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Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 With Age Comes Wisdom

It was Sunday afternoon, the day after Kat had heard Vivian's offer and she was standing in front of Gramps's office door, course of action decided. *It's a 50/50 shot that Gramps is actually behind this door. Normally I'd never catch his tail but he said to come and chat, and he does always seem to know when someone really needs to see him.* Knocking on the heavy door, Kat stood and waited. There was a thick silence until the door swung open to reveal Gramps already walking back behind his desk. *Ok, step one find Gramps. You've thought this through Kat, stick to the plan.* Walking up to sit on the chair across from Gramps's desk, Kat faced him waiting for a moment and speaking first.

"Gramps, I'm here for advice," said Kat.

"Advice… I'm not sure I've ever had to give you that before, at least not in recent times. I thought you were here because I asked, but I suppose I can afford to offer you some advice," said Gramps with a slight grin.

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