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Chapter 1 - Checklist

Lucinda Perry couldn't help feeling a bit nervous as she walked into the club, dressed in a strapless black mini dress and gold-colored knee-high boots. Her long, curly, and jet-black hair was let down for the first time in a long while instead of the usual bun.

She was wearing green-colored contact lenses in place of the everyday glasses, which she always wore because of her near-sightedness.

Even though she was giving off a slutty vibe with her outfit, she was nothing close to being a slut. Unless, of course, you'd want to call her a slutty virgin.

For the first time in her adult life, she wanted to do something outrageously reckless. Something daring. The kind of stuff that would leave her best friend's mouth hanging open in disbelief when she tells her how she spent the night of her twenty-fifth birthday.

Was she ready for it? NO! But was she going to do it? Hell yeah!

She looked around the club as she tried to adjust her sight to the dim-lit room and noticed everyone around her seemed to be having so much fun. It was her first time in a club, so of course, she was feeling kind of lost and out of place as a fish in the dry land.

She looked ahead of her and took in a deep breath as she caught sight of the bar ahead of her and slightly to the right, "You can do this, Lucy!" She assured herself as she slowly made her way towards it.

The music was too damn loud, but she tried not to worry too much about her eardrums being blown off. At least not that night. She had made a promise to herself on her last birthday that she was going to do something crazy come her next birthday.

That was if she was able to achieve certain goals she had set for herself, and as though the universe was in support of it, she had gotten her long-deserved promotion two days earlier. So that night was kind of different because it not only marked her twenty-fifth birthday, but it also marked her first night in the city of Ludus.

She had been transferred to the head office in Ludus to take over from one of the senior staff in the fashion unit who had just recently retired.

She worked for one of the largest conglomerates in the world, the I-Global group. As such, being transferred to the headquarters was a very big deal and a dream come true for her.

She was the sort of person you would describe as a 'Miss Goody-two-shoes. She was a typical good girl and a very intelligent one at that. She was also a very devoted staff member in the company, the type to put in extra hours and give her best to every assignment placed under her authority.

In simpler terms, she was a workaholic with zero social life. The type who would rather work all night and sleep off reading a crime novel or something rather than go partying or hang out with friends.

"Hey, gorgeous!" A rough-looking man called out as she maneuvered her way through the crowd, but she only flashed him a polite smile as she continued in her quest for the bar. She quickened her steps when she felt a hand on her lower back like someone was trying to grope her, but she did not bother to look behind her to see who it was.

She almost let out a sigh of relief the moment she got to the bar but frowned when she noticed there was no empty seat available around her.

"Hey, pretty! It's your first time here, isn't it?" The stout middle-aged barman with a ginger-colored beard called to her with a welcoming smile, and she flashed him an embarrassed smile.

"Yeah. Sort of. I'm kind of new in the area." She explained with a nervous giggle and then chided herself for giving out too much information.

She tended to talk too much whenever she was feeling nervous.

"Aw! Your first drink is on me, then. Come on here, and I'll get you a seat." He offered as he circled the bar and came out carrying what she suspected to be his bar stool.

"I'm Sam. What is your name?" He asked after he found a spot for the stool at the end of the bar, which was directly facing the dancefloor, where a young man was seated.

"Thanks. I'm Lucinda. Lucinda Perry. But my friends call me Lucy, so I guess you can call me that too," She told him as she sat down.

Sam looked at her with a smile on his face like he could tell that she was feeling very nervous, and then he extended his hand for a handshake, "Well, it's nice to meet you, Lucy. I need to get back to my position. What can I get you?"

"A double martini would do. Thanks," Lucy said as she settled down on her seat and looked towards the dance floor.

"Your drink," Sam said as he returned with the glass and placed it in front of her while Lucy flashed him a smile of gratitude.

"So, what brings you to the city of Ludus?" Sam asked, propping his elbow on the bar counter as he looked at her, his curiosity burning in his eyes.

She took a sip from her glass and grimaced before answering him, "Work."

"Work?" Sam asked curiously.

"Yeah. I just got transferred to the head office here," She said with a nod, making the young man seated beside her turn to spare her a glance. He said nothing as he returned his attention once again to what he had been busy with.

"Interesting. I take it you've never been to a club before today?"

She laughed self-consciously at that, "Why would you assume so?"

"Well, I've been on this job for over twenty years, and I can tell a newbie when I spot one; and you, my dear, are one. I've watched you from the moment you walked right in through the door," He said with a wink making her shrug.

"Well, it's my birthday, and I'm in a new place. No friends yet. So..." She shrugged again and let her words trail off.

"Hey, everyone! She's new here, and it's her birthday! Let's show her some love y'all!" Sam announced loudly, causing the others around them to turn in their direction. They raised their glasses in a silent toast while her cheeks burned a bright red in embarrassment as she bowed politely and murmured her thanks.

"You're welcome. Feel free to come around whenever you need company," Sam said with a wink before returning to his spot to attend to some others who had just walked in.

Lucinda sighed to herself before taking out her little pocket-sized journal and a pen from her purse, ready to check some items on her to-do list.

1. Dressed outrageously sexy. Check.

2. Finally tried out contact lenses. Check.

3. Went to a club. Check.

4. Took a double martini. Check.

She paused when her eyes fell on the fifth item on her list, and she swallowed nervously.

5. Have a one-night stand, not checked yet.

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