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The Royal Contract Wife

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Chapter 1 - A Bachelor Auction

"Take off your pants."

With that snapped order to her assistant, Jeannie Boon then turned to the man who stood in front of her arrogantly though his eyes had widened in shock. Grabbing his leather jacket by the lapels, she quickly pushed it down his shoulders.

The man stepped back and tried to protest, "Whoa..You.." But before he could continue, his words dried up as the strange girl started to unbutton his shirt.

Never in his life had he, Prince Christopher Sebastian Lucille Spark, been treated like this. He had actually had no intention to come to a place like this where the money was spent crassly in the name of charity but his grandmother had forced him to it!

And the moment, he entered the ballroom, this strange woman had caught his hand and dragged him behind the screen before proceeding to undress him while ordering another man to take off his pants.

By the time, he gathered his thoughts, the woman had already unbuttoned his shirt and her hands were reaching for the buckle of his belt.

Gripping her wrist, he brought his hand up and growled," What do you think you are doing? And May I ask why you are undressing me in a room full of people?"

The girl let out a frustrated growl, something that he had never imagined a woman could do and snapped at him," Why do you think I dragged you behind the screen? The auction is in ten minutes and you just showed up! Also, it clearly said that it had to be formal clothing and you are here in... bad boy clothes! So, my assistant, James will kindly lend you his pants and you can give him your jeans. After which he will rush to get you a pair of extra shirt and tuxedo!"

The said assistant peeked out from another screen and held out his hands like a ceremonial offering, smiling sheepishly. When he noticed the thunderous expression on the man's face, however he said," You don't have to lend me your jeans. I have an extra jean in my bag. But these pants are rented so please be careful.."

Irritated that the two men were not moving as fast as she would like, Jeannie tried to tug her hand out of the man's hand but he would not let go as he asked," Do you know who I am?"

Tapping her clipboard that she had placed on the side when she has started to undress him, she said," Of course I know. You are the last bachelor who is going to be auctioned on the block! Sebastian Spark! Are you waiting for an introduction before you dress up? Or are you planning ot go on the block half dressed? Look the auction is going to start soon and you have already made is late. So, wear the pants or don't. James, get him the clothes. He can wear them or come out on the stage like this."

Boldly, Jeannie gave him a once over. The man was lean but those muscles underneath the shirt.. she fanned herself with her hands before grabbing his shirt and jacket and walking out from behind the screen with a playful remark," I am sure he will sell well, whether dressed or undressed."

Prince Christopher Sebastian Lucille Spark felt his face heat up at the woman's taunt before he realized that she had actually taken away his clothes! He turned towards the other screen to threaten the assistant but he too had disappeared leaving the pants hanging there.

Scowling, Christopher fished out his cell phone and dialed a number. "Grandmother! Did you just sign me up for an auction?"

His grandmother had coerced him into attending the auction for charity purposes. But she had most certainly failed to mention that he was the one being auctioned off.

The phone rang a few times before it was directed to voice mail and his grandmother's austere voice sounded," This is the Queen Lucille! You can leave your message when this blasted machine allows you to! My assistant will call you back. Sebastian, if this is you, be a good boy and do as I said!"

Christopher was tempted to throw his phone! This was what happened when he agreed to something without looking through for the loopholes!

The old woman had actually made him promise to support her favorite charity. It is to give those down trodden women a chance to rise! Well, he could have just signed a cheque with a few zeroes instead of selling himself for the sake of charity!

Almost stabbing at his screen, he called his security and thundered into the phone," Bring me a tux in the next sixty seconds or you are fired!"

Thankfully the Royal Entourage was always fully prepared and an assistant raced towards the ballroom with an Italian tuxedo packed in a bag. As he reached the location that his boss' GPS was showing, he felt his mouth drop.

The great Prince, his boss was standing there undressed. Bowing quickly, he handed the bag and quickly averted his eyes.

Grabbing the bag, Prince Christopher started to unbutton his jeans when he felt a gaze on him. Looking up, he saw the irritating woman had returned. Holding her eyes, he slowly unbuttoned his jeans and watched in amusement as she averted her eyes quickly.

Donning the tux at a leisurely pace, he then walked to her and said, "You! You will soon regret what you have done."

Instead of being intimidated, the woman, who barely reached his shoulders actually seemed to flare up as she said," Well, I won't. Everything is fair when it comes to charity. Sebastian Spark. Take this clipboard and fill up your details as well as how you would take the person who bids on you for a date. You have a few minutes more. Be detailed, please. That would help us get more bids for you. You do seem like a rude and arrogant person and I doubt anyone would want to bid on you otherwise."