Chereads / D.E.M.O.N.S: Getting Summoned Weekly isn't so Bad / Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 ...Peace in Equal Measure

Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 ...Peace in Equal Measure

Kat's morning routine was pretty standard until she went to return to her room. Looking down Kat saw Sylvie pulling on her skirt."What's up Sylvie?" Kat asked

"Are you going to talk about yesterday now?" said Sylvie

"I was under the impression you would want to shower fi…" Sylvie kept staring at Kat stopping her from speaking

"Right, ok then I guess we are talking about this right now, come on then." Kat said

Leading Sylvie back to her room she lifted the little girl onto her bed and sat down beside her."So Sylvie, if you really want to know what's going on I have two things to tell you about. One of them is nothing major and the other one is something I'm not sure you will actually want to know about but I keep my promises ok?" Kat said

"Tell me about the little problem" Sylvie replied

"Ok, well Gramps informed me that I have to move out before I turn eighteen" said Kat

Sylvie's eyes went wide and she started to pout, it was as if she was trying to contain all the words she wanted to say so that she had the chance to think them over. Sylvie leaned over and wrapped her arms around Kat before looking back up and asking"If you leave can I come with you?"

Kat was stunned. *I, I don't know Sylvie, how am I supposed to answer that question, yes, no, maybe? I don't want to ask if she's serious, I could see how much effort she put into thinking about what to ask me first and there is none of the over the top panic Lilly had…*"I don't know Sylvie, I don't know" said Kat

Sylvie looked like she was about to respond but she stopped and begun poking Kat in the side. A look of confusion crossed her face as she kept poking around the side of Kat's stomach trying and failing to identify the tail hidden underneath Kat's shirt. After a minute of poking Sylvie looked up at Kat, the question unspoken but present.

"That's the second thing Sylvie, do you want to move on to that instead?" Kat askedSylvie's eyes flickered for a moment, Kat could also see the battle raging in her mind debating over asking more about staying with Kat or moving on to this completely strange thing she had no guesses for. In the end she looked to Kat and said

"You really don't know if I can stay with you?" *Gah the eyes, not the eyes have mercy on me Sylvie, I don't even know if I can take care of myself let alone you as well, Gramps taught me to cook but he always gets to the kitchen first and what about school, and and… fine.*"I'll see what I can work out Sylvie, I still don't know, but I'll do what I can" Kat sighed

The little girl smiled brightly at that before returning to a more serious face just as adorable as the smile."Now I wanna know what's funny about your stomach Kat I can't figure it out. It can't be just a shirt or something" said Sylvie

"Well, and now please keep this to yourself…" slowly backing away from Sylvie a bit, the girl looked a bit sad at this but stayed still, Kat started to unwind her tail. Moving it had gotten much easier in just a day and she could easily unravel it even under her shirt without needing her arms to help. Snaking her tail out from under her shirt Kat continued "I seem to have grown a tail"

Sylvie's eyes flicked between Kat's face and tail, as she shuffled closer and slowly reached out a hand to try and touch it while flicking to Kat's face searching for confirmation she was allowed to do just that. Kat smiled at the girl *I'm not sure she'd stop even if I said no. Well Sylvie might actually stop but then she'll be distracted for days thinking about it I'm sure*Eventually Sylvie managed to grab Kat's tail and she shifted it so that movement on Sylvie's part wouldn't be pulling on her tail. After a few moments of poking and sliding and moving Sylvie turned to Kat and asked, "Why is your tail so soft?"

Kat stared at the girl unsure of what to say. *What do you mean soft? I don't remember it feeling that strange when I was poking about and besides it's certainly not fluffy what do you even mean?"*

"Um I'm not sure what do you mean Sylvie?" asked Kat

"Hmmm" said Sylvie with a scrunched face. Poking the tail in various spots and hugging it against herself, "It's just really comfortable to hold"

Kat proceeded to move her tail and Sylvie let go, pouting for a moment before Kat curled her tail around the girl and pulled them together, shockingly easily. *Woah, wait that took almost no effort, is my tail stronger than my arm? I certainly couldn't lift Sylvie so easily with just one hand, though perhaps I shouldn't say that out loud.* Sylvie now bound tightly on Kat's lap let out a crystal clear laugh of pure joy and smiled at her new seat. Yawning and burying herself in Kat's body. Kat just smiled and started to stroke Sylvie's hair. *It seems like Lily and I might be looking at this the wrong way. Sylvie seems to have absolutely no concerns and she's the most observant out of all of us really.* Shuffling herself towards the end of the bed Kat decided to follow Sylvie and take a short nap before lunch, pulling the girl against herself with her arms and tail Kat nodded off.