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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Tang Bulin
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Chapter 1 - This Novel Is Headed Toward A Bad Ending

Feng City. Late at night.

Inside a brightly lit resort, some young people were having a pool party.

As the pumping beats and deafening electronic sounds filled the air, they shook their bodies wildly in their flashy clothes. Surrounded by Champagne and pretty faces, they were completely immersed in their luxurious lifestyle.


No one noticed, at that moment, that a small figure had fallen into the water. After struggling a little...she slowly sunk to the bottom without a single person showing any concern...

After some time, someone finally screamed.

"Help! Someone's drowning! Quick!

"She...she appears to be out of breath!

"Song Yaoyao? It's Song Yaoyao..."

Song Yaoyao's stomach swelled uncomfortably while she felt something flood into her mind.

"Oh God! Yaoyao! Wake up, Yaoyao! Don't scare me. Huhuhu..."

Someone shook her body frantically, and their cries made her head hurt.

"Cough cough..." Song Yaoyao coughed up a mouthful of water and her mind cleared a little.

Seeing that she was fine, some breathed sighs of relief while others scoffed and complained on the inside, this jinx is certainly lucky!

Song Yaoyao felt a needle-like pain in her temples and it hurt so much that she thought she would die. Unable to control her tears, they began to drip down her cheeks.

Seeing her miserable expression, the man next to her rolled his eyes. "Look, she's crying again. I don't understand how she has so many tears!"

Meanwhile, tears also clung to Song Jingwan's elegant face; her sadness was hard to hide. "How could you say that? Yaoyao is my younger sister!"

Her pitiful tears attracted sympathy, forcing the man to refute, "You treat her like a younger sister, but I don't see her treating you like an older sister! Otherwise, why would she steal the person that you like?"

If this was in the past, Song Yaoyao would have thrown a slap without hesitation. But her mind was being tormented by a jumble of memories at that moment, so she couldn't hear their insults.

Since she was lying beside the pool in the middle of autumn and her wet dress was clinging to her body, the wind chilled her down to the bone. Song Yaoyao's body trembled slightly as her jet-black hair hung down the sides of her face, hiding her cold gaze...

Song Yaoyao had already died in her previous life. Her life ended on the day of her 19th birthday. Cause of death: heart failure.

But now, she was alive again, and the throbbing pain in her temples told her that she wasn't hallucinating.

Not only had she come back to life — she had transmigrated into a silly novel that she once read. In the novel, the secondary female character shared the same name as her; a character with a weak personality and low self-esteem who often got outshined by her older sister and was treated like a jinx by her parents.

Bullied, neglected, and her fiance stolen, she tried to fight back, but in the end, her family kicked her out and she died a pitiful death.

It could be said that inside 'The Young Master's Delicate Wife', Song Yaoyao's name was synonymous with tragedy!


The girl's dazed eyes came to life and suddenly twinkled. She licked her lips and slowly lifted her head. Under the moonlight, her delicate and flawless face was blooming like an extravagant begonia. As her curly hair stuck to her fair-skinned face, she was dazzling but not vulgar, charming but not evil...

Song Yaoyao took in everyone's gaze and remembered it as a meaningful smile appeared on her lips.

She was making an announcement: from the moment that she stepped foot into this world, this novel was headed toward a bad ending.

Actors get in position, the show's about to start.

Have you guys decided how you want to die?