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The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love

Feng Qian Shui
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Chapter 1 - Zi Shang, A Handsome Snake Demon

Ye Jiuge opened her eyes in a dark, damp corner.

A gush of intense hatred surged up violently from her memory: She was in the WanZhang Depths of the Lei Kingdom. Her younger sister Ye Shanshan had backstabbed her and pushed her into the abyss as an offering for a bloodthirsty python!

Ye Shanshan thought that she had killed Ye Jiuge, her spineless older sister. But she never could have guessed that a ruthless top-secret agent from the twenty-first century, well-versed in both healing and poison, had restored her sister to life. The original owner of Ye Jiuge's new body was Ye Clan's eldest legitimate daughter, who bore the same name as her.

When Ye Jiuge's soul had melded completely with the original owner's, briefly, a golden light had shone from her temples. Now, only animosity glinted in her dark eyes. The corners of her lips, wet with fresh blood, hinted at an extremely cold smile.

Since that cruel, heartless family of hers wants her to die, she is going to live and crawl out of this place to exact her revenge!

Ye Jiuge examined her body. Both of her legs were completely broken and two of her left ribs were shattered. Fortunately, nothing had penetrated her lungs, and her arms and hands were unscathed.

She laid on her stomach on the ground, digging her fingernails deep into the putrid sludge to drag her broken body forward. She left a twisted streak of blood behind her as she forced herself to crawl out of the pool of her own blood.

As she was crawling along with difficulty enduring stabbing chest pains, a deep, hypnotizing voice suddenly rang out from the dark caves.

"Do you wish to live?"

Ye Jiuge snapped up her head and saw a massive, black snake coiled in a dark corner.

It looked as if its scales were forged from obsidian. Even from its gloomy corner, it exuded the aura of a vanquisher of the dark.

A pair of purple pupils that looked like amethysts were watching her closely with an omniscient assertiveness.

Is this the bloodthirsty python?

No, this is not right; the bloodthirsty python does not have horns on its head!

The massive black snake in front of her had a purple horn on its head seven-inches long that gleamed like it was the world's finest gem. A mysterious image had been carved into it, like it was some totem from the ancient tribes. It possessed the power to instill terror in any person who gazed upon it.

The purple-horned black python circled Ye Jiuge with a swish of its long tail.

Its red, forked tongue licked slowly along her neck, where she was soaked with blood, as if sampling a delicacy.

When the python reached her lips, its tongue slipped into her mouth, exploring and smearing her with bright red blood.

When Ye Jiuge felt that cool, soft sensation on her tongue, it immediately gave her goosebumps.

"Although you are an ugly human, your taste is decent."

After it finished tasting Ye Jiuge's fresh blood, the snake-like face flashed her a human smile.

The Lady of Holy Blood is truly delicious!

His many years of waiting have not been a waste. It is such a pity that she is so thin; there is not enough of her for him to swallow whole!

"Save me!"

An extremely strong will to live shone through Ye Jiuge's black eyes, which were as eye-catching as poppies in full bloom amidst all that blood.

Since the black snake with the purple horn was capable of living among humans at the WanZhang Depths, it could not be a common demon.

It must know of a way to save her!

"I can save you—so long as you can pay my price!"

The black python's deep voice drew Ye Jiuge in. Its graceful snake body coiled around her while the tip of its cold tail teased between her thighs, unexpectedly...

It shocked Ye Jiuge to the point that her body stiffened. The fury of being humiliated rose in her heart. How dare that despicable, perverted snake lust after her body!

"You are not even aware of your predicament and you still want me to save you?"

Though the black python with the purple horn sneered, the tip of its tail was drawing circles around the lower half of her stomach flirtatiously.

Determination flashed in Ye Jiuge's eyes. She gritted her teeth and said, "Alright! As long as you save me, I will give you anything you want!"

She had nothing to lose, anyway.

So long as it would keep her alive, she would not only sell the snake her body, but her soul, too.

"The deal is complete!"

After biding its time at the WanZhang Depths for one hundred years, at last, the python could finally bind itself to the Lady of Holy Blood; through their contract, it could leave this place.

The snake's bone white teeth pierced Ye Jiuge's slender wrist. Their blood fused together and sealed the contract!

Ye Jiuge felt an extreme pain in her wrist that penetrated her soul.

Before she fainted, an exceptionally handsome face appeared to her. Its purple eyes were an abyss, and it had a high-bridged nose, wet, red lips, and a demonic, charming smile that captivated.

"Remember, my name is Zi Shang!"