Chereads / Contract Marriage: The Replacement Groom / Chapter 7 - A chance meeting

Chapter 7 - A chance meeting

"Ah, take it easy bro, that's a human life we are talking about," Rex smiled like he was any better. 

"Should have known better than to jump into the road." He said with absolute nonchalance– as if he cared about nothing in the world.

Rex sighed and turned to the driver, "Man, why aren't you moving?" 

"Young Master, the crazy woman is banging on the window." The driver reported with a nervous voice.

"Then give her a few seconds," Rex said while looking at his brother. He sighed in relief when his brother said nothing.

The driver wound down the window to ask what the problem was. Just then, her pitiful weak voice sounded.

"Please sir, can you give me a lift? I'm heading to Rose Cemetery." 

"Sorry ma'am, we are heading to the airport," poked his head to the front seat and answered. Although he couldn't see her face, he intended to yell at her, but that pain-filled voice pulled at his heart strings. 

 "Let her in." 

"Huh?" Rex asked in confusion as he glanced at his older brother. 

"..." The driver was speechless and shocked.

"Brother, you…"

"You got a problem with that?" He raised his brow at Rex. 

"N–no, no, of course, not. Hehehe…" Rex laughed sheepishly. 

"Thank you," Jeslyn got into the front passenger seat with her hair looking like a bird's nest and face pale like a sick person's. She looked nothing like the infamous celebrity many people knew in Rose City.

"Hm," he answered her, leaving Rex in bewilderment. This is interesting, he thought.

Jeslyn was supposed to look back at the people behind, but due to how desperate to get to the funeral she was, coupled with the confusion and disbelief she was in regarding everything that has been happening since her wedding day, she didn't remember to look.

After a while, the car became silent, too silent for Rex's liking so he decided to scroll over the entertainment news. He loves gossip and loves to make some if there was none, so the minute he saw the glaring headline of a popular singer in Rose city trending, he couldn't help but laugh out loud. 

"Wow, this is by far the most interesting trouble this sensational celebrity has caused ever since her debut. She abandoned her 5 years fiance for her cheating partner at the altar and married another, then killed her grandfather because he was disappointed in her for ruining the family's name and destroying her innocent fiance's life. 

"Now, the grandfather's funeral is being held and she's absent. Hahaha…what a wicked soul!... Hmmm… let me see what the comment section is like… 

"Hahaha… I thought as much, she's being chewed alive… oh, this commenter is saying some weird things. 

"Ah? Why are these commenters diverting from the main topic? It is obvious they were paid for this shit. This is not genuine, I should scroll pas–" 

The groom snatched the phone from Rex and scrolled through the comment. Seeing the toxic and abominable comments, he frowned slightly and raised his gaze to look at the girl in the front seat but quickly realized that she was focused on the billboards by the side of the road. 

He closed the app Rex was on and kept the phone by his side. 

"Uhm, that's my phone, can you please return it?" 

He looked at Rex and then glanced at the phone before he wound down the tinted window and did the most shocking thing one would never expect. He threw the phone out, then closed his eyes and rested his head on the headrest. 

Rex stared wide-eyed at him. What's wrong with this devil? That phone was just custom-made and sent to him yesterday! 

Even though his eyes had started to bore holes into the villain, his brother refused to spare him a glance.

"Even though you threw my phone away, I have already seen everything. It says that the D-list celebrity, Jeslyn Lee killed her grandfather because—"

At the mention of her name, Jeslyn who had not been paying attention to the people sitting in the back seat peeked her ears. On hearing the words that followed, she didn't know how she found the strength to go against her weak mental state and responded. 

"Mister, I appreciate the fact that you were kind enough to give me a lift, I'll be alighting from here, thank you… stop the car." She said to the driver. 

The groom who had his eyes closed all these while suddenly opened his eyes when he heard her words. 

The minute the car was stopped, he turned to look at Rex and ordered, "get out." 

"Huh?" Rex who heard the words turned his gaze from the lady sitting in the front seat to the man sitting beside him. 

He had thought his brother was telling the lady in front to get out but was stunned when he met those emotionless eyes. Not that his eyes ever held emotions though. 

"Thank you for the ride," Jeslyn said from the front seat as she was unbuckling her seat belt. 

"Not you, Miss. Rex, get down." 

Jeslyn was taken aback by that voice. She had heard that voice somewhere but can't recollect where she heard it from. Her mind was still clouded and in total disarray with all the chaos in her life that she couldn't make her mind to focus. 

She turned to look at the person but couldn't see much as the car was dark and he had his eyes closed with the back of his hand resting on his face. 

"Brother, you want me to get down?" Rex pointed at himself as if he couldn't believe his ears.

"Hm, now." 

"In the middle of–"

"You want me to pull you out?" The man took his hand off his face, opened his eyes and turned to Rex with a glare. 

Jeslyn was already facing the front as she caught sight of another billboard playing the same funeral. 

"Hehehe… of course not, I'll get down, I'll get down." Rex swallowed the sorrow and regret in his voice as he opened the car door and began to step down.

The car zoomed off before he even got to close the door and he was very sure it was the command from that demon. 

Inside the car, Jeslyn sniffed back the tears that were gathering in her tired eyes and said: "Thank you, Mister, but you really didn't have to do that. That place is dangerous and there have been multiple reports of bad things happening there lately."

"He'll be fine." He uttered with his eyes closed. 

"Oh," she answered and shut her mouth like an obedient little puppy. She looked out the window to see if she could see the guy that was thrown out but couldn't.

The black car stopped at a cemetery and from where the car stood, they could see people in black standing in front of a grave. 

"Thank you, Mister." Jeslyn offered her thanks and got out of the car and started to run unsteadily towards the people. 

The driver was about to start the car when he heard his Boss' emotionless voice.

"Hold on."