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Coming For The Lost Fourteenth

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Chapter 1 - Author's Note

Hi! For those who already have this in their library, you must be wondering why is it there. Well this one was once entitled "Red Hair Fiery Eyed Princess".

The unfortunate thing is that, that story was still hanging on my mind. I have no idea how to end it or to even continue it. Maybe one day I will, but for now I will tell you that this is actually my third book.

Yes for those who are adding this for the first time, this shall be my third book. I'll upload one chapter as a glimpse but I'll have to stack up more before I really continue on uploading it.

As some of you know, I uploaded my second book after reaching almost two thirds of my first. But if I get more inspiration for this then I might do it at the same time with the other.

So please look forward to it and happy reading.

First Book (With a lot of noobish mistakes): She's That Knight Known As Zero.

Second Book (Well with I think fewer mistakes): Vengeance To The Royal Ones.

Both have different genre in major but still they have the romance genre included in it. ^_^...

For now… This book is being edited while it is still on going… Cause I want it to be a good one as well…