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Empress' Evolution

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Chapter 1 - It's the former, you stupid bitch

The world is filled with danger, but the most dangerous of them all were humans.

Earth was ruled by humans; it was the only planet they could call home, yet they continuously tread the path that leads to its destruction.

At first, it was just inching towards it, but it accelerated in full drive at some time in history.

As the world continued to heat up, the topography changed because of the rising waters, and massive earthquakes happened more frequently; humans still looked the other way to continue the status quo.

They sat on their soft couches, observing what was happening around them as if it was a bad joke, and laugh at the people protesting to make a change saying it was impossible, only to ridicule those who have done change by saying they have ulterior motives.

Some people scream for equality when they wish for superiority and others use race as a weapon against those different from them.

People who envied others for what they achieved saying they could grasp what the accomplished have if they just pour a little more effort only to end up doing nothing.

People only observe the surface of what was happening and already decide to judge others while saying it was not right to judge others.

Such problems could have already been fixed if they had just opened their minds and accepted things and try a little harder without looking away from the goals that they have set.

If humans could have just accepted the hypocrisy, they naturally hold.

If they could have just accepted that, everyone could move forward if they choose to climb past what they have.

If only they could live without regretting whether they live failing but die trying and giving their all or succeeding while bleeding to get to that point.

Alas, it never happened.

It would have been impossible with the current status quo of the world. Without a massive upheaval of the existing social structure and way of thinking, the world would not change.

After all, the world was built upon the thoughts and ideas of people within it.

Changes were bound to happen whether the human race like it or not.

The world would experience change beyond what human understanding, with the mind they believed superior to every being that treads their tiny world.

It was humanity's destiny to fall as they dawdled and chose to pour their efforts into little things without looking at the big picture.

Every human should have died when the grand change occurred —

But, as they say, destruction and devastation beget change.

When Earth finally turned against them, people finally realized what they were doing.

That wasting their time in entertainment that could satisfy their dry lives was not a way for them to move forward but inch towards their unavoidable demise.

They took a step forward — away from the stagnant society they had.

With change happening around the world, everyone's mindset began to change, and so, it became stronger.

The changes caused by the event they call [Cataclysm] brought a major shift to the world, the humans, and every other creature inhabiting it.

The world was given a chance to climb a higher state of being, in terms of power and wealth.

With time, the world changed due to inexplicable reasons, and humans adapted and faced the dangers head-on.

Though they failed to keep the social system they had and were forced to rebuild it to suit the current times, everyone was willing to accept the change.

In this new world, danger and violence existed like how oxygen does. Death would come if one was careless.

The world will abandon you if you are powerless and useless. The world would trample on you if you were weak-hearted.

Thankfully, Lilith was different. She was capable and was born with a strong will and heart, letting her find a way to live despite having no one to lean on.

She worked from the ground up, crawling her way to earn the right to live as a human rather than crawl like a bug and die like one in the slums of the Sector she lived in.

Her parents abandoned her when she was only 5 years old and then made a living by stealing. Being caught and then beaten was normal for her.

She would often bleed, and in her first two months in the slums, there came not a day when she was without a single injury.

But the longer she stayed in the slums, the longer she adapted to the world underneath society.

She thrived in the underworld with her pickpocketing skills, and then with her luck of having enough beauty, she gained the favor of an Underworld Boss when she was 16 years old.

Who, she killed when she turned 20. Having killed their boss, she took over by influencing its members little by little, and by the time she turned 25, she already had the entire organization within her grasps.

Spreading her venom like some kind of curse, the Sector she lived in was slowly poisoned, and she got to control everything from the shadows.

From the tiniest of stores to the highest leaders, her shadow could be seen lurking like a watchful snake that could take your life with one swift stroke.

She spread her influence, and little by little, she expanded her territory and strengthened the organization to rival that of long established powers.

But, everything changed once these prideful powers decided that they would rather join hands and eradicate the venomous snake rather than get preyed upon.

