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Chapter 1 - Rebirth


A sudden scream echoed throughout a decrepit-looking bedroom, followed by the loud thump of a body hitting the floor with a strong impact. A striking black-haired young man who appeared to be in his late teens lay on the dirty floor next to a tiny mattress motionless in what appeared to be shock.

After a few minutes, he pulled himself up from the dirt-stained floor and looked around at his surroundings in bewilderment. He couldn't quite understand what was going on because the last thing he remembered was dying after falling down a pothole in an attempt to try and rescue a small child.

Leaning against the bed, the young man searched his memories to figure out what had happened. He remembered logging out of the VRMMO he was playing because his VR headset needed an hour to cool every four hours, as is expected for the cheapest model.

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