Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest through the time

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Chapter 1 - SENJA (edited)

As the bright sun was dazzled on a certain girl's face, she frowned slightly at the blinding light that was blurring her vision. Her waist-length brown hair swayed along her movements, as she effortlessly ran to the edge of the rooftop of this 20-storey building.

She wore a white body hugging outfit that showed off her beautiful curves. She took off her baseball cap and fanned her burning face while complaining about the sun that was still blinding her eyes. After her eyes got used to it, she tied her hair into a simple topknot.

"Bro, I am here!" She said in an annoyed voice to her first brother over the comms.

"Got it!" Answered Lee at the other end. "Is everything done?"


"Double check?"

"Triple check!"

"Will you…"

But before Lee could finish his question, a vexed Senja began to grumble.

"My lovely bro, this is not my first time doing this. So please could you stop worrying too much, my dear handsome brother?!"

"This is your ninth." He answered succinctly.

"In another words… I. Am. Experienced!" She proudly declared.

"Then, you can call the three of us an expert!" Sian giggled his interjection as he sat by himself at the corner of a hospital cafeteria sipping his cappuccino.

Senja pouted and rolled her dark brown eyes when she heard her second brother.

"Expert my ass!"

"Watch your tongue dear!"

"Which part? The part that I mentioned 'ass'?" She retorted haughtily.

"You really are not at all cute" There were traces of helplessness and smile in his voice.

"I'm fuckin' beautiful, not cute! The word 'cute' is only suitable for dogs."

"Then you are a fuckin' beautiful puppy!"

"Damn you Sian!" Senja was fuming as Sian happily chuckled.

"Everyone, can we get back to our business please? I almost asleep inside this car!" Zhao said sleepily. He was sitting inside a black jeep in front of a big hospital, he's resting his head on steering wheel amidst the banter of his second brother and little sister.

"Ok, rock head you're clear to go" Said Lee after he took over the CCTV controls inside the hospital.

She grabbed the mic and roared into the small device, "I am not a rock head!!"


The device complained with a high-pitched signal.

Lee threw away his earpiece with frown, Sian choked on his coffee while a shocked Zhao hit the car roof attempting to stand up.

"I am going now!" Senja was incensed.

Zhao sent a message to the family group chat.

[I hit my head, its hurt… sob…sob…]

Sian who was wiping his spilled coffee got annoyed by the text. He grabbed his phone and punched the reply.


Lee: [Indeed!]

Zhao, annoyed, clicked his tongue. What a bully the two are!


Meanwhile, Senja was standing at the edge of building.

She tied one end of the rope around her waist, and the other to the big pole beside her. She tugged the rope several times to make sure it was tight enough before crawling down to two floors below her.

There wasn't even a hint of fear on the beautiful face. It seemed like she just strolling in the park and not crawling down roof of a 20-floor building…..as though, she had done this hundreds of times already.