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Eternity in the darkness

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Chapter 1 - Lost- Part 1

This is my first book written, that is very very choppy (written 9 years ago). I haven't found the time therefore the book hasn't been revised or edited. If you can still manage to read it then go ahead. Else you can go to read my other books like:

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~ ~

It was dark, but the moonlight was enough to lead the way as I walked through the dark forest. I felt the cool breeze on my skin and heard the rustling of leaves as though they were whispering to each other. The trees were tall and wide, its roots visible as though it was piercing the ground ruthlessly themselves.

I heard a rustle behind the bushes and stopped in my tracks to only see a brown squirrel emerge out of it, sniffing around its surrounding. I walked quietly towards it not wanting to scare the poor thing, but as I was about to touch it, it ran away. I sighed, my efforts gone in vain.

I had come quite far and the lake was nowhere to be found. Checking my cell phone, I noticed that it did not have reception anymore. After a while, deciding that I had, had quite an adventure for the night, I turned back and tried to retrace my way back only to realize that I had been walking in circles for over fifteen minutes failing to see any light from over the town. I was tired now, admitting to myself that I was lost completely and now would have to wait for my best friends to notice that I was gone missing.

Suddenly a loud howl echoed throughout the forest, making my heart rate race faster than that of a hummingbird.

A cold chill ran down my spine. It was a bad idea coming here, I thought if only I had stayed back. I had to say, curiosity got the best out of me.

A day before...

"Come on you have to try it at least once!" whined Rini.

"She's right Eves," said Jessi who was sitting on the floor. "It's just once and we won't make you do it again, we promise. Right Rini?" she winked at Rini, determined to make me come to the party that was hosted by one of our senior who had passed out of school two years ago.

I narrowed my eyes looking at my two best friends, "You're lying and even if I said yes I doubt that my parents would approve of me going to a party. And not to forget the lateness of the night," I sighed.

It wasn't that my parents would say no right away. They would worry about my safety at night, as that was the time when unknown creatures lurked according to them. My father Christopher Whitlock was a kind man who worked for the pharmacy and my mother, Maria was a homemaker. I, Eve Whitlock was their only child and had a few weeks left before I turned eighteen. I had inherited my mother's soft brown eyes with long raven black hair and a height of 5'5". I had a slender frame but not stick thin like a skeleton.

I was in my room upstairs with my best friends talking about Hollywood's upcoming movies. My room walls were painted light blue in color and I had a little shelf at the corner of my room where I had kept my collected novels in them.

Jessi had brought up the party that they were going tomorrow. Soon as the topic came up, Jessi and Rini began pestering me to go along too, as I had never been to one. Unlike normal teenagers, I wasn't the party going type I would say so I hadn't bothered going. I had known them since fourth grade and we were inseparable since then. Jessi and Rini were the outgoing ones while I was the shy one in the group. Jessi or Jessica Haynes had long blonde hair and was the tallest and smartest. She was the tomboy of the group and very protective by nature I had to say. Next was Rini Thomas who had chestnut hair with a pretty face, the bubbliest of all. She had almond eyes with a sharp nose to go with it.

"Of course not!" Rini pouted, sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, "One party will do you no harm! Moreover, about the approval, you could just say that you are staying at our place. It is simple as that!" she said exasperatedly with conviction in her eyes. "And by the way, the house is located near the forest and they say it also has a lake nearby that shimmers the most at night. I've heard that there are pixies that glow it's considered enchanted but no one ever goes there."

Now, this piqued my interest. Pixies! That would be something worth an experience! I could hear my walls of defense crumbling already; it was as if they already knew what to say so that I would agree. Both Jessi and Rini waited for my response with abated breath. I let out a sigh after a few seconds knowing I could never win this argument against them. "Okay fine! What am I going to wear?" holding up my hands indicating that I had given up and they had won the round.

"Yay!" both my friends exclaimed excitedly, with Rini hugging me. What would I ever do without the two I thought to myself with a smile on my lips.

"We'll go shopping tomorrow for that," Jessi grinned. "Now plan two which is getting an approval from your dad. Let's go," she said grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the room.

