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Immortal Ice Empress: Path to Vengeance

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Chapter 1 - Prologue: The End or the Beginning?

"Fuck you, GOD! Why do you keep doing this to me!!! What did I do to deserve this?!?" exclaimed Mira.

The so-called god scoffed, "What do you mean why? You refused to be my slave-concubine and killed yourself before I could taste you, and now you ask me why? I will make you understand how wrong your decision is and have you beg to lick my feet. No matter how often you die, I will reincarnate your soul with your memories intact. I am still impressed, though. You've already been reincarnated ten times but can barely make it past being a mortal, yet you still suffer endlessly. What willpower!!"

"You dirty bastard! No matter if it takes me 100 lifetimes or 1000 lifetimes, I will have my revenge. One day your headless corpse will be beneath my feet, but it will not be an easy death! I will find the vilest and cruelest ways to torture you that will have you begging for death!"

"Hehehe~ Is that so~? I really want you as my slave now. Breaking a woman's willpower is the most satisfying thing in the world." The god licked his lips.

"Do you even know how many I've done this to? TO MANY TO COUNT HAHAHA! They all beg me to stop because they all break at around 2nd to 5th lifetime. They can't even start their journey of ascension before they are already a slave to me! HAHA, how great is that!"

It's true. This guy that Mira calls 'God' is an immortal ascender with a treasure that allows one to capture souls and reincarnate them. There are countless mortal worlds out there, and every time someone is reincarnated, it randomly goes to some random mortal world. One's soul seldom returns to the same world, as too many worlds exist.

And this guy named 'God' is just some asshole that finds it amusing to toy with mortals. Most of the time, he kills them after they break and does not reincarnate them.

Since immortals live forever, it isn't strange for them to have eccentric personalities. Living forever isn't exactly the most fun thing to do, but who wants to die?


Thus, instead of dying, the god has found enjoyment is breaking strong women's spirits. 

Mira just happened to be unlucky enough to bring this guy's attention to her. Mira used to be a sweet, confident, stubborn mortal. He was only 19 when this guy told her to be his slave.

Obviously, she said no. Who would willingly become someone's slave?

Even if that person was immortal, this guy might torture her every day, abuse and rape her, then kill her after he's bored. Mira may be young, but she's not stupid.

Even she could figure out that the only reason this guy had done this was that he was bored. Why else would an immortal mess with mortals?

In truth, this so-called god can't interact with or kill them. That is the law of the heavens. Once somebody ascends, then they go to a higher plane of existence.

If two immortals fought each other in the mortal plane, then billions or perhaps trillions of mortals would die. Every race would be extinct by now if that were the case.

Even with that being the case, some treasures can defy the heavens, and this guy has one of those items that control life and death itself. All he has to do is link that particular soul with the item, which he calls a Soul Lantern, and that's it. She will keep reincarnating with her memories intact until he unlinks her soul or she becomes an Immortal.

This is mainly because an immortal's soul is way too powerful to control, even for something that can defy the heavens like this.

Mira has been suffering for hundreds of years now because of this. She's caused her original family to die, but even if she would've outlived them already. In her second lifetime, she was an orphan and lived a relatively normal life.

Until some young aristocrat tried to force himself on her, so she decided to bite her tongue and kill herself.

Her third life was much better than the rest. She lived in a world that had no cultivators. A world called Earth and learned many things, such as advanced martial arts, technology, and large amounts of knowledge. 

She even watched a few animes and read a few stories about reincarnation or transmigration, but she hated every single one of them.

'What's so great about being reincarnated? What OP powers? Every world is filled with shit and misery. Why would anybody want to reincarnate? In fact, Earth is a way better place than the other worlds I lived in!'

What hero? Why would anybody want to be a hero and protect people?

'Screw being a hero! I've died enough for someone to go mad! I refuse to protect someone from a truck; screw kingdoms and countries! Even if I become strong enough to protect them, so what!?! If they can't protect themselves and die, that's their problem for being too weak!'

After years of misery, heartbreak, and torture, Mira's mind was filled with darkness.

Hell, she's not even safe after she dies! Mira even has to experience the pain of dying. When most people die, their souls will be erased and sent onto the path of reincarnation. Peacefully!

But Mira has to experience the pain of her organs and bones shattering when she dies. And she can't do anything about this until her soul finds someone to reincarnate into. Even when she died peacefully as a mortal for her 8th life, she felt like her the skin on her body was cracking and peeling off while her organs were melting.

