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Alyssum: Journey Of A Queen

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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Alyssa woke up early morning with dried tears and puffy red eyes. The sky was still dark and her body was sore and aching because of the beating she got yesterday.

She has the worst room in her castle-like house, which was so small that only her 5.6" body is able to fit properly. her room doesn't even have bedding. She made her bedding with all the discarded dirty clothes. a small washroom was attached to it, with a dull broken mirror, a tap, a pot, and a tiny yellow bulb hanging over her head.

Her life is miserable.

She got up and pulled her sore body to the washroom. When she caught her reflection in the mirror, she sighed. It was her usual face, with broken lips, sullen grey eyes, bruise on her face, unkempt long black dull hair, and dark eyebags beneath her big eyes.

Alyssa was a born beauty. How can an offspring of a handsome prince, Prince Janus John Norrell and the most beautiful and elegant lady of Coral Bells, Princess Salvia Scarlet Norrell be ugly? But the lady in the mirror can't be said beautiful or pretty when all she is, is a bag of bones.

Alyssa sighed and washed her face. She opened her tap and cold water came running down. It was a cold winter morning, but Alyssa was used to her life, living in harsh conditions. She removed her dirty, torn grey dress which was thin and made of coarse material with some dried blood on it and sat down under the tap, and allowed ice-cold water to flow down her body without even flinching. After washing herself she quickly washed her dress and got ready to do her chores.

She is always the first one to wake up, even before the servants.

Alyssa's father Prince Janus John Norrell was a blood-related brother of King Antonio John Norrell. Because he was born as an omega, the right to become a king was taken from him and given to his brother Antonio who was born as an alpha.

Nobody wants their king to be submissive when dealing with other Alpha kings of other countries, right?

Alyssa's mother Lady Salvia Scarlet Sunna was a very elegant, beautiful, and domineering female Alpha. She hated the submissive type Omega the most. It was okay for her to be childless throughout her life but she never wanted a submissive person to be her mate. She always wanted to marry and domineering, handsome Alpha.

But fate has its own way and no one can change it. When Lady Salvia reached marriageable age, to get a position in parliament, her father arranged her marriage to Prince Janus. She was very angry with this proposal and wanted to run away, but was forced and drugged to sleep with Prince Janus.

Alyssa was the result of this forced one-night stand.

Lady Salvia hated her. She sees her as an abomination. A person who can change her life for the worse. Alyssa was a child born out of love plus she was an Omega, a vermin of the society, and can't participate in the war of thrones, further degrading Lady Salvia's status in the society. She hated her. She hated her to the core.

Lady Salvia was decisive, never backing down from fate.

Alyssa's life was not always pink and rosy but with the arrival of Violet in her life, her life became full of nightmares. Violet was her nightmare.

When Alyssa was 6 years old Salvia brought Violet from an orphan, charitable by the throne. Violet was the same age as Alyssa and she was an Alpha.

Violet got all the love from her mother and father. Her father loved her too but seeing his wife favoring Violet he stated favoring Violet too so that he can get a little amount of love from his wife.

Violet hated Alyssa from the start. When young Alyssa was a beautiful, adorable child, catching everyone's attention. She hared her. Violet wanted everything Alyssa possessed to belong to her. Her family, her status, her beauty, her prince charming, everything.

So, she started plotting against her. Slowly, slowly she started making her life a living hell.