A Stern Mistress from the Ancient Past Becomes the Cannon-Fodder in a Wealthy Family

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Chapter 1 - Rebirth

Yuan Shu sat on the bed and she looked around.

She was woken up by a knock on the door, but when she opened her eyes, she wasn't in her room.

She was originally the legitimate daughter of a family of generals and the mistress of the Xiang Family. The day before yesterday, she had just been conferred the title of First Class Lady. At night, there was a family banquet and she became a little drunk, so she returned to her room to rest. Now that she woke up, she realized she wasn't on the carved bed that she was familiar with. The brocade blanket and undergarment were not hers either. Instead, she was wearing a strap that didn't even cover her chest and exposed her back—or rather, it was more suitable to be called a bellyband.

Yuan Shu frowned. This environment was too different from the one she lived in. There were roses placed at the head of the bed, casually placed slippers, and a dress casually thrown on the ground. Everywhere was a mess. At this moment, some memories that didn't belong to her appeared in her mind.

Her name was Yuan Shu. She was no longer the mistress of the family, but the heiress of the Ji An Group. She had been pampered since she was young, which led to her current unruly and cocky personality. As long as she liked something, she had to get it no matter what.

On her 18th birthday banquet, she fell in love with the current president of the Shi Corporation, Shi Xiao, at first sight and pestered him for three years. However, this young master was always aloof and didn't respond to her advances at all.

Seeing that she couldn't win President Shi's heart by showing weakness, Miss Yuan could only force herself on him.

A month ago, the two of them met again at a cocktail party. Yuan Shu was still as clingy as before and insisted on toasting him. However, after drinking that glass of wine, Shi Xiao's vision became more and more blurry. He could only vaguely remember that it was Yuan Shu who helped him back to his room.

When he woke up the next day, his phone was filled with messages congratulating him on his marriage. They said that he and Yuan Shu had spent the night together, so their marriage was a done deal.

Half a month later, the two of them got married. However, Yuan Shu never saw Shi Xiao again.

As Yuan Shu processed these memories, she realized that she was no longer the head of a prestigious family, but a dependent woman that survived on so-called love.

Looking at this room again, she realized it seemed that there was no man living there. It seemed that the owner of this body wasn't favored. Moreover, this body was thin and weak. It didn't have the physique of someone who had practiced martial arts since she was young. It seemed like the body of someone who would faint after running a few steps.

Yuan Shu sighed. There was nothing she could do now, so she could only comfort herself that she should take things as they came. She could train herself in the future. During this period of time, she should think about how to deal with the mess here.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, accompanied by a female voice.

"Madam, are you done packing? If you're done, come downstairs and take a look. Miss Chu has been waiting for you for a long time. She even lost her temper just now."

Miss Chu? Who was she? She came to disturb her without notice and even flared up at her?

Yuan Shu had never seen such an uninvited person since she could remember. After she became the head of the household, no one dared to throw a tantrum in front of her. Therefore, today's encounter made her feel curious.

The person outside the door became more and more anxious.

"Madam, hurry up. Sir is not at home now. Don't be willful."

"Madam, Miss Chu is pregnant with Sir's child. If anything happens, things will be troublesome."


The more anxious the outside world was, the calmer Yuan Shu became. Moreover, how could a servant urge her master to do something? It could only mean that the work ethics and professionalism of this servant needed to be improved.

What she should do now wasn't to respond to this uninvited "guest", but to familiarize herself with this unfamiliar environment.

Besides, she was the female head of the household. Miss Chu, who became pregnant out of wedlock, was probably one of those hookers who dreamed of going from rags to riches and wanted to blackmail her into giving her an official status.

In that case, she should ignore her a little longer so that she wouldn't forget her identity.

"Madam!" The maid outside the door, Li Yue, knocked a few more times. Seeing that there was still no movement inside, she couldn't help but mutter.

Strange, the previous two times this Miss Chu came, Madam was so angry that she threw and smashed things right after hearing her name. Why was she so calm today? Could something have happened?

Li Yue was a little anxious. Yuan Shu had a bad temper and liked to put on airs. If it wasn't for the Shi family's rule that she had to report everything to Madam when Sir wasn't around, she wouldn't have come to provoke her.

However, Miss Chu wasn't an easy person to deal with either. Her name was Chu Mei. She debuted as an idol two years ago and in just a year, she transitioned to the film and television industry. After acting in two television dramas, she became popular and was hailed as the "most popular actress."

Be it snatching resources or gaining fans, she had quite a few tricks up her sleeve.

She couldn't afford to offend either side, so she might as well stabilize one side first. Just as Li Yue wondered if she should refill Miss Chu's cup of tea and ask her to wait a little longer, Miss Chu came up the stairs.

Chu Mei was charming. Under her arched eyebrows, there was a pair of amorous eyes. Her facial features were well-defined but feminine. Her lips were rosy and her teeth were white. When she smiled, she looked very charming.

She shielded her abdomen with one hand and held the staircase railing with the other as she asked with a frown, "Is Madam still unwilling to see me?"

Chu Mei was a little anxious. The Shi family was her last chance. If she didn't seize it, her career and even her life would be over.

Shi Xiao was missing now, and only Yuan Shu was left. Although Yuan Shu was the eldest daughter of the Yuan family, she was actually a fool, so she could definitely deceive Yuan Shu…

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