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My Atypical Wolf (BL)

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Chapter 1 - First Day

Ashton stared at the mirror while he contemplated on the things he needed to avoid on his first day. He had to move in the middle of the semester for which he was at least partially responsible if not completely responsible for. He always wanted to live his life peacefully, to avoid trouble. However trouble always found a way to him.

Last time he was quite unlucky to be placed in a school filled with werewolves. It was a small town so they had no other choice. When the wolves found out about his secret, they were not thrilled to have him. Perhaps they were even threatened by his blood status. But things took an unexpected dark turn and they had to relocate.

This time it is going to be different. He convinced himself he will be as careful as anyone can be. They were at a place which was miles away from their last territory. In this school humans and werewolves coexisted together. And to protect their secret most of the werewolves were careful of their behaviour or so he heard.

"Mom I will see you later." He announced and left without waiting for her reply or the breakfast. She did not want him to go empty stomach, but she knew he was a hard-to-convince person.

His place was far from the new school, so he had to take the bus to the school. It was a good thing he left early. He made his way to the reception and saw Ms Conwell Sitting there gazing at her appearance in the mirror. "Ms Conwell." He called her softly. Due to lack of response, he raised his voice and called her again.

Her lipstick slipped and stained her cheeks in a sloppy manner. It frustrated her a bit; however she did not take out her anger on him.

"Who are you?" She asked him very nicely despite the smudged lipstick on her face.

"I'm Ashton Parker. I am the new student here". 

Her eyes widened as she recalled that a new transfer student was supposed to come today. "Oh right! How can I help you? We never get students in the middle of the year like this, so pardon me for not realizing sooner." She said in a friendly manner.

"I need my schedule". He told her simply. He was actually a bit worried about starting here. What happened there last time must not repeat here again.

She was a little taken aback by his cold demeanour. However she still smiled at him whilst she handed him over his schedule along with a tiny Map.

He found his way to his class, amongst the crowd. The teacher was a bit excited to introduce him. "Everyone meet your new classmate. Help him around and treat him nicely."

"I'm Ashton Parker." He bowed slightly and remained quiet. They stared at him for a moment, waiting for him to continue. 

After a long moment of awkward silence the teacher showed him the way to his seat.

The girl sitting next to him was visibly excited after seeing him. Her smell made it clear that she was a human, unless she was just like Ashton.

So, what was he? He was a pureblood Alpha, which made him one of the strongest of his kind and also very dangerous, if provoked. But it also blessed him with a unique gift. He could control the strength of his scent. He kept it at such a low level, that no one could ever sniff his real smell. Even the werewolves that have a strong sense of smell thought he was just a mere human. He made sure to never release his scent unless it's absolutely necessary. What's the point? He was not the leader of any pack. Neither did he need to mark his territory. He was a kind of a rogue now, and it was better this way.

This girl named Sara, who was sitting next to him during the class, kept talking to him continuously once their class ended. He found her quiet annoying, but thankfully she did not notice that. When she found out they almost had the same schedule she insisted she will show him around. He tuned out most of her jibber jabber and simply followed her.

Out of nowhere, a guy who was probably older than him, pulled Ashton by his collar and then glared at him. His smell told Ashton that he was a Sub-Alpha. If they fought Ashton would probably crush him in a minute. But he was not here to start a fight. He promised himself and his family that he would avoid fighting at all cost. So he resisted glaring at the older guy and turned his head down. Which of course was misinterpreted by the guy as a sign of submission and it further boosted his ego.

 "Stay away from my girlfriend!" He threatened Ashton.

"Hey, he is new around here. As a representative of the student council, I am just helping him out on his first day. Stop being so damn possessive all the time Matt." Sara scolded him. Matt's fist loosened at his collar as he slowly released Ashton. 'Was he mated to Sara?' Ashton thought. Human mates were usually rare, at least no one would choose a human as their mate on purpose, unless they were fated together by the Moon Goddess. 

 In fact fated mates were extremely rare as well. To this day Ashton is yet to find one. He remained quiet as he clenched his fists fighting his natural urge to fight.

"What's going on here"! Ashton hears a loud voice exclaim from the other side of the corridor. The owner of that voice was a bit leaner than this guy, but just as tall. He reeked of Alpha pheromones. With the way everyone became wary of his presence it made it seem like he held a position of authority and respect. 'Was he perhaps… the current alpha of a nearby pack?' Ashton wondered. He was already cursing his rotten luck. He could not avoid getting caught up in such a mess even for one day! Why was he this unlucky all the time?

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