Calling upon the strength of the other powers, they were determined to exterminate her; the bastards were even willing to join hands with the bitchy 'righteous' government just to uproot her organization.

Having caught the "love and attention" from so many people, Lilith fought against them; but it was too much for her whose organization was still in its infancy stage.

She was soon cornered in her base, surrounded by the bastards who once feared her and benefited from her—all looking at her as if she was a lamb to be slaughtered.

Sitting on her chair without even facing them, she let out a laugh, a peal of calm laughter that caused their hearts to shudder.

"Why are you laughing, you venomous bitch?!"

She didn't need to turn around to know that it was Pryze, her previous right-hand man; upon hearing his words, she once again chuckled. She carefreely spun her chair and faced the twenty people with a wide smile plastered on her red lips.

"As I have thought, you sided with them. How petty, just because I rejected your advances to sleep with you, you're acting like a child? How petty are you?"

She ridiculed.


"You missed."

Lilith commented as a bullet grazed past her.

With the veins on his temple bulging, Pryze pulled the trigger and barely missed Lilith's right ear.

"Your reign of tyranny is now over. We shall bring about justice f—"

His words were cut off with Lilith's uninterested blabber.

"Blah, blah, don't start spouting such things after you willingly slaughtered the nearby city with that little gun of yours. You were telling me how much you liked raping the little girl from before, right? It was so entertaining seeing you smile like an idiot trying to prove you are strong when you only do is clinging to those who truly have the power."

Her fierce eyes that radiated danger, her long eyelashes, that hourglass body, and her presence that belonged to no ordinary women had captivated the hearts of many men. But in times such as this, she truly resembled that of a venomous snake.

Pryce was choking from anger after having his sexual preference announced. He wanted to retort but was stopped.

"Try as you might, you will die here, you whore. We will kill you and rid the world of your presence."

One of the old men who were with the group stepped forward.

"Baldy, why don't you wear a cape and become a hero for fun? When push comes to shove, you seem to like acting for the good of people when it suits your taste. You seemed to like my bribes you received three months ago.

"Also, stop calling me a whore. Despite how I look, I am still untouched. I killed the previous boss before he can do anything to me, after all. Well, you guys will also end up the same anyway; dying before you can do anything, that is!"

She slammed the book adjacent to her without much pretense, and every window around them close shut.

With a smile, she looked at their panicked and confused expressions, and she laughed, "Explosion!"

After having said these words, one of the men had already moved. Lilith had her head taken; well, what could she do? The enemy was mountains above her in terms of LVL and strength.

She was a schemer, not a fighter.

But for a few short moments, her brain still functioned, and she got to witness the magnificent death of these bastards.

'They say that when you die, you still have a few short moments to hear and see what will happen around you. I guess they were wrong; this is far longer than a moment.'

Everyone in that room was swallowed by the explosion, including Lilith herself.

'Such a warm way to die.'

The flames' bright red light swallowed her vision, but that same red light transformed into a blue hue, and she was dragged into that light.

'What's happening?'

It was too bright, and she was forced to close her eyes; she was blinded — even though she was already dead.

After being pulled into the light, she felt annoyed as her skin was irritated by some rough sand.

By the time she opened her eyes. She could see the full view of the sky. It was blue, and there were clouds scattered about.

'Ugh, is this Hell?'

She stated as she rubbed her head with her fluffy and furry 'hand'.


She looked at her 'hands' and her mouth opened wide. Her hands had become soft and fluffy paws of a white-furred beast with purple spots.

'What the hell?'

She touched her face with her paws and confirmed that it, too, did not belong to a human. Below, she felt something move; she could tell as if it was another limb connected to her.

'Don't tell me!'

Turning her head around, she found a seven-inch tail sticking out behind.

'Phew!' She felt relieved that it wasn't what she thought it was.

"These soft paws, this cuddly and fluffy hair, this cute tail — ah shit, did I become a beast after my death, or have I been dreaming of being human as a beast all this time? If it is the latter, that is one long and realistic dream."

[It's the former, stupid bitch.]

Said a woman's voice in her head.