. With the money invested in the new show, I would definitely make you the lead and your dad the director."

"Now we are talking." Xu Xinrou was satisfied but still asked sourly, "Mr. Li is quite generous. I have no clue what's so special about her that he would spend 50 million to sleep with her. Do you think she's better than me?"

Chu Yuhe ridiculed, "She is nothing but a stupid and boring yes-woman. She never has her own opinions. How can someone like her be compared to you? She is not even worth your little finger."

So this was what Chu Yuhe said about her?

It was he who said obedient women were his type. That was why she said yes to everything and tried her best to be the kind of girlfriend he liked.

And now she was nothing but a stupid, boring yes woman without her own opinions?

Xu Xinrou was pleased. "After she sleep with Mr. Li, I will bring the paparazzi and dad here to catch them in bed… She will become the most notorious woman in Peijing. At that time, you can dump her with a fully justified reason."

That's what they had prepared for her! Ha, what a scheming couple!

"Sweetie, you are so smart," Chu Yuhe praised her and put his arm around her shoulder. "Let's go somewhere quiet. I have prepared a surprise for your birthday."

"Really? I can't wait!"

They left the room and Chu Yuhe left the door half open for Mr. Li.

As she lay on the floor, Xu Xiyan's heart was trembling. She felt like she was lying in the snow. It was as if someone was cutting her heart into pieces with a sharp knife, one slice followed by another, making it broken all over.

Her chest hurt so bad that she felt numb and breathless.

If she did not see it with her own eyes and heard it with her own ears, she could hardly believe that they would sell her to the fatty Mr. Li who had a terrible reputation in the business for 50 million.

Chu Yuhe was her boyfriend who grew up together with her. She liked him and had pursuit him for many years. She gave him all the money left by her late mother to help him start his own business, Juxing Entertainment.

He had once said he would marry her when his business grew bigger and he could give her a stable and happy life. Was it a lie?

Xu Xinrou--although they had different mothers, she had treated her as her real sister for so many years. Was the care that Xu Xinrou showed her all fake?

They were the two persons that she trusted the most. But they betrayed her together and sold her out.

And there was Xu Jinshan as well. Did he even deserve to be called a father?

What kind of father would trade his own daughter away?

It couldn't be put into word how hurt she felt. These people hooked up for their own gains. Their second faces were so dirty and disgusting.

Thinking about the horrible situation she was about to face, Jinyan Xu would rather die than be a victim.

At this moment, her face was flushed in a weird way.

The unusual heat in her body made her realize that what Chu Yuhe and Xu Xinrou made her drink was not just alcohol.

Her head became heavier and she dialed a number with her last strip of consciousness.

After God knows how long, she heard footsteps coming closer when she was semi-conscious.

She felt her body became light as a pair of strong arms carried her up from the floor.

She caught a glimpse of the guy's deep-set eyes and thin, sexy lips…

She could even smell the faint, cold fragrance on his body.

Then, she held the man's cool and firm chest and wouldn't let it go.

The heat in her body made her lose her mind and act irrationally. She went ahead and kissed his cool and thin lips with her arms around his neck.

The inexperienced kiss had no rhythm or tricks, but it successfully woke up the man's dormant desire.

He turned around and pressed her underneath him like a beast that had finally got out of the cage, wild and dominant.

He was so strong that he almost broke her into pieces.

It hurt…

The sudden penetration made her frown and dig her nails deeply into his skin.

She bit him hard and tasted blood in her mouth.

She tried to push him away, but she couldn't resist.

The fire in her body almost burned her up. Only his coolness could save her.

The pleasure took place of the pain and made her fall even deeper.

Who was the man?

What would happen tomorrow?

What kind of brutal violence was waiting for her?

She couldn't care less. The only thing she knew was that she needed him for the night.