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Mr. Fang's Feisty Mistress

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Chapter 1 - Zhang Family's Emergency Blood Bank

It was only 8 in the morning yet the sun was already out in S City.

This was the best time for everyone to start going about their daily activities and business, but things seemed to be going south in the Zhang Family today.

"On what grounds do I have to keep giving out my blood to your son?!" A young beautiful woman snapped with a fierce gaze at the older woman standing before her.

The young woman looked very angry, but even at that moment, her current emotion couldn't conceal her good looks.

The older woman retorted with a calm façade, seemingly unfazed by the outburst, "Because he is your brother!"

The younger woman scoffed, "I am not giving out my blood today, not for any reason!"

"Zhang Liling, if you don't accept to go to the hospital this minute, then you can forget about attending lectures today," The older woman sneered.

Zhang Liling who was currently dressed for school with a backpack secured at her back fumed at her stepmother's attitude.

"Since I came to live here, you have been drawing my blood forcefully. You haven't told me what you've been doing with my blood, because my blood type is very common, and even the lowest-rated hospital should not lack it." Zhang Liling queried.

She has been the Zhang Family's emergency blood bank since she came to live with them. Her blood type is O negative, the universal donor blood type.

Any blood type can receive from it, but in a case of an emergency where the (O-) need a blood donation, only their kind, can transfuse blood to them.

Zhang Liling's stepmother, Shi Wenqian released a deep breath of frustration before responding, "You can't say that I have been drawing your blood forcefully, because I have not yet directly dragged you to the hospital."

"Despicable!" Zhang Liling spat with a furious gaze.

Her stepmother was right in the sense that she has never physically forced her to go to the hospital, but that didn't mean that her other methods were not forceful.

A profound smile slowly appeared on Shi Wenqian's face, forcing the corner of her lips to arch sideways.

"Tik-Tok… I don't have all the time in the world to waste on you. If you are not leaving for the hospital this minute, then you can think about skipping lectures today."

At this point, Zhang Liling found her stepmother more hateful than ever for picking an important day like today, to play one of her tricks on her.

Today was Monday, and one of the special days of the week for her, because an admirable business mogul, Mr. Fang was coming to class. Her sense of adulation and respect for Mr. Fang had long made it difficult for her to skip any of his classes.

Currently, her stepmother's plot would succeed in making her late and probably unable to make it to the class on time if she didn't go with her to the hospital.

Amidst the glares, she was giving her, thoughts of choosing between attending Mr. Fang's class and idling away at home were left to her.

With what she had in mind, there was no need to think too deeply about which option to follow. Zhang Liling couldn't trade Mr. Fang's class for anything so, she had no choice but to follow her stepmother out of her bedroom.

"Just say that you can't stand me, and can't help poking some needles in my skin." Zhang Liling muttered under her breath.

Shi Wenqian heard her clearly since her words were not said without a purpose. Instead of scolding her, she said with a smile, much to her disbelief. "What a beautiful way to start the new week!"


In the penthouse of a luxurious apartment building, a young mature man with heavenly looks just opened his eyes. He had just woken up from sleep and had sat up on the bed to stretch his arms.

His eyes were beautiful, plus his messy hairstyle gave him youthful looks.

Getting out of bed, the young man wrinkled his nose with a slight frown. He seemed unpleased with perhaps, his surroundings. Notwithstanding that, he put his feet in his flip-flops and walked straight to the bathroom.

Despite his heavenly youthful looks and his beautiful eyes, his aura had a striking difference when compared. His gaze looked very sharp while brushing his teeth and washing his face.

Immediately after he got out of the bathroom, he went straight to his nightstand to pick up the bottle of meds lying there. Taking out two pills from it, he threw them into his mouth and flushed them down with the bottle of water lying next to the bottle of meds.

A deep breath escaped from his thin natural light pink-colored lips immediately after taking the meds. Next, he walked into another room which seemed to be in the closet, to pick out a sports attire.

Before leaving his bedroom, he picked up his AirPods, his phone, and a small towel. He was going out for a jog.

Twenty minutes later, he returned to the apartment building. When he made it into the elevator, his phone began to ring. Tapping the side of his AirPod, he answered the call and a male voice rang out.

"Good morning Mr. Fang,"

"Morning," Mr. Fang greeted back and went back to his silence mode. The person over the phone got this as a cue to state the reasons for the call and went on to speak.

"Sir, the manager of the interior decorator company working on your house says they are ready to start moving your properties in, and he is asking if you would like to see it as the smell of paint had finished dissipating."

Mr. Fang had his hands in his pockets at the time of this question, but when it was time for his response, he took his right hand out from his trouser pockets and said with knitted brows, "What's there to see?"

"I think he is asking in case you need to make any last-minute changes," The man at the other end explained. He seemed to understand the manager's concern and had to convey the message.