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Chapter 1 - Imperial Party

Capital of Ming Kingdom

Two elegant carriages are headed to the palace. A few soldiers could be seen guarding the carriage as if the person inside is an important person. Onlookers would give it a sidelong glance. Once they saw the family emblem, a trace of disdain would show in their faces, but they didn't do anything else and continued on with their usual activities.

The person in the second carriage is a young lady wearing a flowing white dress. Her hair is tied up in an intricate braid pattern. Although she is wearing a veil that covered most of her face, people could tell that she is strikingly beautiful. With fair skin as white as snow. Large eyes brimming with life framed with eyebrows like willow leaves. Just a glimpse was enough to let them fall into a trance. When she reached maturity, countless men would undoubtedly fall into her charm.

But should they notice her hands, people would definitely raise their doubts on this little girl. Though her pair of hands is small, it had a unique roughness to it that was totally unfitting for a noble girl. One glance is enough to make them recognize that she used to live in the village as an ordinary girl.

Jun Hua shifted her head as she gazed outside. A fleeting light flashed in her eyes for a moment, before her face returned to a calm expression.

"Miss," a soft voice called her back from her reverie. A young maid around the age of sixteen was looking at her miss's expression with worry.

Jun Hua smiled reassuringly, "I'm alright Xia. Just reminiscing…"

Xia stared outside. The roads were decorated with various lanterns and bustling people crowded the streets. Today was the emperor's birthday celebration hence a festive atmosphere filled the road. It is also for this reason that Jun Hua had to come back and prepare herself.

"Miss, do you miss the capital?"

The fourteen-year-old girl tilted her head slightly, looking like an innocent young lady who never knew the world. Xia knew her young miss is still practicing in putting on an act since she had to appear in front of so many officials.

"I don't. I honestly hate the capital. If not for avoiding trouble, I would never want to come back," Jun Hua answered coldly. For a moment, even Xia broke into a cold sweat. Her master was not an ordinary girl so Xia had grown used to this behavior. Even so, she still trembled from the coldness that her miss sometimes emitted especially towards her enemy.

"We're here," she suddenly announced, then hurriedly went outside to help Jun Hua climb out of the carriage.

Jun Hua held onto Xia's hand and walked down the steps in a deliberate manner. Her clear blue eyes glanced towards the enormous palace and a fleeting cold light flashed. She shifted her attention to the old man who had just stepped out from the first carriage.

Her grandfather, Jun Zhenxian used to be a general in his younger age. Now that he had retired from his post, he left everything to his only son. Although he had reached old age, his oppressive and commanding aura still lingered.

"Grandfather," Jun Hua greeted.

Jun Zhenxian smiled in response, "Let's head inside."

Jun Hua nodded and fell behind her grandfather. Her steps were slow but certain.

The eunuch announced their arrival in a loud voice.

On one side of the party, two young men were deeply engaged in a discussion, without regard to everyone else. Other people who wanted to curry their favor cannot even get close to them. Both men were well-known in their respective status, however, their personality was completely opposite, which made people wonder how they could become close friends.

"Soujin, if you're bored, you shouldn't have come here," one of them laughed. His handsome face and easygoing aura around him totally misguided people. This prince of the kingdom actually had such personality?

"Yan... are you throwing me out?" the other man asked calmly. The tone of his voice contained mockery, but the other party acted oblivious to it.

"You should adjust your attitude a little; no one dares to come close to us."

Soujin picked up his wine. "They don't have any business with this general. Besides, it's very unusual to see you stay relaxed in front of these girls, Yan."

Yan grinned. "I don't want to create trouble for my father."

"Is that so?"

"Well, those girls are annoying," Yan frowned a bit. "Besides, I heard that there is another stunning beauty that will come here."

"I was correct to say that your mind is filled with nothing but girls."

Yan and Soujin continued their banter without care for those officials who wanted to get close to them. Both Yan and Soujin were twenty years old. Soujin was Yan's desk study partner, so they became even closer when they reached adulthood.

Nanglong Soujin, a young genius in the battlefield, had reaped quite a lot of victory. If not for the rise of another young general named Jun Min, no one could be his match.

Ming Yan was the third prince of Ming Kingdom. The emperor was not particularly fond of him because he was an utter useless prince. If not because of his friendship with Soujin, he would never catch the emperor's eyes.

At that moment, an announcement from the eunuch reached their ears.

"Jun family has arrived."

Both of them raised their heads and two people came in sight. The number of family members in the Jun family was rather pitiful. Compared to many other nobles who came with more than ten people, these two people definitely stood out.

Yan sighed. "Why would she wear a veil? With such fair skin and slender body, I'm sure she is incredibly beautiful. Too bad, she's too young for me."

It was not only Yan who had those thoughts, but many other young men also sighed in discontent. However, they could not possibly ask an unmarried woman to remove her veil, as it was against the norm. All they could do was to grumble in silence.

Soujin ignored his friend's lament as he observed the little girl. He took notice of her clumsy steps, her stiff greeting, and her timid behavior.

For a noble lady, she was truly an eyesore. Such a show of uselessness, and yet the Jun family still brings her with them. It couldn't be helped though, the Jun family only had four members and it was good that the two of them came since the other two were still on the battlefield.

"What a clumsy girl, right Soujin?" Yan asked as he felt something was weird about Soujin. He had never seen Soujin pay interest to a woman before.

Soujin looked back. "What is it?"

"Have you taken a liking to that young girl?"

Soujin rolled his eyes. "No, I'm only interested in what kind of family could produce such a talented general. But they are truly lacking in educating a woman."

Yan didn't answer. He soon shifted their conversation and they no longer remembered that clumsy little girl anymore.

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