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Enter The World of NoveL

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Chapter 1 - Prologue

Monna didn't know what really happened to her. When she awoke, she was already in a strange place and became a different person. A truly beautiful and pretty woman, named was Cattarina Bourston.

A noble's daughter, who since her childhood, she has been the only candidate for the bride and groom of Geraldy's royal crown prince, Belhart Dominic Gerald.

And then, armed with memories that are still embedded in the Cattarina's mind who Monna entered, Monna struggled to follow all the lines in her life story as Cattarina.

A woman who was so proud because she was being too spoiled by her beloved family, Count Bourstons. As well as, a woman who loved her only life partner, Dominic ( a man with a million charms that managed to catch the eye of many people )

Until one night, the bad memories about her past and future appeared randomly and sequentially.

Made everything got to change.

Yes. Monna is Monna.

A 25-year-old woman, who lived alone in the big city of xxx. Which somehow, could get into a story in a novel that she was reading before she slept.

Even though, at that time, she was just casually buying one of the books she found in a shop on the edge of town. But from the day she finished the entire story in the book, all of her life changed drastically.

Monna entered that story and transformed into Cattarina. The main character of the female antagonist in the novel that she had read at that time.

Like a long and scary dream, Monna did not know that she would have the same fate as some of the web novels that she had read in the past.

About a loyal reader who one day fell into a world of novels. Living life as a character in that novel and couldn't come back.

Monna presently has to accept her unfortunate fate.

But, maybe if she just became a side role who was not meaningful, or maybe another supporting character who wasn't at risk. Monna might not be nervous and hesitant in living her new life in a world that doesn't know exist where.

But on the fact, right now, she has to act as an antagonist female!!

An evil role that was predicted to die tragically at the end of the story because of her arrogance and bad character towards the main female protagonist, Alliesia Rustchel.

A kind and innocent woman who was loved by Dominic Gerald. A woman with all the good fortune she has. And then, a person who will live happily together with the crown prince at the end of the story.


Cattarina, in the end,  had also to accept the angry tantrums of Dominic, who was her husband at that time. The result of her evil attitude and plans to harm Alliesia because of jealousy and envy in her heart.

Then, because wanted to save Alliesia, and stop the evil intentions and rebellion carried out by Cattarina including her family, Dominic drew his sword on Cattarina. 

Stabbed her to death on the spot. And wasted her life for unrequited love.

That incident really was a nightmare for Cattarina.

Because Belhart Dominic didn't only kill Cattarina using his own hands. But he also executed all of Cattarina's family on charges of planned rebellion.

Cattarina's father, mother, and older brother were slandered on attempted rebellion toward the royal side and were executed by the empire. Right in front of Cattarina's eyes, who was still in the palace then.

So, after woke up from that nightmare, Cattarina aka Monna was determined to change her future in the novel world with more serious.

Even though she probably doesn't know how to get back to her real world. And whether that way exists or not. Monna was still to believe that she could change the storyline was had been outlined for her in this world, no matter what.

Where the most important point that started all Cattarina's misfortunes, according to Monna's mind was her attitude and deeds. 

So... therefore. As long as Monna could change Cattarina's character and attitude in her new habitat to be the better, Monna was sure that she can definitely avoid all the calamities that will befall her.

Then, the next step, she must did was to avoid the source of all her calamities, namely Belhart Dominic Gerald.

A people who loved by Cattarina to the point to be blind love. And even until willing to do anything to get his heart. And then, in the end, culminated in bad luck and a brief death.

Cattarina still wasn't married to Belhart at the time she entered this world and possessed Cattarina's body. So that, she still has the opportunity to break free from the marriage which will take away both her freedom and whole life.

However, when Cattarina, who was possessed by Monna's soul, suddenly just refused the arrangement she had been waiting for, everyone was shocked. 

Making almost the entire storyline of the novel began to change.

Lomus Dominic, the emperor's king, and Dominic's father did not just agree to Cattarina's refusal. While Dominic, whom Monna knew so much hated Cattarina because of her nature, did not say anything about this rejection. He just kept quiet and watched.

Whereas, this marriage was a marriage that Dominic didn't want to. And if it weren't for both his father's insistence and coercion, Dominic would not have agreed to the arranged marriage for whatever reason.

But why did he just stay quiet and not help her when she asked the emperor for approval to annul their marriage? Was that man too lazy to interfere, or even step in to solve a problem that he thought was too trivial?

Not only that, Dominic's attitude increasingly did not follow the plot and storyline that should exist in the novel. He who used to be lazy or reluctant to meet Cattarina if it wasn't for a forcible, for now, he precisely wanted to linger with Cattarina.

Forcing Monna for even couldn't understand what had happened to him.

So, was this really the crown prince Belhart who Cattarina known and remembered? A cold man who has never been friendly to her, and was only gentle with Alliesia nor his idol, as well as the man who hated Cattarina the most because she indeed deserves to be hated.

So, who is he now?