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Chapter 4 - Ancient Temple Part One

Although Kana's idea may have been good but she soon realized her idea was not going to work. The bottom of the slope and even its walls leading back up to the entrance were made of a different kind of rock compared to the mountain rocks outside. Her claws were not able to dig in at all, which did not allow her to make any footholds to hold on to in order for her to climb back up easily. She tried to run up the slope, but she only got a few meters before slipping back down. "God damn it!"

Kana looked around and frowned when she saw that behind the temple was another passage. "So I got no choice but to head to the temple. Just great! I didn't want to go where the ghost or the ghost or the ahhh! I hate ghosts!"

Kana stomped her feet in indignation, not wanting to go near the scary looking temple. "I guess I have no choice but to go… That place reminds me of that old factory I hid in for an entire night while getting away from the human traffickers. At least, I think they were human traffickers. They were all dressed in black suits and had black sunglasses on. They seemed pretty shady to me anyway… Kana, you need to stop talking to yourself… Although I know, that will never happen. After doing it for almost sixteen years in my past life, old habits will be hard to get rid of."

Kana sighed and began walking towards the ancient looking bridge. She stood in front of it and nervously put her front right foot on to the first board. She pushed on it a few times and watched as it jiggled and swayed, causing Kana to want to cry. "Why is everything I have had to do so far since being reborn a death trap!? Maybe I was wrong. Maybe this is truly hell! God, I thank you for giving me another chance, but why did you send me to a world filled with death traps!? Is it because I ate the rest of that hamburger from the trash bag owned by that man? Is that why!?"

Kana knew this was not the reason, but at this point, she just wanted to complain. Kana shook her lizard butt and decided to step out onto the bridge. It bowed down slightly, but it did not shake as much as it had when she was tapping on it. Unfortunately, if she fell, she would be a goner. There were no handrails on this bridge, and even if there was, she was too small to be able even to use them. She did exactly what she did on the cliff wall and pushed her body against the bridge and dug in. she carefully continued forward, her eyes straight ahead. She dared not move at all except straight in fear of shaking the bridge too much. What felt like ages to Kana was actually only thirty minutes. And this was only because she moved like a snail across the bridge.

Kana stood up, looked back across the bridge, and smiled. She got on her hind legs and, with her front claws, made the same victory pose as she did before. "Eat that scary old bridge, today you have been conquered by I, the great red winged lizard! Today was the bridge, and tomorrow will be the world! Ahahaha!"

Kana raised her nose to the sky and gave a satisfied snort. She was very satisfied to cross a bridge in thirty minutes, which should have only taken her a few minutes. But now Kana had to deal with the most challenging part. She turned her head and looked at the temple in front of her, and gulped. All her previous bravado gone instantly.

"Now…. I know I said something about conquering the world, but just so you know, it was all a lie, okay? Mainly because I do not think I can do this!" Kana looked at the temple and shivered in fear. She slowly began to back up until her tail touched the bridge, and a loud cracking sound came from behind her.

"Hmmm?" Kana turned around and what she saw caused her eyes to almost pop out of her little lizard head. "Why!? Why did you break!? How am I supposed to retreat now!?"

Kana felt depressed as she watched the bridge she had just crossed crumble into splinters of wood. She watched as they fell down into the deep dark black abyss below. She continued to watch until they completely disappeared before turning her head and looking at the temple. She felt as if the temple was laughing at her predicament. She was damned if she did and damned if she didn't. "I see now this was all your scheme! You put juicy sweet smelling fruits at the entrance to entice me, make me tumble down that slope, made me lose my anal virginity to a rock, and then forced me to cross the scary bridge all to get me here. You planned this from the start!"

Even Kana knew most of this was her own fault. But she rather blame someone else at this time just to make herself feel better. Kana stood up on her hind legs and pointed at the temple with her right claw: "Fine! You wish for me to come inside you so badly, then I will do just that! Feel the might of this little winged lizard rage! Rawr!"

Kana let out a loud rawr that echoed throughout the cavern, which even shocked herself. But after a few seconds, she felt very proud of herself. Sticking her chest out, she jumped forward and charged towards the temple.