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Chapter 1 - Reborn

Pa. Pa.

Qin Yiyi's face was burning with pain, and the other party's long nails had left some scratches on her cheeks.

A trace of blood appeared on the left side of Qin Yiyi's face, which had been as white as jade earlier.

A few drops of blood seemed to fall but not fall.

Apart from breaking the perfect proportions of her entire face, it made Qin Yiyi look even more beautiful after the tragedy!

A moment later, a sharp and harsh voice filled with hatred rang in her ears. "How could I have a daughter like you?! You actually pushed your own sister to block the car for you! That's your own sister! Let me tell you, Qin Yiyi. If anything happens to your sister today, I will definitely not let you have a good time!"

"Now, get out of my sight immediately!"

"Don't let me see you before Tongtong wakes up!"

Along with the clacking of high heels, the woman scolding Qin Yiyi stormed away angrily.

In the end, she disappeared across the other side of the corridor.

Qin Yiyi stared at the figure that was walking far away and closed her eyes forcefully.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Miss, are you alright?"

A young nurse who was squatting on the ground and picking up things while apologizing was confused when she heard this.

Qin Yiyi looked calm as she stood there, but her heart was filled with waves of emotions.

Didn't she die in that premeditated accident?

No, her master had said that protecting a trace of her original soul would give her a chance to return to her original space...

However, the price Master paid for it was that his soul was scattered, and he truly disappeared from the world.

Thinking of that old man who had single-mindedly paid the price of his life for her...

Qin Yiyi felt a sharp pain in her heart!

After a long while, the sound of footsteps could be heard again. She lowered her head to check on her condition.

However, she frowned when she saw herself.

Those thin arms and legs should belong to someone around 17 or 18 years old, right?


Body temperature, normal. Heartbeat, normal.

Pulse, normal!

Very good, this should be one of the possible changes that Master had mentioned, right?

In her previous life, she had been weak since young. In the end, she did not die on the operating table as the doctor had expected. Instead, she died at her 26th birthday party. For her grandfather's belongings, for the pile of information and connections that she had...

Lou Minghui and Qin Jiatong had worked together to lie to her for so many years!

In fact, she was also blind. Otherwise, how could she have been married to Lou Minghui for so many years and not notice anything wrong with him?

She closed her eyes and recalled the words Lou Minghui said when he pushed her into the sea.

"You clearly know what I care about, yet you actually helped an outsider and didn't give me the things!"

"You clearly know that I've been working so hard all these years, yet you still made a will and wanted to give all those things to others…"

"Go and die now!"

In the end, it was Lou Minghui who pushed her down with a ferocious expression.

At the moment when she fell into the sea...

She saw Qin Jiatong, who was being protected by Lou Minghui, laughing wantonly and proudly!

This scene was clearly separated by time and space.

After she fell into the sea and died, she coincidentally crashed into the Void World and was saved by her master, then went on to cultivate for hundreds of years.

After so many years, she thought that she had long forgotten this scene. However, she did not expect that her return would be like yesterday!

Murder, ingratitude, blood relations...

'Qin Jiatong! Lou Minghui!'

'Since I'm back, you guys just wait!'

"Miss, Miss, are you alright?"

A stern look flashed across Qin Yiyi's eyes. She was awakened by the worried voice of the nurse beside her.

Her gaze landed on the young nurse who was dressed in a long white gown. Qin Yiyi's heart skipped a beat as she suddenly recalled something.

Her gaze shifted slightly as she suddenly spoke.

"What year is it right now?"

"It's the third day of the ninth month of the 16th year. This is the hospital. Are you alright, Miss?"

The young nurse thought that Qin Yiyi had asked her the date and answered casually. After she remembered that she still had something to do, she left with a sentence of concern and ran away.

Qin Yiyi, on the other hand, stood on the spot and looked out of the window, trying hard to think of those sealed memories.

September 3rd, the hospital...

She remembered!

That day, Qin Jiatong had invited her to attend a large-scale performance in the city center's auditorium.

She didn't want to go, but she didn't expect Qin Jiatong to pester her. In the end, she even insisted on accompanying her.

In the end, Qin Jiatong was hit by a car on the road as she pushed away Qin Yiyi...

Because of this matter, Qin Jiatong's leg was injured and she couldn't dance for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, Qin Yiyi felt apologetic and guilty even though she knew clearly in her heart that even if Qin Jiatong didn't push her, she could have avoided that accident!

The entire Qin family felt that she owed Qin Jiatong, until she gave her life to Qin Jiatong and Lou Minghui...

In her previous life, her mother had also pointed at her nose and scolded her like this.

Qin Jiatong had tears in her eyes several times to help her explain that it had nothing to do with her and that this matter wasn't her fault...

In her previous life, no one believed her.


* * * 

Looking down at her slender wrist, her eyes flashed.

She didn't expect that she had really crossed time and space to come back here again!

But looking at the situation, the entanglement between her and Qin Jiatong would probably continue in this lifetime as well.

The corners of Qin Yiyi's mouth twitched, and she secretly sneered in her heart.

Then, let it continue.


In the ward.

Mother Qin looked at Qin Jiatong, her eyes filled with heartache. "Tongtong, don't move. Tell me what you want to eat and drink. Also, tell me what you want to play and what you want to buy. I'll call the chauffeur to buy it for you..." 

Her gaze fell on her youngest daughter's face. Her beautiful face was no longer covered with gauze the size of a palm. No one knew how her wound would heal after that...

What if there was a scar or something…?

It was a girl's face.

