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The Beast's Virgin Claim

Luna Liz
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Chapter 1 - Prologue

I forsook the moon. I stopped gazing at the brightness she set forth in the dark night and the stars she birthed among the vast skies. My soul that longed with every breath I took, for my moon blessed kept drowning in yearning never satisfied for she never fulfilled my wish. She kept me praying. She kept me within the palm of her hand playing with me as if I were her toy, crushing my dreams and never-dying hope little by little each day.

The moon taunted me, she gifted the females' that surrounded me with what their heart desired but not me. Watching my friends meet their mates and showing their love for all to see felt like mine was lost in silent darkness and he would never appear within my reach.

Whenever the day turned gloomy in wake of the grey clouds puffed up ready to birth rain and a storm brewed with loud thunders and lightening the sound and sight of it reminded me of him. The soft cold breeze that grazed my skin cradled by the sound of waves kissing the shore reminded me of him. A male that was mine whom I had never met. A feeling in my soul is all I possessed.

They said you dream of your mate yet I had none. I stayed awake till late at night even when the moon slept, hoping that when I closed my eyes I would be blessed with a glimpse of him. But I couldn't even have that simple seed of hope to be gifted to me. I had nothing.

Each passing day the moon made sure I saw pure happiness dipped in honey that clouded around mates. She made sure I suffered and drenched my pillow with tears every night. It was truly unfair. Why just me?

Wishing to heal the pain of my heart, achingly I sought another. One that wasn't mine. I went against her teachings and wishes, I took the reigns of my own life ripping it from the moon's hands. No, there was no pull between him and me. He was just a male I grew up with so he became my comfort.

I watched him as he grew from a pup I played with to a young juvenile and finally to a full-grown adult male. The way he grew larger, chest puffed, muscles bulged, hair thicker, and eyes sharper. I knew it however, he possessed no feelings towards me but regarded me merely as how a brother would gaze at his sister.

No matter what connection we tried hard to forge between us he couldn't fill it. The void within my soul kept growing within me enlarging every time our eyes met. No spark, no love nothing just an eerie coldness. But I had my affections towards him that he refused to reciprocate. When he did finally find his female I couldn't find it within me to let him go for he was the only one I possessed who showed me what it would be like to have a male.

I was so very wrong for my actions as my soul wailed and sobbed every night overflowing above the barriers of pure and hot regret.

After years of my painful existence, Phobos approached. A beast who emerged from within the bounds of a ruthless thundering storm. The male I longed for. He caught me off guard and I was under the spell he cast through his ocean eyes. A spell I couldn't undo, and that very moment I knew I was in trouble. The second our eyes met I knew he would cause me pain and if he were an archer with his fire coated arrows I would have gladly been his target and burned up in flames.

A male of few words who only spoke with his eyes struck me like lightning and proved to me that no matter what, no matter how painful or how lonely I felt, I should have waited. That I should have stayed as I was until destiny allowed us to cross paths. That I should have trained and gained strength to be worthy to stand on his right. That I should have believed in him. In us.

They were brothers the male I had sought after and my mate. Phobos the juvenile whom I was quite close with as a pup vanished and was replaced by a barbarian, he scared me whilst he slew many with a blink of his eyes. No regret, no pain his beast often in control surging forward taking over his senses. They were equals.

How could I connect with a male like that? How could I make him call me his? A male who didn't need the presence of a Luna. I was neither a want nor a necessity for him as he was for me. The way he looked at me, I could feel it in the marrow of my bones. Disinterest, unwanted... unneeded.

My past actions with his brother would make him see me as weak and unworthy in his eyes but to me, he would always be deserving.

Even though I am weak I will fight, till my last breath. For him and my rightful seat at his pack for he is whom I had loved even before our eyes met. He is mine and I his. There is a reason they call him Král for he is a king. My king.


1) This is a DARK-ROMANCE so if you are not comfortable with these kinds of books please don't read. You have been warned!

2) There are NO rejection or second chance mates in my books. One must learn to love who they are blessed with.

3) The male species in my books are DOMINANT over females as their world follows a certain hierarchy. Their world is very different from our human world with different values and ethics.

4) The female protagonist in this book is timid and submissive but she possesses her unique strength and is full of life which you will see if you do choose to read.

5) There is an age gap of 9 years between the protagonists. If you are uncomfortable with these kinds of scenarios do not read further.

6) This is a slow-paced book to give readers that slow burn and feel the character growth.

7) You must be at least 18 and older to read this book, it is a mature book meant for adults and not young readers due to explicit sexual content and violence.

8) I tend to write really long chapters so I will split them into a series of parts to lessen the chapter length/ meet word count requirements for the paid chapters only.

All right, done! Now enjoy the ride my little wolves!