Chereads / Alpha’s Rejected Mate Returns as Queen / Chapter 1 - A Rejected Mate

Alpha’s Rejected Mate Returns as Queen

Mountain Springs
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Chapter 1 - A Rejected Mate

Selma Payne's POV:

"I, Benson Walton, reject you, Selma Payne, as my future Luna and mate."

This was the last day of the ceremony. Everyone went to the gathering happily, and no one noticed my conversation with Benson.

I clenched my fists tightly and heard Benson's deep growl.

"Accept your rejection and get out of my sight forever! The thought of you having human blood in your veins makes me feel disgusted! If you're sensible, you'll find a quiet place to die on your own instead of tarnishing our people's glory."

His harsh words made the blood in my body boil. I tried my best not to let my tears fall, making me even more embarrassed.

"Maybe he was right. From the beginning, my appearance was a mistake. On my sixteenth birthday, I found out from my parents that I was not their biological child, although they always told me I was an angel given to them by the stork.

Benson made a strange guttural sound from his throat, urging me to make a decision as soon as possible. The thought of rejecting him made me feel so much pain that I couldn't breathe. I was a human who shouldn't be here. I was not as strong and brave as the others.

"I, Selma Payne, accept your rejection." I stammered, and the pain made me tremble uncontrollably.

Benson snorted coldly and stared at me with his arms crossed." At least you're tactful. You're just a toad. Stay in your quagmire, and don't even think about implicating the others in our pack."

On his nineteenth birthday, we found out that we were mates. He didn't reject me then, and I thought he had accepted his fate. However, it turned out that he was just afraid that I would be with the other pack members.

Benson turned away coldly and walked out. There were a few people at the door. They greeted him with smiles, perhaps secretly mocking me for daydreaming.

'Breathe, Selma, breathe. Don't show your weakness in front of them.'

I pretended to be calm and waited for them to leave, then ran away in a sorry state. I didn't want to show any weakness in front of the wolves, or they would bite me. I learned this way of survival after training with them for so many years. Now I had integrated into the pack very well, even though I was a soft egg that would fall with a single poke to them.

I had great friends. If someone tried to bully me, they would always stand up for me. When I felt unhappy, they always found a way to make me happy. My parents were the best in the world. They never laughed at me or reprimanded me. On the contrary, when I questioned why I was weaker than others, they always told me that everyone was born with a purpose, and this was not mine.

But I'd ruined everything. How would Benson and those people spread the news? Benson ruthlessly rejected that shameless human? Would my parents and friends be humiliated because of this? Maybe he was right. I was a worthless person who would only bring shame to pack. I should leave forever and not drag them down with me.

My poor parents had already suffered enough pain and humiliation. I was never their pride, not even for a day!

I snuck out of the house without anyone noticing me. It was the night of the party, so they might be laughing at my back. I shivered at the thought of it.

With the help of the moonlight, I slowly walked into the forest. At this moment, I realized that my face was covered in tears. The pain of being rejected and the heartache of being about to leave made me unable to control myself. I cried loudly. No one would care about trash who couldn't see the road clearly without the moonlight.

"I should have died in the forest many years ago. Instead, I stole all this happiness. I'm really grateful for my parents, my brother Rhode, and everyone in the pack. They gave me so much love. Now, it's time for me to give back to pack. It's time for everything to get back on track."

I wiped away the tears on my face as if I was wiping away a stain. Tonight, I was going to give them a pure and flawless pack.

The night's cold air entered my lungs through my nose, and I coughed violently. I couldn't even withstand such a small change in the air. How could I dare call myself a member of this pack? If the person here today were Rhode or anyone else, they wouldn't be as fragile as me.

I heard the crowd singing my favorite song. The song traveled the distance and entered my ears like a silent encouragement and urging. I came to pack with this song and grew up here. So it was only right for me to use this song to send myself off.

'It's time, Selma, to be a brave person for the last time!'

I closed my eyes and jumped off the cliff.

The wind whistled past my ears, and the song became blurry. I was finally free forever.