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The Tale Of Kitsuna

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Chapter 1 - RE: Chapter 1: Beginning

Why is my body so sore? What happened? Where am I? The last thing I remember was sleeping in my class and pain then nothing. I must have passed out. Maybe I'm in the hospital. My body is so stiff. I wonder how long I was asleep. 

I opened my eyes only to be disappointed at the view. It was not a white ceiling but a brown cement ceiling that I was looking at. Sitting up with a lot of effort, I looked around.

'Guess I'm in a basement or something. Was I kidnapped? This headache is killing me.'

When I move my hands up to my face, I stopped in shock at the sight of them.

'Why are my hands so small? I am a 17-year-old guy and was not on the small side? Why am I so small now?'

Touching my face, I realized it wasn't just my small hands but my face as well. Maybe I'm a 5-year-old now. I moved up to my hair and again stopped in shock.

'I…have...ears on top of my head…Why!? Why do I have ears on top of my head!?'

Feeling something move behind me. I instantly looked back and saw a fluffy black tail coming out under my shirt or rags.

Yup, It's confirmed. I died, and now I am a demi-human of some kind. Well, this is going to be interesting.

Just then, the door opened with 3 men walked in. Looking at them, I saw that they were 2 knights and a nobleman.

"Come brat. We are going to church. You better move fast. We have things to do. Hehe, I cannot wait. Guards take the brat we need to leave." The nobleman said, walking out again.

"Yes, sir!!" They both nodded.

The one guy pulled me out of bed and threw me on his shoulder. I was confused at what he said.

'What did he mean by things to do. Am I a slave or something?' I thought.

A while later, we were standing in front of a Japanese shrine, or close to it. It had more gold in it than needed. It was way too flashy. Looking around, I felt that I didn't belong here, especially with my rags that I have on and how dirty I feel.

"Lets' go. The faster this is over, the faster we can start." The nobleman said, dragging me inside.

'Start with what?' I thought, shuddering at those words. When we went inside, the first thing I saw was a giant statue of an angel. I mean an angel with wings and all. Coming to a stop, I looked away from the statue. Looking in front of me, I saw I was standing in front of a black plate.

"Brat, put your hand on the plate. Let's see what your status looks like." The nobleman said, putting my hand on the plate. The next thing I knew, letters started to appear on the black plate.

'So, this is my status.' I thought, surprised that I could read it.

Name: Kitsuna (Shiro Adachi)

Age: 5

Race: Demon Fox

Bloodline: Demon fox

Gender: Female

Level: 1

Class: Slave

Hp: 40/40

MP: 30/30

Str: 20

Vit: 20

Def: 10

Int: 15

End: 12

Agt: 40

Skills: Dimension storage, Fire, Lightning, Ice, Self-Analysis

"Hahaha, you're the best I could have asked for from those useless parents of yours. This is great!!"

"Good morning, your grace. I see you brought someone today for her status."

She looked at me and then at my status. When she started reading, her eyes widen.

"This… This is amazing. I have never seen a person with 2 rare elements, and her base stats for a 5-year-old is wonderful." She turned to the nobleman and asked. "Your Grace, may I call the head priest to witness this."

"No. I have things to do." He again took my hand and dragged me out without looking back.

'I am a female? How!? Nonononono!? Please tell me that I didn't see that right. I want my thing back!?' I never had time to look at my own body properly.

I still in denial about what I saw. That I did not know that we have already left the church and was on our way to the carriage that we came herewith, after coming back to my senses, we were already close to the noble man's mansion, and I could escape anymore.

After a while, we arrived at his mansion. I climbed out, and the nobleman gave his men orders to take me back to the basement. While he was walking away, he added. "Knock her out. It's going to be easier."

When I heard him, I wanted to fight back, but with my small and weak body. I didn't even have time to react to the knight who already had me in his arms and hit my over the head, making me blackout.

'Urgh! What happened!?'

As I woke up again with a headache. I tried to move my hands, but they didn't want to. My feet also were stuck. I looked around to realize I was strapped to a table. "What is going on? Let me go!?"

"Hahaha, you are not getting away. You were made and born on my order. Now become my experiment puppet for the rest of your life. Haha. Let us start." The nobleman said, standing next to a table. I looked at him in fear. I didn't want to die again. He picked up an injection with black fluid inside it and started walking towards me.

"Let's see how long you can survive." At those words, he injected the fluid into me.

"NO not again!? Aaaargh!!!!" I yelled before pain erupted through my entire body at the same time. It was worst than the pain I felt in my past life.

"Haha, this is going to be the best!"