We went downstairs, as I had to take permission before we continued on our plan. I saw my father sitting in the hall reading the newspaper on a leather couch in front of the TV.

"Dad", I called out to him and he turned looking at me through his reading glasses.

"Yes, Eve?"

Sometimes it is hard to start when I have to ask my parents for something.

Before I could even reply, Rinni and Jessi came up from behind and greeted him in a chorus. "Good evening, Mr. Whitlock."

"Good evening, dears," he greeted them with a smile.

"Well come on, ask!" Jessi whispered, nudging me forward. Being the only child, I knew that my parents thought the years would either spoil me or at least make me an outgoing girl, but it didn't. Instead, it seemed to be the other way round. They worried about me a lot and felt I was naive at times. They knew I had trusting friends who were protective and kind to me.

"I see you girls are up to something?" he raised his eyebrows at us giving us his somethings fishy detective look.

"Mmm, actually dad..." I began nervously, "there's a party tomorrow near Jessi's place and Jessi and Rini wanted me to go with them if you would let me..." I trailed off biting my inner cheek. We stayed in silence for a while; we were looking at him anxiously and wondering if he would approve of it.

"Alright," he said calmly, turning the page of the newspaper and continuing to read it.

"Really?" I gaped at him. Did he say yes just like that?

"Sweetheart, I want you to stay safe, and as long as you have Jessica and Rini with you I don't think it's going to be a problem," he said without even looking up. "I just want you to enjoy your teenage life without getting hurt that's all."

"I love you," I ran up to him and hugged him happily.

"Love you too honey," he kissed my forehead, smiling.

I practically skipped and hopped to the kitchen to tell my mom about it, but she seemed to have heard our talk as she just smiled at me and said, "Do not drink too much and do use protection if something does happen, dear," she said as she cooked dinner something for the night.

"Mom!" I exclaimed loudly, embarrassed and turning deep red.

"What?" she asked innocently, "I'm just telling you to be cautious. It's every mother's duty to tell her daughter about it," she said, nodding her head.

"Yeah yeah," I replied blushing over what mom had suggested and hurried out of the kitchen lest I get any more of her mother-daughter talks.

Next day I left early in the morning to Jessi's house. We had been shopping for a dress but didn't find anything we liked, either the dresses were too long for my best friends' liking or the color just didn't suit. I went on choosing dress after dress and they kept dismissing each one if this was the case I don't think we'll be buying any of it. After searching for a while, I found a black off-shoulder top and decided to wear it on my jeans.

"This is the one?" Rini asked holding the top.

"It's pretty," I said as Jessi nodded, examining the top.

"Alright if it's comfortable," Jessi agreed.

"Alright now that we have everything set, let's head back. It's already five and the party starts at seven. That gives us only three hours," said Jessi near the counter while getting the dress packed.

"We are going to be there at eight? But won't we get late?" I questioned her.

"Not at all. Everyone arrives late, so that's okay," replied Rini carrying few bags from the counter.

Both my friends were the popular girls, and Rini was in a relationship. Not that I wasn't popular with boys, it was just that my friends would chase most of them away giving reasons that they weren't right for me and almost everyone was a jerk, except for Rini's boyfriend Alex hat is. He was a werewolf and Rini was his mate.

Supernatural creatures had soul mates; there were, vampires, witches and werewolves who had mates. Sometimes a human was destined to be the soul mate of one of them. It was a werewolf-human pair, where Alex was a werewolf and Rini was a human but it was nothing new in the society.

We went to Jessi's place after that to get ready. Jessi wore a black dress that hugged her tall athletic body, her hair let out loosely. Rini had on a strapless gold dress, tying up her hair in a pretty messy and I wore my top and jeans with my hair left in waves.

It was already eight when Jessi pulled over her car at the place where the party was going on. Loud music was blasting through the open windows, the lights on and the building filled with people. I saw a few boys fighting in the corner and someone fell on the ground, making me more aware of my surrounding.

"Don't worry you'll be fine," assured Jessi looking at me from the rear mirror as I was sitting behind. "In case we separate we meet out here, okay?" she said.

"Okay," I replied taking a deep breath and letting it out.