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The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]

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LUO YAN fixed his necktie and looked at his reflection in the mirror. What stared back at him was a tall man in his early twenties with impeccably handsome features. He lifted the corner of his lips. It was just a simple smile but it completely changed his temperament. From a handsome boy-next-door to an elegant gentleman.

[You're really handsome, aren't you?]

He took his bag and looked around the four bedroom dormitory. This has been his home for the past four years. But he didn't have any attachment to it at all. For him, it was just a place to sleep.

All his other three room mates had already moved out after graduation. He was the only one still living here. There was a rule in the university that after you graduated, you should move out of the student dormitory. At most, you could only stay for three days. But Luo Yan requested if he could stay for at least ten days more. With his outstanding grades, add that to the warm and gentle temperament he'd been projecting for the past four years, coupled with his handsome appearance, his request was easily approved. Besides, there were still other students like him who were still staying at the dormitory.

But after today, he could finally move. The company he's going to work for provides housing for employees who needed it. He could only get the key to the apartment provided by the company today. So after his first day of work, he would be able to move out of here. He didn't have many things to pack up, only three boxes. That's the extent of his belongings. He already contacted a delivery service that would deliver his things to the apartment building's address.

Luo Yan put on his shoes and went out of the room.

As early as three months ago, before Luo Yan even graduated, he received an offer from a prestigious gaming company. That was not really a surprise since he graduated top of the class in their Computer Science Department. He didn't hesitate to accept. He loved playing games. He's also interested in designing one. So it's his goal to work in a gaming company. If he's going to work, he might as well do something that he loved to do.

He had been making concessions throughout his life. But now, graduating and having a job that could support him, he no longer had to do that.

Luo Yan was an orphan. His parents died in a car accident when he was four years old. They were just ordinary office workers, not from any big family. His memories of that time were already blurry. But he could still remember the warm laugh of his father and the loving embrace of his mother. They might have lived in a big house, but his parents loved him with all their hearts. After they died, everything changed for him.

Not one of his relatives wanted to take him in, some even fought who got to keep his parents meager belongings. At the end, Luo Yan was sent to an orphanage. The environment of the orphanage was not exactly bad, but it was not exactly good either. Everything was so new to him back then, everyday he was filled with grief, fear, and sadness. Because he was the new kid, almost everyone bullied him. Stealing his portion of food, even pushing their chores to him. He could only bow his head, let it go, and cry.

But soon, he learned that crying would not do him any good. So he learned to adapt. He learned to smile even though he didn't want to. He learned to praise others even though he didn't want to. He learned to act like a fool even though he didn't want to. His life in the orphanage became easier after that. Until he was adopted when he was ten.

Luo Yan sharply shook his head. He didn't want to remember that dark history.

Just three months after adoption, he was returned to a different orphanage. That time, Luo Yan made sure that he won't be adopted again. That was not very hard for him. He just made sure that everyone in the orphanae would like him. From the children up to the adults. Especially the director. The director was a middle aged woman with no husband and children. So it was easy for Luo Yan to get close to her. Soon, he became her nominal son.

He stayed at that orphanage until he reached eighteen. He took the college entrance examination and got a very good score. No, not just very good but one of the best. His score was actually one of the top ten best scores in the whole country. He chose to go to T University - the best university in the country. Because he knew that it would be easier for him to find a job if he graduated from there.

Luo Yan was not a genius. He just knew how to work hard. The good grades he got was the result of his hard work. Sometimes he would study until the sun came up. Because that's the only way he knew how to change his life. If he didn't work hard, then he would continue to stay at the bottom of society. Not having anything.

And now, everything paid off. Luo Yan was on his way on his first day of work. This was only the first step and he just knew that everything would be better after this.

He just walked out of the dormitory building when he heard a scream from above. Just as Luo Yan looked up, he saw a potted plant coming down on his direction at a very fast speed.

[Oh shit.]

That was his last thought before the potted plant crashed on his face and his vision turned dark.

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