Chereads / Belle Adams' Butler / Chapter 7 - Romeow and Julisqueak

Chapter 7 - Romeow and Julisqueak

He was outside, inspecting the garden for one last time when he caught sight of a man who pulled the gates to step inside the mansion. It appeared that the devil had read his mind. The man wore a butler's uniform and Lucas saw him approach him.

It was the night when he had arrived at the mansion where he had eavesdropped on a conversation that was taking place in the corner of the corridor. It was how he had found out there had been an opening for a butler in here. If he didn't know about it earlier before joining this mansion on who and why this man was here, then Lucas would have only chased the man away. But this was the place he was living in right now. It was his territory and Lucas didn't like to share his space.

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