Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!

Xiao Qiye
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Chapter 1 - The Deserted Princess I

"Your Highness, don't fret over trifles. If the chancellor's son dumped you, His Majesty would stand up for you. His Majesty would never let you down. Why did you do this? Sob…"

Feng Ruqing was lying quietly in a bed with intricate and exquisite wood carvings. The sound of crying echoed in her ears which made her furrow her brows. She could feel that her throat was dry as if she had not drunk water for a long time.

"Stop crying. I need to rest." Feng Ruqing's voice was hoarse but still pleasant to the ears.

Feng Ruqing could talk? She had lost her voice years ago and could no longer say a word for the rest of her life.

Feng Ruqing flew into a great panic and quickly jumped out of bed.

Feeling the throbbing pain in her temples, she reached out and rubbed them.

Before she regained consciousness, a young maiden came into sight. She was standing at the bedside, thrilled with excitement.

Feng Ruqing stared the young maiden in her eyes. The young maiden had a beautiful countenance with a pale complexion. Her delicate eyes were staring at Feng Ruqing with joy.

"Your Highness, you are finally awake. Sob…" Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Feng Ruqing knitted her brows in bewilderment. She was supposed to be in a nursing home.

"Who are you?" After remaining silent for a while, Feng Ruqing asked in a hoarse voice.

Lost in wonder, the young maiden widened her eyes as she stared blankly at Feng Ruqing. The color drained from her face and she stopped crying almost immediately.

"Hey, you…" Feng Ruqing wanted to ask further but the young maiden turned to leave hastily.

Feng Ruqing reached out and her hands slid across the maiden's cloth. In a flash, the young maiden rushed out the door and disappeared without a trace.

Once again there was a tingling sensation on her temples so Feng Ruqing rubbed them gently. 

Suddenly, the memory laid hidden in the depths of her mind erupted, nearly splitting her head.


At this time, Feng Ruqing was dumbfounded. She was supposed to be in a nursing home at Hua Xia. Presently, she had woken up at Cang Yue Mainland. She was the Princess Royal of Liu Yun Kingdom and at the same time, a deserted woman who had just been dumped by her husband.

It was because the princess was prideful and had been completely spoiled by the emperor. She had fallen in love at first sight with Liu Yuchen—the son of the chancellor a few months ago. Since then, she had always wanted to marry him.

Liu Yuchen was well versed in both literature and martial arts and had surpassed all rivals in both competitions. As the emperor had always been treating Feng Ruqing with excessive care and affection, he naturally fulfilled all her requests.

Hence, a royal edict was issued and Feng Ruqing's dream had been realized.

However, Liu Yuchen had given his heart to the eldest daughter of the grand tutor. The royal edict was as if waving a rod at the mandarin duck, which tore the loving couple apart.

For several months since his forced marriage to Feng Ruqing, he had never spent a night at his chambers. He would not even spare Feng Ruqing a glance, let alone share a bed.

Initially, they lived a peaceful life. However, Feng Ruqing was too overbearing and ill-tempered. Not only did she hurt Tan Shuangshuang, but she had also made the chancellor's wife pass out from rage. In a fury, Liu Yuchen had disregarded the emperor's edict and dumped Feng Ruqing.

  1. eldest daughter of the emperor