Thinking of this, she felt that she really should have slapped Qin Yiyi a few more times!

She should have scratched that smelly girl's face!

"Mom, don't be sad. I'm fine. The doctor said that I'll be fine after a few days of rest."

Qin Jiatong's voice was very pleasant to hear. Her clear and crisp voice carried traces of a sweet smile. However, in the next moment, she suddenly remembered something, and her expression changed. She struggled to get up.

This gave Mrs. Qin a fright.

"What do you want? The doctor said that you have to rest well. You can't get up."

"Mom, how is Sister? Is she injured too? Is her injury serious?"

Mother Qin had a look of disdain on her face. "Why are you asking about that wretched girl? You should take good care of your injury and ignore her."

"Mom, don't say that."

Qin Jiatong's voice was very sweet. She dragged out her voice and acted coquettishly. "She's my sister~"

"Sister? What sister? She..." Mother Qin suddenly thought of something and stopped talking. 

She turned around and saw Qin Jiatong's expression. "You're so kind. When you woke up, you asked about her. Look at her. She doesn't even know to come over to see you... Alright, alright, don't worry. That wretched girl is tough. Nothing will happen to her... Also, let me tell you, Tongtong. This can't happen again in the future. If anything happens to you, how will your father and I live?"

"Don't you know that when I heard about your accident at the hospital, I was so scared that I almost lost my soul?"

"Mom, don't be like this. I'm fine. Also, she's my sister after all. No matter how bad she is, she's still your daughter."

"I'd rather not have given birth to her."

"Look at how she doesn't even treat you like a sister. If she really treats you like a sister, she should be the one lying here injured..." 

Blah, blah, blah…

 Mother Qin's words only had one meaning. It didn't matter if Qin Yiyi died or was injured. The victim should have been Yiyi and not her little daughter, Qin Jiatong, whom she doted on so much!

Mother Qin's words carried a hint of hidden hatred.

In her previous life, Qin Yiyi didn't notice it and couldn't tell. But now, Qin Yiyi, who stood at the door of the ward and had listened for a while, could hear it clearly.

Her biological mother hated her?

As her eyes flashed, a hint of doubt flashed through her mind.


"Mom, don't say that. Sister, she... Sister, why are you here? Are you okay?"

Qin Jiatong's voice suddenly sounded.

Mother Qin's face darkened when she saw Qin Yiyi. 

"Why are you here? Are you trying to show off that your sister is disfigured but you're fine? I knew you were a heartless person. Are you here to make a fool of your sister? It's good that you're here. It saves me the trouble of going over to look for you. Qin Yiyi, listen to me carefully now. You're a jinx. Whoever gets involved with you will be unlucky. Don't come back if you're fine in the future. Don't come near your sister either. Your father and I don't want to get involved with bad luck."

"Mom, what are you talking about? Sister, don't be angry... Mom just loves me..."

It was confusing to care about her.

So, she was trying to tell Qin Yiyi that she was the one that Mom cared about?

Qin Yiyi curled her lower lip and smiled gently without any emotions in her heart.

She nodded and looked at Mother Qin.

"If that's the case, then I'll listen to Mom. I'll move out of the house later."

"You should have moved out a long time ago. If you had, Tongtong wouldn't have gotten hurt."

Mother Qin felt sorry for her daughter. "I wonder how Tongtong's leg is. And her face. I'm afraid that it will scar."

Qin Jiatong's expression became uglier when she saw that Mother Qin kept talking about it.

Qin Yiyi felt quite happy when she saw this scene.

Qin Jiatong must have had a hard time tolerating her mother all these years, right?

It was really difficult for her!

"Mom, I already said that it's not my sister's fault. She..."

"Listen to Mom. Be good. Mom is doing this for your own good. If we let her stay at home any longer, I'm afraid that you won't be able to keep your life..."

Mother Qin interrupted her daughter's words forcefully and looked directly at Qin Yiyi.

"...I don't know why your father asked you to come back... All these years, you and your grandparents have been living quite well. It's better for you to move back..."

Her words were hurtful and piercing.

However, Qin Yiyi, who had died once, still smiled as usual.

"Mom is right. It's just that Dad's place..." As far as she knew, her dad didn't simply miss his daughter and ask her to move back home!

"I stay at your dad's place. You don't have to worry about it."

Mother Qin wanted nothing more than to immediately sweep Qin Yiyi out of the house with a face full of disgust.

"Mom, you... Mom, I'm a little thirsty. Can you help me buy a bottle of milk?"

"Wait for me. I'll be back soon." Mother Qin stood up without saying anything. After taking two steps, she turned her head. "Take a good look at your sister. If you dare to come out with bad luck again and hurt her or something, I'll come back and take care of you." The difference in tone... The first one was gentle and doting, the last sentence was completely like the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves.

'I knew it was this attitude.'

Qin Yiyi still quietly hissed in her heart.

However, it was nothing. She was on her own!

There were only Qin Yiyi and Qin Jiatong in the ward.

They were relatively silent.

After quietly looking at her for a few times, Qin Yiyi suddenly felt that her sister was actually quite good-looking.

Especially that pair of eyes.

It was as if she had curved eyebrows and smiled like Yue Ya'er, as if she could talk.

"Sister, Mom actually cares about you. Really, don't think too much about it. I- I don't blame you either. This time, it was just an accident..."

Qin Yiyi tilted her head and smiled at Qin Jiatong, who had a nervous expression on her face. Her tone was casual but she suddenly asked:

"Do you know Lou Minghui?"

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