Chereads / Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System / Chapter 5 - Ancient Temple Part Two

Chapter 5 - Ancient Temple Part Two

Of course, Kana's courage was only enough for her to reach the majestic doors of the temple. "Isn't this temple a little too big? I mean, I know I am small, but why is this temple so huge!?"

Kana was not wrong when she asked this. The entrance was at least tens of times taller than the tallest human. But what made Kana even more uncertain about entering the temple was all the strange carvings on the temple columns that surrounded the doors and even parts of the temple walls itself. Different kinds of creatures that Kana had never seen before were carved onto them. Although her knowledge was very limited, she could at least tell they were more than likely nothing that lived on earth.

"Come on, Kana, you still have to do this even if this place seems creepy." Kana encouraged herself on as she took a step forward and stepped into the darkness beyond the doors of the temple. Right as her entire body was inside, the whole room suddenly lit up with a blue eerie light causing Kana to shiver from head to toe. "Fuck this! I rather take my chances falling into the bottom of the abyss!"

Kana quickly turned around and tried to run back through the door, only to slam into some kind of invisible wall. "Ow! Why! Does this world hate me!?"

"Little one, you seem to talk to yourself quite a bit." A calm female voice came out of god nowhere, causing Kana to once again shiver from head to toe. She knew if she had hair, they would all be standing at attention at this time.



"Gho-Ghost! Ahhh!" Kana yelled out. Her whole body shivering as she curled up into a ball, doing her best to cover her eyes with her tail.

"Little one, no need to be so scared!" The female voice panicked, seeing how scared Kana was.

"Don't eat me!

"I don't taste good!

"My little lizard body is stringy, and the meat is stringent.

"I will give you heartburn!

"I-I-I-I even had a rock stuck up my ass!

"Even now, I just peed a little! You don't want to eat a lizard who pees themselves, right? It would taste nasty" Kana shouted anything and everything in hopes of saving her own little lizard life. She did not care how embarrassing and degrading her words were. She continued to ramble until the female voice really couldn't take it anymore.

"Will you cut it out already!? I have no plans to harm you or eat you!" The female voice yelled. Her voice sounded like thunder, causing Kana to stop talking instantly. Her little lizard eyes had tears in them as she peeked out from behind her tail.

"Re-Really?" Kana asked as she finally saw who was speaking. In front of her was a beautiful woman with a long tail and horns protruding out of her head. But besides these two features, she looked just like a human. Her horns were black as night, the same as her scales on her tail. Even her hair that reached down to her waist was black. The only thing a different color was the white dress that was long enough to cover her feet and her snow white skin. She was absolutely beautiful. Kana raised her head and looked at the woman until she realized one important thing about this woman. She was semi transparent. "Ahh! A Ghost!"

"Will you stop with that already! Seriously just how scared of ghosts, are you? Have you ever seen a ghost before?" The beautiful woman yelled as she held her head. She never saw anything like this, even when she was alive.

"No, I haven't..." Kana answered truthfully.

"Then how do you know all ghosts are scary beings who go around eating things?" The beautiful woman asked in a much softer voice. This caused Kana to look at the beautiful woman one more time. No matter how much she looked, the smile on the beautiful woman's face, or the aura she exuded, none of it made her seem like some kind of scary ghost that had come to eat her.

"Sorry..." Kana lowered her head in apology, but she still felt cautious of the woman. This stemmed from her time as an orphan in her past life. She had one woman who acted friendly like this, only to be almost sold off to some disgusting old man. She had accidentally heard the woman talking on the phone at the time. Once she heard what the woman had to say, she quickly made her escape.

"No need to apologize, child. My name is Lysairth. I know my form may be scary to you, but I swear on the dragon Goddess Rilneas that I will never hurt you. In fact, I wish to help you. You see… It is sad to say that you may be the last of our kind." Lysairth's expression turned solemn as she spoke. Just thinking of how her kind has almost been wiped out brought tears to her eyes.

"What do you mean by our kind? I am nothing like you. I am just a little red winged lizard." Kana knew she had no human features about her, definitely nothing like this woman in front of her.

"That is because you are still young. But I must ask, why do you keep calling yourself a lizard? You are not a lizard but a baby dragon, dear."