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The Love of a Lycan

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Chapter 1 - AT NIGHT

So dark is the night

With things crawling around.

Noises come and fight

With your mind with out a doubt.

Footsteps are heard wherever you are

It does not matter if they are far.

-A scary night, by: Ivette Coranado-


Hundreds of years later.

Little Raine was tucked into her bed after her mother was done with her bedtime story. Her ink black curly hair scattered all over the white pillow as her cherry lips formed a cute yawn and her eyes fluttered in an attempt to fight the drowsiness. 

She still wanted to hear her mother's story, but her sleepiness got the best of her. 

Raine Tatum was an adorable eight years old girl who would turn nine the day after tomorrow. She was so excited for her birthday party that had been arranged by her parents.

"Goodnight Raine…" Her mother kissed her forehead before she stood up and turned off the light while walking out of the bedroom.

"Goodnight mommy." said Raine, while cuddling her teddy bear. Seconds later, the little girl fell into a deep sleep.

The night was silent, too silent.

The unusual thick darkness felt like heavy mist, surrounding Raine. The feeling of a cold hand touching her legs, woke her up. She tried to brush it away and went back to sleep, thinking it was only a dream. 

The next thing she knew, the grab tightened. Only after that Raine's eyes widened. She looked down to her legs. There she met a pair of eyes, as red as blood. They were locked to hers.

The chills crawled all over her body instantly. And that 'thing' with red eyes was crawling on top of her too.

A hollow with sharp teeth around it placed there, where a mouth was supposed to be. 

This thing's cold hands were moving from her legs to her neck, trying to strangle her. The hot breath of that thing blew in her face, leaving the poor little girl frightened.

Frozen and in shock, she couldn't breathe, let alone screamed asking for help. Her body was trembling uncontrollably.

As if the air was sucked out from her lungs, she was breathless. She didn't know what would happen, but the pain in her chest caused by the lack of air, made her uncomfortable. Her body convulsed, as an effect of the event.

Raine tried to kick the 'thing' that strangled her, but it was just another futile attempt.

When she felt her vision turned blurry and darkness was about to pull her in, the door was slammed open along with this high pitch gruff voice of a man.

"Stop!" He yelled.

The red-eyed man jerked away and released her. 

Raine took the opportunity to fill her lungs with air as her body collapsed to the floor with pain.

"Mommy…" She managed to call her mother weakly. "Mommy…" She called her again between her sobs, however her weakened voice no louder than a whisper.

With her remaining strength, Raine raised her head slowly to look at the man who was standing on the doorstep of her bedroom. He was wearing a black sweater and ripped jeans, his long black hair was tied at the back of his neck, and his smile…

His smile was so vicious, showing his elongated canines from his gums. Raine gasped loudly, before breaking into a fit of cry. 

"Shut up!!!" he snarled.

Raine was afraid and her cry became louder, then desperately calling for her mother. "Mommy… Mommy…"

"SHUT UP!!!" he growled. His right hand smashed the top of Raine's drawer and it shattered into pieces. 

The little girl breathed in cold breath and crawled backward to under her bed, sheltered herself there while cowering in fear.

"Shift!" he ordered the red-eyed man to shift.

Grunted, that 'thing's body shook strangely as its long and cold fingers shrunk into a normal human size. The hollow on his face turned into a pair of lips that curled into a smirk and his body transformed into a shirtless human. His red eyes stayed unchanged.

��Why did you stop me?" he asked. That man intentionally sat on the top of the bed. Made the bed hollowed down by his weight. Raine flinched and shrieked while crouching under the bed. "She is the girl that Lucifer has been looking for this past century."

"How do you know it's her?" the red-eyed man shrugged his shoulder as he spoke to the man on the doorstep who was narrowing his eyes dangerously at him.

"She is able to see me when I shift."

The fact that any other ordinary humans would never be able to see shapeshifters in their other form, thus Raine wasn't supposed to be able to see him like before then, but she did. It was crystal clear for her.

The other man's eyes gleamed as he stroked his chin. "We will bring her to Beelzebub. Alive."

When he finished his words, the dreadful growl of the red-eyed man filled the room. It made the bed shaking with his growling voice and Raine whimpered under the bed.

"Didn't you hear me, dead man? I said, I will bring her dead body to Lucifer." His hands started to shift back with threatening claws at the end of his fingers. 

"You despicable shapeshifter…" He muttered with a mocking tone. "I found her first and I will get my reward from Beelzebub."

He had fully shifted when he roared, "In that case, I will make you taste a second death!" And he lurched forward his nimble body onto the other man.

They fought. The sound of bones cracking and the roared were deafening. 

Raine placed her thighs to her chest, wrapped her small arms around them and buried her face there. Her body shivered uncontrollably, and the tormenting scream from the red-eyed man didn't help her to feel better.

Finally, after the long growled and cursed, came silent.

Raine scurried away when the man who was standing on the doorstep before hoisted her bed with one hand like it was weight nothing.

"Come here, you little brat." He said while panting. "Beelzebub has to pay me handsomely for this." He spitted to the lifeless body on the floor. The red-eyed man laid there, dead. Under his body, his blood streamed on the floor.


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