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Alpha's Bite Between My Legs

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Chapter 1 - The Letter

A woman strode to the centre of a room filled with the scent of sweat and coupling. Her beauty captured the interest of the lust-filled men, whose eyes ravaged her gorgeous body—undressing her with their stares.

Her eyes skimmed the room and found a man who had interested her. She walked toward him confidently, and the soft waves of her hips were enough to entice him. 

She stood beside him, close enough for him to feel her body heat without touching his skin.

The man shuddered with her presence but didn't pay too much attention. He shifted slightly to the side, but his eyes remained in her direction.

"I'm in pain. Can you help me relieve it?" the woman whispered seductively into the man's ears and ensured her hot minty breath brushed his nose.

"What happened to you?" the man asked and entirely gave his attention to the stunning woman beside him.

The woman smiled sensually and went closer, enough for her chest to touch his arm. "I tripped, and I need someone to massage my ankles."

The man nodded without hesitation, already trapped in the woman's beauty.

The woman glided her index finger over the man's chin to make him crave her touch. She started walking toward one of the empty rooms and opened the door.

She went inside and sat on the bed, letting her auburn-coloured hair loose and slide over her shoulder down to her waist.

The man entered the room and made sure to lock the door. A smirk laced his lips, thinking he had hit the jackpot by getting such a fine lady to bed.

The woman raised her index finger and gestured for him to come as she slowly spread her legs wide enough to see some parts of her lace underwear.

That action was enough to tease the man. He didn't waste any time and grabbed the woman by the shoulders and pushed her to bed. Taking the lead in their play, but the woman pushed him. She wanted to be in control.

"Not so fast," she whispered before lifting her body, pushing the man onto the bed, and climbing on top of him.

"You're gonna help me with my pain, right?" She asked and lifted the red silk dress she was wearing.

"Yes," the man gulped while staring at the beauty on top of him. The sight brought his manhood to solidify.

The woman felt it and was amused at how easy it was to make the man dance in the palm of her hand.

She placed her hips over the man's groin and started grinding to increase the tension between them.

"Ah~" the woman looked up as she enjoyed the friction, but the man wasn't satisfied and wanted more.

He sat up and grabbed the woman's waist, forcing her onto the bed, and mounted on top of her.

"Lay like a doll, b*tch."

He stated with a smirk and was about to rip the woman's clothes for him to ravish when he felt extreme pain in his groin. He didn't have time to scream when the woman put a piece of cloth into his mouth.

"Such lovely words from a handsome man," she giggled and squeezed his balls tightly. Her other hand reached his neck and pushed him to the side so that she could climb over him.

The woman started giggling like a maniac. She removed her hand from his groin and put it on his neck to add pressure as she ground on his bulge. She was enjoying the friction and the sound of his struggle.

The man tried to remove her hand, but his strength was no match for her.

"Ah, yes~" the woman moaned and increased the speed of her grinding. The faster she moved her hips, the more pressure she put on his neck.

She didn't care about him. After all, he was just a tool for her pleasure.

It didn't take long before the man's body convulsed before becoming limp. At the same time, the woman reached her climax.

"You relieved my pain, thank you," she whispered and planted a kiss on the dead man's lips.

She walked toward the mirror and fixed her dress before leaving the room as if nothing had happened. She went for a few drinks before leaving the pub.

The woman hummed with contentment while walking down the streets under the bright moonlight. After arriving at her rented home in the city, a letter was placed under her door.

"Who is this from?" she muttered and picked up the letter before entering her room.

The woman's heart sank upon seeing the rose seal attached to the letter. She slowly opened it and hoped it was nothing serious. She took several deep breaths to prepare herself before reading the content.

"Dear Rosina, I hope you are doing well in the city. We missed you. The annual mating season will begin in a week, and we expect you to attend this time after skipping the event for the past two years. We won't take no, for an answer. Your father has already arranged the carriage for your arrival. We expect you to be here tomorrow."

Rosina crumpled the letter and threw it against the wall. "AH! I don't want to go back there!"

Rosina grabbed her pillow and screamed for 10 minutes to vent her frustrations without disturbing the neighbours.

"A mate, what a useless thing! People are so desperate to have a mate when they can f*ck around and be satisfied with it," Rosina stated angrily and lay on the bed while staring at the ceiling.

Rosina always disliked the thought of having a mate. For her, it was a hindrance to her freedom. She had seen several wolves go crazy for their mates and sacrifice a lot to find and be with them. Leaving their places, hobbies, and dreams of building a family and delivering multiple pups.

"If I meet my mate. I'll make sure to suck the life out of his body."