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Eternal Love: Our Quest to Save the World [ BL ]

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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1- Fighting the Truck- Kun

On Earth planet

Amidst a mesmerizing display of virtual screens, a young man known as Genesis stood, deftly manipulating them with his gestures. The scene that unfolded was reminiscent of a captivating sequence from an acclaimed sci-fi masterpiece, perhaps even surpassing that level of awe.

Genesis, at the age of 19, possessed a lean physique highlighted by well-toned muscles that lent him an air of strength and agility.

Through Genesis's perspective

"Jarvis, create the status interface for the game I've just programmed, adhering to the designs stored within your system. I want this status window to stand apart from the multitude of games available across various platforms."

"Understood, Master," responded Jarvis, the holographic AI. An ethereal projection of an artificial intelligence entity emerged, diligently incorporating the requested designs.

'A momentous step towards the completion of my game. Soon, it shall be ready for release. It's amusing how I've named my AI after a character from the Marvel movies.'

Emerging from my reverie, I witnessed a crimson flicker engulfing all the holographic screens around me, as if glitches were consuming the very fabric of reality.

Regaining my composure swiftly, I inquired urgently of Jarvis, "Jarvis, could you elucidate the cause of this disconcerting phenomenon?"

"Master, based on the accessible information, it appears that an external entity is breaching the virtual reality, yet the source remains untraceable. This intrusion has bifurcated the virtual realm; one half has vanished while the other half merges with reality, birthing an illusion-like existence. M-m-master," Jarvis's voice faltered, signaling the encroachment of the hacking menace onto its operations.

The disclosure left me agitated. Someone was deliberately targeting me within the virtual realm, a notion that inflamed my ire. The fact that I stood as the apex intellect in all technological domains further kindled my fury; this adversary was daring to challenge my supremacy.

No longer able to restrain my anger, I cast my gaze skyward and let forth a resounding cry, "Ahhh! Cross my path at your peril, for your existence shall be marred by ceaseless remorse!"

Hardly had my words resonated when a voice emerged from all directions, its timbre resembling the laborious churn of an antiquated engine. The words spoken carried a weight, "Escape from destiny you shall not, as the time has come to honor the responsibilities etched into your fate."

Perplexed as to the origin of this voice, I swiveled my gaze frenziedly, scouring every direction. A sight unfolded—an archaic truck from a bygone century was hurtling towards me. Amidst a landscape dominated by sleek, futuristic vehicles, this truck stood out like an anachronism.

A realization struck me as the truck relentlessly advanced, "Assassin's ploy, aimed at my demise."

Yet, this treacherous endeavor failed to incite panic; it would take more than this to imperil me.

"Your folly knows no bounds, attempting my annihilation without comprehending your quarry. The lineage of our family is a testament to our monstrosity, transcending human potential. We are more than what your imagination can conceive," I proclaimed with a derisive tone. Planting my feet firmly, I adopted a stance of readiness, causing my muscles to swell with anticipation.

As the truck neared, I readied a specialized karate technique, an heirloom passed down within our bloodline. The moment of impact arrived, and I executed the chop, reducing the truck to rubble. A spectacle of unmatched intensity—a scene deserving of the grandest of cinematic portrayals.

Stepping closer to the truck's remains, I sought out the driver's seat, only to find it vacant. The suspicion of remote operation or AI guidance arose, yet a thorough scan yielded no evidence.

While victory was mine, the lack of traceability vexed me. Frustration coursed through me, my hands instinctively clenching my hair, and in a fit of mania, I bellowed, "How can this enigma leave no trail? Could it be a part of a larger scheme, banking on my survival?!"

Almost in harmony, the enigmatic voice responded, "No mere plan, but you have indeed proven the might of the monstrous lineage—a legacy untouched by genetic augmentation yet reigning supreme across all eras: boxing, martial arts, swordsmanship, and beyond. Escaping the grasp of destiny is no facile feat. Embrace your ordained path, and embark upon the journey set before you."

Decoding the underlying message, I inferred a secondary agenda at play—a testament to the intricate plotting of my assailant. On high alert, I scrutinized my surroundings, my focus capturing sight of a cutting-edge truck—a model recently introduced.

Before I could ready my defenses, the sci-fi truck surged with astonishing speed, colliding with me. The impact propelled me towards a wall, the collision a blazing blur in my perception.

Externally, my body remained intact, yet the concussive force wreaked havoc internally, pulverizing vital organs.

A symphony of agony erupted as I expelled blood through fits of coughing. Weakened to my core, I battled unconsciousness, summoning every ounce of willpower to remain conscious.

Amidst the torment, the voice resurfaced, its words a whisper, "Admirable endurance, yet embrace this finality. Release your suffering, for a new journey awaits. Surrender to tranquility."

Accepting the voice's behest, the world blurred, a blanket of darkness enshrouding my consciousness.

One final notion prevailed, an inquiry that lingered as darkness descended, "Why has this fate befallen me? Who orchestrates this cataclysm?"

A solitary thought persisted—a query of fate's architect. Alas, a response eluded me, for I stood at death's threshold, my tenure as the era's technological virtuoso nearing its closure.

And yet, a vestige of optimism lingered—a hope that beyond this demise lay realms uncharted: a heaven, a rebirth, or realms akin.

The story of Genesis, the mastermind of innovation, stood at its precipice, poised for an ethereal leap into the unknown.

Author note:- Readers i know, this is a small chapter, but please share your thoughts regarding this book in comments. And comment what do you think would happen in the future story.