Dying is painful for her, whether she is tortured to death or dies peacefully. In her ninth and tenth life, she started her path to becoming immortal. Her ninth life was the hardest because she knew nothing about cultivating the body.

To start on the path to becoming immortal, one must strengthen one's body enough to handle the vast amount of energy that one's body will hold. Body tempering and energy cultivation go hand in hand. If one doesn't have a strong enough body, one will explode when trying to gather energy.

Tempering the body is extremely hard. Even harder than cultivating energy. Especially that first step to shed your mortal skin. Tempering the body is essentially like breaking all of your bones repeatedly until each cell can fill up with Qi.

There are 5 primary stages to transforming one's body. That is strength training, bone forging, meridian opening, organ refinement, and marrow tempering.

Strength training, meridian opening, and organ refinement are relatively easy, but meridian opening and organ refinement are extremely painful.

Bone forging is time-consuming and painful if you don't have any medicinal herbs to heal quickly or a pill that will release energy to repeatedly break and restore the bones.

Marrow tempering is by far the hardest. This is where most people get stuck in the mortal world. You can't temper marrow by reforging bone or strength training. Unless you have pills that can fortify your marrow, you need to find a scorching hot place and absorb the volatile Qi.

After absorbing this and forcefully pushing it into your marrow, the heat from the energy will start to consume the marrow, while the heaven and earth energy will refine what was consumed. After this is 100% completed, your blood and marrow will have a golden-blue hue to them. This is the sign that you've stepped onto the path of becoming immortal.

Mira could only make it to the organ refining stage until she died after trying to collect qi, or heaven and earth energy. She thought that she had stepped onto the path of becoming an immortal after that and stole a basic cultivation manual. Her body exploded after collecting too much energy.

She learned that she needed to temper her marrow in her tenth life.

In her tenth life, she was able to complete this and was able to step onto the path of being an immortal. She couldn't join any sects because she was weak, and no weapon suited her. She didn't have an affinity with the sword, spear, or other weapons she tried. She did recall, though, that while living on Earth, the scythe was her favorite weapon, but as such a weapon is hard to find, even in a magical world, she had to continue using a spear, as that was the closest thing to a scythe.

She hunted magic beasts, tried to explore ruins, searched for inheritances from other cultivators, and searched for any lucky encounter. She killed countless people and beasts. She would try to kill and rob lone cultivators. She'd brave dangerous for any opportunity she could find, even if it were a danger zone with a high-tier magic beast that only needed to breathe to kill her.

She decided to make this life like a trial run. She would gather as much knowledge as she could. Since she would be reincarnated with her memories, she would gather experience after experience, battle after battle, and learn anything she could come across. She found countless martial arts manuals, cultivation manuals, alchemy recipes, forging, anything.

Mira wasn't the greatest at alchemy or forging but did it enough to be average at it. She was able to make herself a scythe and started practicing that. Once she became relatively strong but was getting close to the end of her life, she went to brave the dangers again.

This time, one could say that lady luck was shining upon her today. She found the inheritance of an immortal! Well, he wasn't a true immortal, as he died while going through his tribulation. He set up the inheritance right before his tribulation because he had a feeling that he would die.

Mira benefited quite greatly from this. She got a lot of treasures from this inheritance. Especially a heaven-defying scythe martial art and cultivation manual that used to scythe as a base.

She also got a spiritual scythe that resides in her soul. She can carry this with her through reincarnation. These were the two main things this guy used to reach the point of ascending. She decided to spend the rest of her life perfecting both manuals.

After she reached the end of her life, she could perfect both manuals. Even though the cultivation manual ruined her foundation because it wasn't what she started with, it didn't matter. If she memorized all of it and had practical experience, she could use her next life to become a heaven-defying talent and reach the pinnacle.

Now Mira has died. And had this piece of shit god bothering her again.

"I don't give a shit how many you've done this to. It's not like you can come down here and smite me. Only when a mortal pledges to the heavens for an immortal to take us can you do something to me! Even if you come down here to kill me, the Heavens will immediately smite you to death! Not even you can escape the heavens!! I will reach the pinnacle, ascend, and annihilate your entire existence!! I will destroy your mind, body, and soul!! Even your Soul Lantern won't be able to save you!! Wait for me; I won't be long!!" Mira yelled to this asshole immortal.

"HAHA, good! Good! I will be waiting for you! We'll see which comes first: you being my slave or becoming immortal! HAHAHA!!!"

That was the last thing Mira heard before her soul was sucked into the emptiness of space toward her new body and family.