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  • "He was sin. A sin she was not supposed to commit to."Allure Of The NightFantasy Romance · ash_knight17
    546 Chs Completed
  • "Best deal for you: 1 cute son, 1 smart husband!"Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free HusbandContemporary Romance · Jiong Jiong You Yao
    2164 Chs Completed
  • "Can girl let the heartless man fall in love? "Hellbound With YouFantasy Romance · KazzenlX
    934 Chs Completed
  • The Duke's Masked WifeHistorical Romance · Violet_167
    547 Chs Ongoing
  • "A marriage of convenience. A marriage for power."The Alpha's BrideFantasy Romance · RedSonia
    1066 Chs Ongoing
  • "Should you escape from the vampire young master?"Young master Damien's petFantasy Romance · ash_knight17
    761 Chs Completed
  • "Become the wife of king who fulfills the prophecy."The Crown's ObsessionFantasy Romance · ash_knight17
    868 Chs Completed
  • Young Brother-in-law Is Now My HusbandContemporary Romance · Mynovel20
    1541 Chs Ongoing
  • Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little SweetContemporary Romance · Jiong Jiong You Yao
    2490 Chs Completed
  • "I know what you want Chloe, you want my money after we divorced. "Divorced My Scum Husband, Married His Evil brotherContemporary Romance · ForeverPupa
    712 Chs Ongoing
  • Letters to Romeo.Fantasy Romance · ash_knight17
    328 Chs Completed
  • "Go from prisoner to wild child superstar! "His Genius Wife is a SuperstarContemporary Romance · ArriaCross
    1421 Chs Ongoing
  • The Crown's EntrapmentFantasy Romance · Eustoma_Reyna
    715 Chs Ongoing
  • Mated To An EnemyFantasy Romance · zwoz
    691 Chs Ongoing
  • A Vampire’s CaregiverFantasy Romance · AngelLily
    304 Chs Ongoing
  • The Lycan's SinFantasy Romance · B_Mitchylle
    483 Chs Completed
  • Bambi and the DukeFantasy Romance · ash_knight17
    275 Chs Completed
  • Falling in Love with the King of BeastsFantasy Romance · AimeeLynn
    681 Chs Completed
  • Unwanted Marriage: Honey, No More Divorce!Contemporary Romance · TheHana
    360 Chs Ongoing
  • The Number One Star in the Interstellar EraLGBT+ · Tyramisu
    475 Chs Ongoing