Agriculture Escape: Ultimate Boss Has A Space Pocket!

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Chapter 1 - What a Big Son

Bai Wutong slowly opened her eyes and immediately saw a turbid river in front.

Suddenly, she regained consciousness.

She sat up in the water and was relieved to find no zombies around.

The moment she lowered her head and saw her reflection in the water, she was immediately stunned.

She was just as she had been, but six or seven years younger.

What shocked Bai Wutong the most was that she was wearing a gorgeous dress and had a head full of pearls. She clearly looked like an ancient heiress!

Had she traveled from the apocalypse to ancient times?

Why didn't she have any memories?

As she tried to recall, she felt a pain in the back of her head.

She reached out and felt a huge lump.

She lowered her hand and there was blood.

She understood. Whatever memories she had were probably gone when she hit her head.

Still, she was happy.

In this world, there was no need to constantly guard against being zombies.

Moreover, she had a lot of jewelry on her. If she sold them, she should be able to find a place to settle down for the time being.

She had just made up her mind when a "corpse" floated past her.

It had been a long time since she had seen her own kind. Her gaze faltered and she jumped into the water with a splash and scooped the person up to the shore. She pressed down hard on his chest and opened his mouth to perform CPR.

"Cough, cough, cough~"

The man spat out water several times and slowly opened his eyes.

Bai Wutong was delighted to see him awake and wanted to ask him about what was going on.

The man blinked with his dark eyes.

His confused gaze made Bai Wutong feel that something was wrong.

The man's beautiful thin lips spat out a shocking word. "Mother~" His tone even sounded aggrieved.

"…" What a big son I have!

Bai Wutong had a bad feeling.

She couldn't have saved a fool, right!

She was about to test if the man was in a daze from unconsciousness when his eyes rolled back and he fainted again.


Bai Wutong's eyebrows twitched. Was he intending to extort her kindness?

'He looks like a decent human. I don't think so.'

She patted the man's cheek. "Hello? Hello? Wake up?"

His forehead and cheeks were burning. After confirming that the guy was really unconscious, Bai Wutong had to check what was wrong with him.

She ripped open his top to find his bandaged chest soaked in blood.

This person had been seriously injured before he fell into the water.

Bai Wutong also found a bloody hole in his head that also needed emergency first-aid.

But she had not bandaged even herself, so how could she treat him?

If only she'd had the RV. It had a first-aid kit.

As soon as she finished muttering, Bai Wutong felt the weight in her hand. She looked down and was stunned.

The first-aid kit was actually in her hand.

'What's this all about?'

She remained calm and thought for a moment, then another box of cookies appeared in her hand.

Her heart started beating fast.

She wasn't dreaming after all.

Her RV in the apocalypse had turned into a portable space and followed her into this world. What surprised her most was that she could still take anything out of the RV at will.

The RV had been bought with all the money her grandparents had left her before the apocalypse. There was only 15 square feet of space but it was complete with a washer, refrigerator, television, toilet, bedroom, storage room, and so on.

For her own safety and security, Bai Wutong's RV was filled with all kinds of weapons and supplies. Other than the place where she slept, it was filled to the brim. However, because of these things, she had managed to survive the zombies several times.

The RV had followed her into this world, which Bai Wutong had never expected. If she didn't have to save someone first, she would have jumped up and screamed in excitement.

Bai Wutong's grandfather was a doctor in the village. Bai Wutong had been influenced by him and could deal with basic illnesses.

After struggling to survive in the apocalypse for a few years, she was even more familiar with external injuries.

Removing the gauze from his body, the hideous wound was immediately revealed.

After being immersed in the river water for a long time, the wound was already inflamed.

She gave him a shot of anesthesia first, then cut away the white flesh on his chest before stitching him up.

After she had carefully treated the wounds on the man's chest and head, Bai Wutong simply bandaged the wound on the back of her head. Then, she immediately put the first-aid kit into the RV.

Her body felt sticky. Bai Wutong glanced at the man who was still unconscious and took off all her clothes. Then, she quickly took a set of undergarments and a linen dress from the RV and put them on.

If someone suddenly appeared, nothing would seem particularly odd.

She had wanted to take the clothes to the river to wash them, but one look at the murky water had completely dispelled that idea.

There was a washing machine in the RV. She wondered if it would function.

Taking a chance, Bai Wutong stuffed the clothes into the RV's washing machine and pressed the start button.

The washing machine started spinning at once.

Bai Wutong was shocked.

Then elation followed.

Then she quickly checked the other appliances.

Apart from not being able to connect to the Internet, everything else could be used.

The confusion of her arrival in this world was instantly washed away by the surprise that the RV space had given her.

With the washing machine, the clothes were quickly washed. She added detergent, so not only did they smell good, they were dried.

Bai Wutong changed into her original clothes and arranged some important items and food in her backpack. Before long, she realized with alarm that someone was coming towards her.

From the sound of the footsteps, there were two of them.

If they didn't have any bad intentions, they would appear openly.

But, they didn't.

Her eyes darkened as a sharp axe appeared in her hand.

Soon, two middle-aged men, one tall and one fat, appeared in front of Bai Wutong.

The moment they saw Bai Wutong, they revealed expressions of greed.

Having lived in the apocalypse for a few years, Bai Wutong was very familiar with this kind of gaze.

The hand on the axe tightened.

The fat man said fearlessly, "Old Li, we're going to be rich. This beautiful girl's items are worth at least 500 taels of silver."

Old Li's wretched gaze stopped on Bai Wutong's face. "Fourth Brother, let's rob her and play with her. I've never played with such a delicate woman."

Fourth Brother smiled even more wickedly. "What a pity. If we wouldn't be caught upon returning to Lin'an, we would definitely make a lot of money selling her to the brothel."

"However, it's worth it for her to meet us before she dies."

Old Li took a step forward with a smile on his face. "Little lady, as long as you're obedient…"

Bai Wutong's expression was grim. Just as she raised her hand, two leaves shot out from behind her like meteors and pierced straight into Old Li and Fourth Brother's throats.

There wasn't even a scream. Two men who'd wanted to do something to her had died right in front of her eyes.


Bai Wutong turned and met a pair of dark eyes.

'When did he wake up?'

'Did he see me conjure an axe out of thin air?'

'If he does… should I silence him?'

Still, the guy's physique was amazing.

An anesthetic could knock someone out for at least two hours. He'd been awake after only an hour.

After looking at each other for a while, Bai Wutong carefully probed, "You saved me, and I saved you. Then I'll shall make my leave first?"

Hearing the word "leave", the man, who was like a god just now, suddenly opened his mouth and said in a pitiful voice that was completely different from his noble and extraordinary face, "Mother~ Don't go, don't go…" He even reached out his hand to grab Bai Wutong.

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