After Being Framed by Her Family, She was Pampered by a CEO from a Rich Family

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Chapter 1 - Schemed Against

"Miss Jing, are you feeling unwell? Let me help you to rest. Coincidentally, I booked a room upstairs."

Jing Yao looked at the fat man in front of her and instinctively wanted to move away. She forced herself to stand up from the sofa, feeling dizzy.

Seeing the greasy man walking towards her and reaching out to grab her arm, Jing Yao panicked and forced a smile. "Mr. Wang, isn't that your wife? Do you want to go over and say hello?"

Wang Ke was clearly a little flustered and immediately turned around to take a look.

Everyone in the circle knew that although the greasy Wang Ke loved showing off outside, his wife was a powerful person.

Previously, Jing Yao's mother and sister wanted to please Wang Ke's wife and join the circle of socialites.

Jing Yao was also gambling in her heart. When Wang Ke turned around, Jing Yao knew that she had won the bet.

Jing Yao turned around and ran. After running for a while, she slowed down. Then she felt that her body was getting hotter and hotter, and her footsteps were getting weaker and weaker. After Wang Ke found out that he had been deceived, he was so angry that he chased after her and kept calling her a b*tch.

Jing Yao felt more and more dizzy, and the path in front of her became more and more blurry. She seemed to see a door in front of her. She ran in without hesitation and closed the door.

Unexpectedly, it didn't lead to the outdoors, but to a guest room.

Right on the heels of that, her head touched a hard chest. Jing Yao couldn't help but lean against that person. The next moment, she felt very cold and comfortable.

She subconsciously looked up and saw a handsome face with cold eyes, a tall nose, and a handsome face.

The face in front of her eyes gradually blurred. Jing Yao shook her head and felt that her body was getting hotter and hotter. She instinctively touched the man's chest with her small hands and shouted, "Help me."

The woman's voice was charming and her breathing was rapid. Liang Xun grabbed her small hand and felt a little annoyed. He didn't expect that those business partners would use any means to reach a collaboration.

He looked down at this woman. She was beautiful and charming, but not vulgar. Her skin was smooth and there was an abnormal redness on her face. It was obvious that she had been drugged.

Liang Xun instinctively wanted to let go of Jing Yao and ask someone to take her away.

However, just as he let go of the woman's hand, the woman in his arms began to touch him unconsciously. She even started to unbutton his shirt and muttered, "It's so hot…"

Liang Xun's face froze and his voice was low and hoarse. "Young lady, I'm also a normal man. You said it yourself. Don't blame me."

Liang Xun picked Jing Yao up and walked to the bed. After throwing Jing Yao on the bed, he started to take off his clothes. The dim yellow light flickered in Jing Yao's eyes.

The temperature kept rising, and the ambiguous scent became stronger and stronger…

Sitting in the taxi, Jing Yao was still very shocked. She was still in pain. Given her condition, it was definitely not suitable for her to take the bus. She gritted her teeth and took a taxi.

The car stopped in front of the old apartment building. Jing Yao lived on the third floor. There was no elevator installed in such a building, so she could only walk up slowly.

The moment she opened the door, she was exhausted. Jing Yao couldn't help but curse the man last night in her heart.

As soon as she entered, her manager, Zhu Ling, called. Jing Yao took out her phone and answered the call. Zhu Ling's excited voice came from the receiver.

"Yaoyao, where are you now? A director contacted us and said that you're very suitable for this role. I've read the script carefully and it's not bad. It's a third female lead. If it's possible, I'll help you accept it?"

Zhu Ling raised her voice when she didn't hear her reply. "Yaoyao, are you listening to me? The production of this drama is really good. Although it's the third female lead, this character's image is very full. If you act well, I'll definitely promote you. I'll send the script to you later. Prepare well!"

Jing Yao came back to her senses a few seconds later and replied to Zhu Ling, "Lingling, do as you see fit. I'll listen to you."

Just as the call was hung up, another call came in.

The caller ID showed "Mom". Jing Yao sneered and threw the phone aside, but the caller obviously didn't want to let her go. Her phone rang several times.

Jing Yao picked up the phone again, pressed the answer button, and the cursing started.

"You indecent thing. CEO Wang's wife called home. Come back now and see what you've done!" With that, she hung up the phone before Jing Yao agreed.

Jing Yao changed her clothes and covered the marks on her neck before rushing to Jing Family.

As soon as she entered, Jing Zhen saw Jing Yao first. She immediately stood up and pretended to be anxious while suppressing the sarcasm in her eyes. "Yaoyao, you're back? Come in and apologize to Mommy. Mommy is very angry now. Don't talk back to Mommy."

Seeing Jing Yao coming back, Zhang Li threw the phone to her and scolded, "Look at what you have done. How dare you come back? You have disgraced the Jing Family and CEO Wang's wife is calling our home!"

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