Neurolink System in the Modern World

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Chapter 1 - My Family

Groaning, I reluctantly pried my eyes open, annoyance bubbling at the sound of the voice I detested most in this world.

As my bleary vision focused, I found myself staring at the face of a stunning blonde woman with piercing blue eyes and an impressive, well-defined figure.

Her clingy white top accentuated the curves of her body, making it impossible to ignore her undeniable allure.

Her seductive, mature demeanor was unsurprising, given her mixed heritage—half American, half Korean. The fusion of her DNA resulted in a seductive blend of American height and body combined with the youthful charm of a Korean. It was an enchanting mix that set her apart.

"What's your problem? Is that how you look at your aunt?" Her voice dripped with scorn and scrutiny.

"Sorry," the word slipped out, a reflex honed over years of enduring her mistreatment.

Beneath her outward beauty, her true character was rotten to the core.

She was Alyssa, my aunt. She might be labeled as such, but in truth, she was just 25 years old. She was the woman who fooled my dumb uncle .

After my parents passed away when I was just 10 years old, my single uncle took me under his wing. Being the only relative around, he became my guardian and also managed our family inheritance.

The official explanation given was that my mother had left with another man, but I found it hard to accept that story.

Unfortunately, my father believed it, and not long after, he had a car accident while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Initially, my uncle was incredibly kind and attentive, looking after me in a loving manner.

However, everything took a turn when he crossed paths with this woman. With the substantial wealth he had got from my parents, he became a prime target for what society refers to as a "gold digger."

My uncle, having had no prior dating experience, fell into her charms. It's painful to admit, but my father's side genetic predispositions weren't the best.

The situation shifted dramatically from there.

A simmering anger brewed within me, aimed not only at Alyssa, but also at my fool uncle for his foolishness and betrayal. The resentment I held for him was strong, and I couldn't help but see him as a complete idiot for falling into her trap.

"Ugh, you reek!" Alyssa's disgusted expression hit my ears.

"What the hell You're the one who doesn't give me money for soap and shampoo, and you're complaining about me stinking? I swear, I could strangle you right now," I retorted, my anger flaring. Fists clenched, I fought the urge to lash out physically.

My hand twitched, as if to slap her.

"This should teach you a lesson, you witch!"


A resounding slap echoed in my mind, but it was just a fantasy.

I knew better than to provoke her further and risk being kicked out of the house.

"Go take a bath. Your Uncle is coming back home today, so you should at least look presentable for him," she instructed, handing me a bar of generic soap and shampoo.

The unbranded soap and shampoo she offered was a proof of her stinginess. It was another reminder of how she constantly cut corners, showing no consideration for my well-being.

As she exited the room, I glanced around at the disorganized space.

The bedroom was a mess. The bed was a jumble of crumpled sheets and tossed blankets, while pillows slumped in defeat. Clothes and belongings were scattered on the floor, and a desk held a chaotic mix of wet tissue and books. The window's view was partly blocked by clutter on the sill.

It was a mess, true, but I lacked the energy to clean it up.

The weight of abandonment and mistreatment from a young age had taken its toll, often plunging me into depression. My room mirrored the turmoil within me.

"I should take my medicine," I muttered, shuffling towards the medicine cabinet to retrieve a single tablet of my antidepressant.

My only uncle was coming back? Normally, I should have felt some flicker of happiness at the idea of seeing my only family member, but instead, all I could summon was a deep, simmering hatred. Why was he so blind? Why did he allow himself to be taken in by that cunning woman?

As my emotions clouded my thoughts, a dark idea wormed its way into my mind.

"Should I just swallow all of these pills and end it?"

The notion didn't seem so far-fetched. At a young age, I was a prisoner in this room, trapped in a life I despised. School was a distant memory, crushed under the weight of relentless bullying.

But placing all the blame on my aunt for my school misery was too easy. I was also singled out because of my appearance.

My reflection in the mirror showcased someone with extra weight, a face marked by acne scars, terrible posture, and eyes that struggled to focus.

Wait! Could my aunt constant contempt be linked to my appearance? Would she treat me differently if I was attractive?

Of course, such a transformation was a pipe dream for a depressed and lazy guy like me.

"Goodbye, world," I whispered, contemplating my escape.





I placed down the antidepressant on the desk

"Suicide ? Scratch that . I'm too much of a coward to kill myself."

The thought of dying shook me, abruptly pulling me from my unsettling reverie. It wasn't that I held my life in high regard; it was just that fear of death held me back from embracing it.

I returned the bottle of antidepressants to the drawer and grabbed a water bottle from my cluttered desk. After downing it, I headed towards the bathroom, intending to take a soothing bath.

"Eh?" The moment I set foot on the way, a chilling sensation enveloped me. Nausea surged through my stomach. It felt as if the world had started spinning around me.

"Ahhhhhhh!" My body convulsed, and I vomited something with a metallic flavor. Then I saw it—the crimson stain on the floor. Panic surged through me as I realized that I was looking at my own blood.

I needed help, or this could be the end of my pitiful life. No, I would undoubtedly end up dead if someone didn't get me to the hospital right away.

No! I don't want to die . I'm still a virgin goddamit !

Summoning every ounce of strength, I attempted to move, but it only worsened the nausea.


I ended up collapsing onto the floor, blood continuing to overflow in my mouth. Desperation mixed with fear as my condition spiraled out of control.

No, this couldn't be how it all ended. I couldn't die like this. Tears mingled with my gasps as the pain intensified, as if a swarm of needles were piercing my stomach. I wanted to scream, but only more blood came out.

Finally, my vision dimmed, fading away. I thought my life would flash before my eyes, showing me happy memories from my childhood.

But it didn't. Instead, what flashed before my eyes was the mistreatment I received from my aunt, the lack of interest from my uncle, the abandonment by my mother, my irresponsible father , my ugly appearance , the bullies at my school, the girls who rejected me, and the Internet trolls that made fun of me.

The world was unfair. I didn't deserve any of this. If I were given another chance, I would live my life differently. I wouldn't be afraid anymore; I wouldn't remain weak. I would show them the consequences of their actions.

But reality proved to be unbearably cruel. And then, my vision faded into nothingness, and with that, my final breath escaped my lips.






[System Activated ]