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  • Supreme MagusFantasy · Legion20
    2509 Chs Ongoing
  • Shadow SlaveFantasy · Guiltythree
    951 Chs Ongoing
  • Lord of MysteriesFantasy · Cuttlefish That Loves Diving
    1432 Chs Completed
  • Sword God in a World of MagicFantasy · Warmaisach
    886 Chs Ongoing
  • Gourmet of Another WorldEastern Fantasy · Li Hongtian
    1851 Chs Completed
  • Release That WitchFantasy · Er Mu
    1501 Chs Completed
  • "Live the life you want this time."Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied FlowerHistorical Romance · Sorahana
    1237 Chs Ongoing
  • Earth's Greatest MagusFantasy · Avan
    1625 Chs Ongoing
  • " He knew that from the moment he woke up, his wife was his savior."After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's TreasureHistorical Romance · Blue White Plaids
    720 Chs Completed
  • Tyranny of SteelHistory · Zentmeister
    1228 Chs Ongoing
  • General, Your Wife Is Requesting Your Return Home For FarmingRomance · Folk Remedies
    371 Chs Ongoing
  • Genius Doctor: Black Belly MissFantasy Romance · North Night
    3123 Chs Completed
  • D.E.M.O.N.S: Getting Summoned Weekly isn't so BadFantasy Romance · Vongrak
    1135 Chs Ongoing
  • Strongest Abandoned SonMagical Realism · Goose Five
    2258 Chs Completed
  • The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy RichRomance · Lilac in May
    1143 Chs Ongoing
  • Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming FamilyHistorical Romance · Skin White As Snow
    956 Chs Ongoing
  • The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By AllRomance · Fengyuan Candy
    357 Chs Ongoing
  • What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?Fantasy · Draekai
    1270 Chs Ongoing
  • After Her Divorce, She Escaped With A Strong Man To FarmRomance · Drunk Consort
    209 Chs Ongoing
  • Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor 5th Young MissFantasy Romance · Shan Gumu
    2319 Chs Completed