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Cool CEO and his Model Wife

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Chapter 1 - "Do you know how much time I have been waiting for you?"

Country X's Airport

Early Morning

A girl dressed up in a white T-shirt and blue jeans, her head covered with cap and face by a mask leaving little for everyone's eyes. But her blue eyes and waist-length luscious hair made her different from others. Every person turned their head to look at her once.

Lee Xuiye was accompanied by Long Xue, her assistant and two bodyguards.

After securing the title of International Model, she decided to come back to her country, from where she had started, where her roots were established and because of which, it was not possible for her to get out of the airport so easily - many fans were waiting for her in this cold morning only to see her.

"Xuiye, I think we should leave from the VIP section. There are so many fans outside, it will be inconvenient for you" Long Xue suggested.

Long Xue was the same age as Lee Xuiye. Though they were not best friends, but you could say they were very good friends. That's why she called Lee Xuiye by her name.

"No need. They are here for me, I should show them the same respect which they are giving me". Lee Xuiye firmly rejected.

"But, Miss Lee, President Wang ordered us to take you from VIP section," one of the bodyguards said.

These bodyguards were hired by Sky Imperial. First, Lee Xuiye rejected their opinion for hiring bodyguards. She wanted freedom for her life, not a cage where you had all luxuries and expensive things except freedom. However, after she secured the title of International Model, Wang Hui, the President of Sky Imperial and biological father of Lee Xuiye, hired bodyguards for her without informing her.

Lee Xuiye was the illegitimate child of Wang Hui. Wang Hui had an affair with Lee Xuiye's mother, Lee Chang-You, despite being already married. Lee Chang-You was an artist under Sky Imperial but her dream of becoming an International Model couldn't be fulfilled when she got pregnant. At that time, Wang Hui had not revealed his married status to the world and Lee Chang You was so naïve that she didn't understand the tricks of Wang Hui.

Wang Hui wanted her to abort the child so that their affair would remain private and Lee Chang-You's career would be saved.

However, Lee Chang-You didn't want to kill her child - she broke up with Wang Hui and left the Entertainment Industries without taking a single cent from Wang Hui.

When Lee Xuiye was five, she had a heart problem and required urgent surgery. However, Lee Chang-You didn't have that much of the money. So she went to Wang Hui for help, but he didn't help her and left Lee Xuiye to die.

Somehow, Wang Hui's father Wang Hong Wei(Elder Wang) found out about Lee Xuiye, although Elder Wang didn't want to let the world know about his son's deeds, but still, the blood of Wangs was running in the veins of Lee Xuiye, so how could he leave Lee to Xuiye die?

After that, Elder Wang not only saved the life of Lee Xuiye but also supported her for her daily living expenses.

Even when Lee Xuiye wanted to become Model like her mother, Elder Wang allowed her to join Sky Imperial although Wang Hui was against it.

However, the behaviour of Wang Hui changed towards Lee Xuiye when she became an International Model, therefore, to show his generosity towards her, he hired bodyguards for her.

Back to present….

Lee Xuiye halted and turned around, her face was covered by the mask, but her eyes showed the hideous smile "As expected from President Wang, he can only hire underdogs. Xue... this man is not capable of protecting me. Fire him".

Then she turned towards another bodyguard who was scared whether he would also lose his job like his colleague, but to the contrast, Lee Xuiye softly asked him "Mister, what's your opinion? Are you capable or not?"

Other bodyguard stuttered "Y-Yes Miss Lee, I will protect you".

Lee Xuiye's eyes smiled charmingly but her voice commanded "So remove this person (the first bodyguard who was fired) now"

"Y-Yes Miss" the Other bodyguard quickly removed his colleague.

"Let's go," Lee Xuiye said to Long Xue.

Soon Lee Xuiye reached the exit of the airport where her fans were standing waiting for her. They had heard that Lee Xuiye would leave from the VIP section, so most of the fans had given up and left. Only a few were still waiting for her.

Lee Xuiye removed the mask from her face and went to greet her fans.

"Hey… That's Lee Xuiye…"

"See I told our Xuiye Jie couldn't leave without meeting us".

Soon fans came forward and start taking autographs, selfie. It took almost an hour before she was able to reach her car where her manager, Win Yurou was waiting.

"Do you know how much time I have been waiting for you?" Win Yurou barked at Lee Xuiye.


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