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Systemless Villain

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Chapter 1 - A brutal awakening




Echoes of relentless blows resonated through an abandoned building. Nine teenagers in school uniform were huddled around a fellow student in the same uniform.

Their attire bore the emblem of Tianzhou High School. However, on the outfit of the beaten teenager, the emblem was obscured by blood.

"Just so you know, Yue'er is mine!" said the battered teenager fearlessly, even as blood and bruises marred his face.

His words, however, only incensed one of the teenagers. A series of more forceful blows followed.




A handsome, somewhat long-haired, black-haired teenager was the one delivering the blows.

"Hey, don't you think that's enough, Long Tian? He looks nearly dead, doesn't he?" Li Guowu, one of his friends, chided, though his tone was casual.

"Stop? I won't stop until he's crippled," said Long Tian cruelly.

"Man, you are brutal, hahaha," Li Guowu just laughed hearing Long Tian's words.

He had often witnessed Long Tian's cruelty. On the outside, Long Tian was an elegant and charming young man, but no one would believe his brutal side.

This day was a case in point. No one knew why Long Tian had a problem with Qin Chen. He was instructed to bring Qin Chen to this abandoned building.

Despite this, he complied with Long Tian's command. Not only because they were old friends, but also because Long Tian was from the ancient Long family and was also the son of Long Zhan, a tycoon with dozens of companies. He was one of the richest people in mainland China.

But at this moment, he was puzzled because Long Tian suddenly stopped hitting Qin Chen and stood still as if frozen.

He patted Long Tian's shoulder, "Why did you stop?" he asked.

Long Tian didn't answer, In that moment, a flood of memories inundated his mind. No pain, just an uncomfortable sensation.

Seconds later, the discomfort vanished, and he staggered backwards.

"What's happening to you?" Li Guowu asked, frowning.

Once again, Long Tian didn't answer, his expression increasingly displeased.

It turned out the headache was a side effect of inheriting this body's memories. He had transmigrated!

He had transmigrated to a body with the same name as his, Long Tian, 18 years old, a Tianzhou High School student.

Yet, that wasn't the main issue. He had transmigrated into the body of a notorious second-generation villain.

He was now living in the world of a novel titled 'Peerless Immortal Cultivator', which he had read in his previous life.

As he glanced around, his expression worsened. He remembered clearly. This was the scene where he was beating up Qin Chen, the protagonist.

Looking down, he saw a teenager in the same uniform with a familiar face.

Of course, that was Qin Chen.

Crouching down, Long Tian grabbed the collar of Qin Chen's shirt. "You know, Li Yue'er is quite beautiful. She's the student council president admired by many. She's your childhood friend, right?" He said in a playful tone.

Qin Chen's anger flared, "Long Tian, you bastard! If you dare touch her, you'll have to step over my dead body!" He retorted fearlessly.

"Very well," Long Tian nodded. He then stood up and looked at one of his friends. "Give me a knife," he demanded.

Without hesitation, one of them handed him a blade.

Long Tian looked at Qin Chen, a murderous intent glinting in his eyes. If he killed Qin Chen now, he wouldn't suffer like the original plot.

"I'll end this," he declared.

With that, Long Tian plunged the knife towards Qin Chen's neck.

Just as the knife tip was about to touch Qin Chen's skin, a sudden golden light enveloped Qin Chen's body.


Everyone was blown away by the golden light, except for Long Tian. He had anticipated this from the beginning.

As he resisted the golden aura, he saw a jade pendant around Qin Chen's neck, glowing.

"I got you!" Long Tian exclaimed, lunging forward and snatching the pendant.

The golden aura continued to burst forth, pushing everyone back. However, Long Tian held onto the jade pendant with determination.

And in the next moment, he managed to yank the jade off!

The jade shone even brighter, causing his hand to blister. Yet, he didn't let go, he clenched the jade even tighter.

His effort was not in vain, the tighter he gripped the jade, the weaker the golden aura became.

And after a few more seconds, the golden aura completely disappeared.

Li Guowu and the others gradually opened their eyes. The golden aura had momentarily blinded them.

When they looked ahead, they saw only Long Tian standing amidst the shattered debris.

Li Guowu immediately ran up to him, "What's happened?" He asked.

His eyes widened in shock when he realized Qin Chen had disappeared.

"What? Where's Qin Chen?" He asked, startled.

"He's gone," Long Tian replied lightly.

"But how? Oh, right...the golden light..." Li Guowu mumbled.

"Yeah, he escaped. But I got this," Long Tian said with a grin, clutching the jade.