Chapter 6 - Cold eyes

Chi Lian left the house immediately after breakfast to go house hunting. The houses T4 had picked out for her were all expensive villas in B city. According to the information she received, the rent would be ranging from thirty to forty thousand a month but she was not worried about that. In order to do her best work, she needed to be in an inviting and beautiful environment.

She took a taxi out of Muyu and headed to a less crowded area. From there, she found a deserted place with no camera footage and took out the motorcycle in her storage. It was black and sleek with horsepower upwards of 2000hp. It could cover over 250 miles per hour. If it did not have voice activation mode, she would be too worried to ride it because it could easily attract thieves.

She also took out the shoes from her storage. According to T4 they could change into the shape she desired so she chose combat boots. Once a soldier, always a soldier.

Dressed in combat boots, green jeans, a black tight shirt and a black jacket with her hair tied up neatly in a ponytail, she looked like a badass female lead in an action movie.

Everywhere she passed, people tuned and stared. The women envied her looks and the men envied her motorcycle. Everything about the whole picture she presented was drool worthy.

She had changed one of the drones into a normal looking camera to sell her identity as an ordinary paparazzo. She was using it to take pictures of the various houses T4 had selected.

After three tries, she finally found the house that appealed to her. It was in a fancy estate named Royal pavilion. The houses were well spaced in a gated community. There was a gym, swimming pool, gardens, and a golf course on the property. Most of the houses had been sold off and only two remained.

The nervous agent was asking for fifty thousand Yuan in rent per month.

"Deal," Chi Lian said.

She was planning to start exercising again so a gym was a necessity. Moreover, it was close to her brother's school and secure. It was also fully furnished and ready for tenants immediately.

She signed the paperwork immediately and called her eldest brother.

It was time for their family to begin their fresh start.

She took out her camera to take pictures of the house and the surrounding environment as she waited.

Through the lens of her camera, she saw a very handsome man watering flowers in the house next door.

He was tall, had a sharp aquiline nose and the darkest curly hair she had ever seen. His jaw line was so sharp and well defined that it looked like the work of a plastic surgeon. He had a face that the gods had spent days and nights sculpting. He had one of those lean swimmers bodies with muscles but not overly bulky.

As if he sensed someone staring at him, the man glanced in her direction angrily and in a moment of panic, she pressed the button and took his picture.

The man's angry dark eyes became colder, like those of an executioner or an assassin. She had met a few of those in her army days. As if her feet were frozen in place, Chi Lian could not move.

The man charged towards her like a pouncing lion, slowly and steadily.

"That man has an SS mental strength. If you can get closer to him, your popularity and wealth points plus value will multiply rapidly. Get close to him, hurry." T4 was swooning all over the virtual screen. In fact, he was drooling.

"You idot, that man looks like he wants to murder me," Chi Lian tried to get her legs to move and run but they stayed in place.

The man finally reached her and held out his hand. He was even more handsome up close than she imagined.

Chi Lian who had been single in her previous life was mesmerized. This was her ideal man. She held out her hand with a shy smile for the man to introduce himself.

To her total embarrassment, he slapped her hand away.

"Camera." He said, "Give me your camera."

"Huh." She replied.

"You took my picture illegally. I want it deleted." He said. His cold eyes roamed over her like a king inspecting a serf.

"I didn't take any picture of you." She lied.

"I will make sure of that myself." He pulled the camera away from her.

Luckily for her, T4 had erased all existence of the picture already. When he checked, all he saw were pictures of flowers and houses.

He handed the camera back to her and walked away.

"You should apologize to me." Chi Lian rushed to block his way.

The man looked at her with impatience and shoved her out of the way.

Chi Lian was not an easy going character however. She blocked his way with both of her hands spread widely open.

"Apologize." She insisted.

"Sorry." He said and walked away.

"How rude! It's a pity he has the face of an angel." She said. She watched him walk away and close the door to his house.

"Did you not hear me say he has a double S mental strength? Get him back." T4 stomped his little paws angrily.

"What is SS mental strength?" she was confused.

"The little points you have accumulated so far have allowed me to open a new function, the scanning function. I can scan your health, environment and potential achievements depending on your mental strength.

On planet Corl, all children are scanned for mental strength after birth. The stronger the strength, the higher the chances and potential of an individual achieving great things. The degrees of mental strength go from S to F. S is for geniuses and F is for….." T4 struggled to find a less offensive word.

"Losers," Chi Lian guessed.

"Well yes. The classes are S, A, B, C, D, E, and F."

S and A individuals are the ones with the highest potential to be successful scientists, super soldiers and leaders. B and C are usually business men and women and some entertainers. D and E are average workers. F does most of the manual work that does not require too much thinking."

Chi Lian was fascinated with this information. This concept was new to her. The stronger one's mentality was, the higher their position in society. Did such a concept not cause dissatisfaction and unease among the residents of planet Corl?

"You said he is double S."

"Yes, he is a monster genius. If he were on Corl, he would be one of the leaders of the planet. I wonder if we can extract some of his genes. His presence on this backward planet is a loss to civilization." T4 said. His tiny eyes were expressing loss and pity.

"The thieves strike again. You want to steal someone else's genes now." She laughed and mocked T4.

"We are not thieves." T4 stomped his little paws. "We borrow." he emphasized. "You can ask him nicely for his genes." he suggested.

"How am I supposed to do that? What do I even say?"

T4 scratched his nose in serious thought.

"If you have his offspring, we can get half of his genes." His eyes sparkled.

"Hmm," Chi Lian replied. Her eyes were lost in thought. While T4 sounded a little crazy, she was truly fascinated with the man with cold eyes.

"His name is Jun Muyang. He is a professor at the Royal University and CEO of Jun investments. He is a billionaire, simply the perfect man for us." T4 swooned.

"You have his information already?" She was shocked.

"He is your husband to be." T4 declared.

"Since when?"

"Since I decided." T4 said with determination. "Statically the two of you would make an ideal couple basing on your mental strength and his."

"What is the degree of my mental strength?"

"A." T4 replied. He looked a little disappointed like he wanted her to be higher. "That's why you should marry Jun Muyang and have an SS baby."

Chi Lian ignored his crazy talk.

"One picture of him is worth all the points you raked up last night." T4 was amazed and filled with wonder.

Her perspective suddenly changed. One picture of Jun Muyang was that valuable. She laughed like a maniac and looked at his picture on her virtual screen.

"Jun Muyang," she whispered.

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