His Dark Desire: Tales of a Yandere

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Chapter 1 - Fire

The story of a knight who has fallen in love with his queen. It was nothing but that, a simple plot for a fairytale, or was it?

He stood proud at seven feet, everything looked minuscule in his sight. He towers above all knights who looked at him with disgust and alarm.

He was one of the rebels not long ago, but for an undisclosed reason, he has betrayed his so-called 'brother at arms' for a seat at the round table.

People murmured whenever he passes them by, the atmosphere itself was laced with terror as this all muscled barbarian held his head high. Panic in the hearts of many was evoked by his presence alone as he stood before the queen who was forced to face him.

"My queen," he knelt before her, and even yet the queen had to look up from her throne to meet his eyes. The frail queen was very small compared to him, her fragile countenance barely reached five feet and her innocent face makes her look like a child.

He took in the vision of her as she sat there, trying to look brave as she met his eyes. His queen, the reason why he risked it all and will risk it all again.

She sat on the throne judging his motives and all the while fearing him. Was she disgusted by him too? He can't tell.

The crowd disappeared and all thoughts from his mind were gone as he was faced with her.

She has dark auburn hair that reached past her shoulders, small lips that curled into a thin smile, and eyes that expressed her immense disgust and anger for what she had labeled him in her mind - one of the reasons for the destabilization of her kingdom.

He wants it all, all of what she offers. Her beauty, her brilliance, her frailties... at that moment he realized, he wanted all of her.


"Why are you here?" the queen tried to calm her fast-beating heart as she looked at the unexpected guest.

This is only the third time she has seen him, once on the battlefield, and the second was when he barged into her castle walls like this, laying out terms for the surrender of his people who have joined the rebels.

She doesn't even understand why on earth he did that just when they have already gained an advantageous win on their last battle.

The rebels have already started to infiltrate the city where the castle is located, so it doesn't make sense why he would offer their surrender and all in exchange for being knighted and assigned as her personal bodyguard.

The council has all urged her to accept whatever his terms are, though they all suspected he has some ulterior motive along with his surrender.

Having been cornered like that, she just agreed but did not expect him to come again like this. She has already knighted him and has instructed her ministers to give him vast lands, golds, and silvers.

He was threatening, his presence alone makes her heart quiver from fear. His golden eyes matched his blonde hair, straight lips that seems to always be scowling at people like some wild animal on the hunt, and his muscles that clung to his shirt as if one wrong move will just rip the poor cloth into pieces.

There is nothing tender about him, nothing soft. He is the epitome of what she can only describe as a man built to kill. His height made her feel even smaller, and frailer, and his body built made sure she lose sleep over the idea of having such an enemy so close by.

"I have told you my terms for the surrender of my men. You have agreed, now stop playing tricks on me and grant me access to work," his baritone voice was full of authority when he spoke, it boomed through the throne room and she can see many of the guard knights tremble just from the sound of it.

"You wanted the position for money and fame, I have already given you both, along with knighthood for you to flaunt anywhere you go. You don't have to work," she said, she cringed when she felt her heart quiver once again.

She couldn't afford to look away because she felt like if she did so he can just murder everyone in one instant without her even realizing what he had just done. He was like a wild animal on the loose, and that is the scariest thing to deal with.

"Don't assume to know my reasons, my queen. I want to be your bodyguard to make sure all my efforts at saving you did not come to naught by allowing someone to just assassinate you in the blink of an eye," she felt like his eyes turned brighter somehow and his voice even deeper than before as he said that.

"Are you threatening me? That itself is a crime punishable by death," she answered in her soft but firm voice as the people sweat on their clothes from their fiery exchange.

"I am stating facts. Do you know how weak your castle's security is? Have you not instructed your guards to prevent me from reaching you at all cost, and yet here I am. If I intended to have you harmed, I don't think even a single one of your soldiers here can do something to stop me," he spoke the words with irritation, one of his eyes arching up as if he was losing patience with a child.

The royal adviser hurried toward the throne and whispered something into the queen's ear which made her frown as her lips tightened.

"Very well, suit yourself. One wrong move from you and I'll strip you of your knighthood and your landholdings. You are aware," she said as she stood up, finally being at level with his eyes without her having to crane her neck.

She cursed the gods for despite his obvious evil intentions he was indeed blessed with an unforgettable handsome face, and now that their eyes are at a level she couldn't hold his gaze much longer for fear that she will melt. His eyes were like the sun, commanding, powerful, and making her feel ablaze.

"Do whatever you want," she started walking, intending to pass by him.

She was startled when he stood up the moment they were parallel to each other, he grabbed her arm, his iron-like grip keeping her in place as she looked at his hand.

"Why?" she asked, trying to calm her fast-beating heart.

"I'll start tomorrow. I'll occupy the adjoining room to your chambers. Am I understood?" his voice coerced her into nodding as she felt her ears heat up.

"Good. I'll see you tomorrow, queen. Make sure not to instruct your ants to stop me from entering the castle or I shall not be able to reign in my anger," he let go of her as he marched down the halls.

The queen's knees buckled from under her as soon as he was completely out of her sight. The attending handmaidens and ministers finally found the courage to go near her and assist her.

Even when she was helped back into her throne, she can still feel the burning feeling from the part of her arm he just touched. She looked at it, surprised that it did not leave a mark.

Then why does it feel like she had just been touched by fire?

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