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Chapter 10 - Chapter 10: Divine Ability!

The warm morning sunlight entered from the cave's entrance.

Tang Li Xue's body twitched a bit as her consciousness started to clear up.

She slowly opened her topaz blue eyes and yawned lazily then stretched her body around like a lazy cat.

'Ohhh YES... I remember! Yesterday I just finished my first evolution!'

Tang Li Xue lied down once again on her cozy, comfortable, and warm 'bed' then started to check her new status.

[Species: Moon Fox]

[Grade: Common]

[Level 1 (Samaritan)]

Cultivation Technique: None

Martial Arts: None

Divine Ability: [Mirror of the Moon]


HP: 1800/1800

Strength: 60

Agility: 93


[Skills: Bite(Lv4), Scratch (Lv2), Hide(Lv4),Dash(Lv5), Identify(Lv3), Herbalism(Lv3)]

Stat Point: 15

Skill Point: 9

[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 2x2 Times Exp Card(1 hour), 7xRecovery Pill, 5xStamina Pill, 1xBad Luck Sticker, 1xGreater Lucky Sticker, 1xSilver Lottery Ticket, 1xCultivation Voucher, 410 Deity Coins, Level 10 Beginner Gift Package]

Her HP and stats jumped up 3 times from before along with the free stat points and skill points that she would gain each level up but Tang Li Xue's attention was not on that right now.

'WHHHHAAAT THE HEEEELLLL IS THAT?! DIVINE ABILITY???!!!' Tang Li Xue's mind exploded and she feels like struck by the lightning when she read it; she started to breathe heavily as she quickly check her new divine ability's power.

[Mirror of the Moon]: User can copy one of any skill/divine ability/martial art that the user sees from any foe/ally.

(Note 1: The previous one would be erased if the user copy more than one skill/divine ability/martial art and only the latest one would be saved)

(Note 2: The skill/divine ability/martial art that the user copy would be strengthened/weakened according to user current strength/stats)


Tang Li Xue eyes almost fell out from its socket and she started to roll around on the top of her cozy warm 'bed' in happiness.

She was so excited that she almost fainted again.

Moreover, what was said in 'Note 2' really made Tang Li Xue even more excited!

'Aren't that mean the skill that I copy can grow alongside with my stats?!'

Of course, it was also mean if the skill she copy was too powerful, the skill would be greatly weakened and adjusted with her current stats too but Tang Li Xue accepted that easily since if the skill was far too powerful, it would usually hurt or even kill the user along with his/her enemy in the end if they used it.

Tang Li Xue always fights only for her own survival and not to kill her enemy so she happily accepts it...

'Unfortunately, I can only copy one... Sigh… If I can copy as many as I like, how good it would be...'

This was always the case of human being even after awakened such a powerful OP skill they still wanted it to become even more powerful... or maybe the case of fox being now...

While Tang Li Xue lied down happily and imagining how she would use her divine ability to copy an OP godlike skill or divine ability, the black-robed man's finger that still lied down beneath her started to twitch.

As his blurred awareness started to clear up, he slowly opened his eyes.

His gaze was so cold and full of killing intent like a brutal demon that just crawled out from the hell.

His strong arm moved at incredible speed faster than lightning and held the silver fox's neck that still lied lazily on the top of his body.

The silver fox did not even have any strength to struggle as the black-robed man's strength was far too strong.

The black-robed man swiftly stood up while gathered all of his profound dense Qi in his body ready to attack anyone that he saw.

The temperature around the dim cave began to decrease as the black-robed man thick killing aura slowly filled the cave chilling Tang Li Xue's spine.

'Uuueeerrrgh… Die… I am really going to die… Hrrrk… Hrrrk… Can't… Can't breathe… '

Tang Li Xue started to really regret her reckless decision to save this cruel thankless demon.

'Aiiihh… Unfortunately, it's too late to regret it! Sorry Uncle Sun, I have wasted your precious system… Grandma Meng, here I come again… Please do not make any mistake this time and give me the real happy life with a handsome rich prince…'

The black-robed man scanned his surroundings for a while and did not find anything suspicious but he still did not drop his guard and on the contrary, he raised it even more.

However, he quickly aware that the lethal wound on his back did not hurt anymore and used his other hand to try to touch it directly only to find his wound already completely vanished.

The black-robed man sighed in relief since according to his judgment, his wound should be really life-threatening if he did not treat it soon, he would certainly die.

Then he started to realize that some people may be accidentally found him when he still unconscious then help neutralize his deadly poison and heal his wound completely using some kind of special power since if he was in the hand of his enemy instead, they would not do anything troublesome like that and kill him immediately without hesitation.

The position of the sunlight showed to him that now still in the morning time, the black-robed man planned to wait for his helper to come back to this cave and he would thank them properly then reward them generously if possible.

The black-robed man sat back down on the ground and realized that he still holding a furry creature in his hand.

He examined it for a while and found out that the furry creature actually a beautiful silver fox but its eyes already started to roll back and its mouth started frothing.