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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7: Savage Beast, Demonic Beast, and Spirit Beast

'Ok... Ok... Calm down, Li Tang Xue... Pui... I mean Tang Li Xue! No hurry... no hurry... Let's check it first!'

Tang Li Xue checked the black-robed man condition's first and she sighed in relief when she saw his blood already turned back to crimson red and his pale face also turned rosier.

'His wound already began to closing?! This is clearly not [Seven-Colored Star Grass] effect since it's not mentioned about healing so this must be the effect of my [Recovery Pill]!'

Tang Li Xue baffled and found it really hard to believe that all the items from the system were actually so heaven-defying!

She used the [Lucky Sticker] and manages to find the [Seven-Colored Star Grass] in a few seconds!

The [Recovery Pill] that could recover the black-robed man lethal injury in a few seconds!

'I must use the remaining 2 really carefully since it's a crucial item for survival... Let's check the other items first then!'

Tang Li Xue had 160 deity coins now in her inventory but she still had no clue on how to use it so she decided to leave it for now.

Tang Li Xue took out the [Cultivation Voucher] and tried to use it but...

[Required (Dantian) to start cultivation]

Another item she cannot use!

Tang Li Xue started to feel vexed, she took out another... This time she took out the [Bronze Lottery Ticket] and tried to use it.

[The bronze wheel of fate started to spinning!]

'Ooooh?! It's really a lottery!'

There were countless prizes written on the wheel but it kept spinning pass it so quickly.

Level +1 to +3... Skill Point +1 to +3... Stat Point +1 to +10...

The wheel started to slow down...

[Recovery Pill]... [Antidote Pill]... [Berserk Pill]...

'Come on... Come on... Just let me get another [Lucky Sticker] and I will be satisfied!'

As a person who has countless misfortunes in her past life, Tang Li Xue had severe mental scars about it so she would feel much safer if she could hold a holy item of luck like [Lucky Ticket] as insurance.

At least, if things were starting to go south, she still has a trump card that could be used to repel the bad luck away.

The wheel almost stopped...

[Lucky Sticker]...

'Yeeeeeees! Yeeeeeeees! Stop... Stop... Stop!'

The wheel finally stopped...

[Congratulation! You got 1x[Bad Luck Sticker] from the bronze wheel of fate!]

Tang Li Xue's heart dropped down from heaven to hell when she got her notification!

'Bad...Bad... $%&^@#&#$!!!! Who is Bad Luck?! You are bad luck, your whole family are bad luck!'

Tang Li Xue still fuming with rage so she decided not to check the [Bad Luck Sticker] at all and let it rot at the corner of her inventory.

[2 Times Exp Card(1 hour)] was so easy to understand.

It doubles the exp for one hour so Tang Li Xue decided to leave it for later and active it ONLY when she piled enough food for her to eat it non-stop for one hour!

'Tsk... I am so smart! NEXT!'

[Immortal World's Newbie Guide] was even easier to understand.

Basically, it was an encyclopedia about all things about this Immortal World, such as history, geography, powerhouse, cultivation level, beast, famous heroes' biography, dangerous villain ranking, etc.

There were too many information written in it, Tang Li Xue felt her mind would be fried inside out if she read it all so she decided to read only the crucial information for her.

'Let's read about beast then... I am a beast now anyway! I will leave the rest for after I reach my human form later!'

Even information about beasts was too broad so Tang Li Xue decided to only read the basic information about it.

[The Basic Knowledge about Beast]

The beast in the Immortal world divided into three stages: savage beast, demonic beast, and spirit beast.

However, these stages were actually too broad and hard to implement. For example, rabbit and tiger were actually classified as the same stage: savage beast, even though their strength's difference actually like heaven and earth.

That was why the system using the grading system from the Divine World.

In the Divine World, there were 12 grades of beasts and far more accurate than the Immortal world's three stages.

In the savage beast stage, the Divine World classified the rabbit class strength as [Poor] grade and [Common] grade for tiger class strength.

The demonic beast was vastly superior to the savage beast. They were way smarter and far stronger too.

While the savage beast impossible to threaten the cultivators, the demonic beast was actually strong enough to go toe to toe with the cultivators and could use their myriad of skills to even kill weaker cultivators.

The Divine World classified the weaker demonic beast in [Uncommon] grade and the stronger one in [Rare] grade.

After ten thousand years or more passed, some demonic beasts have a very small chance to evolve even further and they were what called Spirit Beast in Immortal World.

The Spirit Beast had a very high level of intelligence and perhaps they were even smarter than humans.

When Demonic Beast evolved into Spirit Beast, they will be given two choices: stay in their current form or gain human form!

'HUMAN FORM! So I must reach spirit beast to gain human form?!' Tang Li Xue expression turned solemn as her heart beating faster and her eyes full of yearning.

If spirit beast chose to stay in their current form, they will gain spirit baptism and their bodies would be transformed and become so strong that it became impervious to blade, fire, or water.

However, humanity was actually the most afraid of the second one...

When the spirit beast chose to gain human form, they will lose all their power TEMPORARILY but as a new human, they would have a dantian and they could cultivating like a normal human now but their potential actually far more fearsome than even genius humans.

But what the most frightening was when they reach a certain level in their cultivation, their dormant power as spirit beast's strength would awaken!

The spirit beast's strength! Human's martial art and cultivation! They would have both of them! Just how fearsome they would be?

Unfortunately, most of them were usually killed by humans when still in the growing phase.

The Divine World graded the spirit beasts into two grades too, the new weaker one called [Epic] grade while the stronger and mature one classified as [Ancient] grade.

The spirit beasts were the pinnacle of existence in Immortal World, if the spirit beast wanted to become stronger and evolve further, they must ascend to Divine World and search for their own opportunity.



'That's it?! [Poor], [Common], [Uncommon], [Rare], [Epic], and [Ancient] only six?! Aren't there twelve in totals?! Where is the rest?! This guide is really trying to kill me with curiosity!'

Tang Li Xue closed the guide angrily and threw it back to the system inventory.

'Well... According to this guide, I must evolve 4 times to reach [Epic] grade and regain my human form... Still have a long way I guess. But I manage to reach my 1st evolution in one day! Buahahaha... Only 3 more times! Piece of cake!'