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Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

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Chapter 1 - My Wife, You Have To Live On Well

"My wife, you have to live on well!"

On the rooftop of a high rise building, bullets were flying in every direction.

There was nowhere to hide.

Bai Qinghao was heavily injured as he held Fang Xinxin in his arms. Both of them fell off the building rapidly with a sharp whistling noise of the wind in their ears.

Mid-air, Fang Xinxin felt Bai Qinghao adjusting their positions to protect her from the impact.

A loud noise followed soon after.

Bai Qinghao had cushioned her from the fall.

Fang Xinxin lifted her head with some difficulty as she laid on top of him. Her lips were trembling. "Bai… Bai Qinghao?"

He did not respond.

She reached her trembling hands up toward his nose. He was not breathing!

He… he was dead?

Fang Xinxin's lifeless eyes widened. As usual, all she could see was pitch-black darkness.

The sticky liquid clinging onto her fingertips was the blood flowing out of his lips.

Even though she had lost her sight, she understood that he had protected her with his own body. His body had been crushed and his bones were shattered.

But she remained completely unharmed.

A loud cry of despair escaped her lips.

Bai Qinghao, you idiot!

If he had left her behind, he would have been able to escape safely!

Yet, he insisted on protecting her. She was blind and half-paralysed. Was sacrificing his life for hers worth it? Was it worth it?

Ever since they became engaged at a young age, she had fervently avoided him and stayed away from him.

Throughout their ten years of marriage, she had viewed him as a cunning snake. She had made countless attempts to cause trouble for him and escape.

Both before and after their marriage, she had caused innumerable problems for him and made his life extremely difficult.

He had punished her in rage, tying her down and taking her forcefully!

And she had hated him to death.

Yet, now that he was truly dead, why was her heart aching so painfully. It felt as if it was bleeding profusely.

It was in this moment that she finally understood, no matter who she was and how she looked, he had devoted his entire life to loving her and prioritising her over everything else.

She finally understood that he had already snuck his way into her heart a long time ago.

He was powerful and invincible, an existence that wasn't meant to collapse. How could he die just like that?

A warm liquid dripped down from her eyes into her lips.

The taste of blood spread through her mouth.

They were tears of blood.

She was so badly entrenched in pain that she was shedding tears of blood.

She had been blind to fall for the wrong man. It was befitting that she lost her sight and became such a sorry figure!

And right now, she, the blind and half-paralysed woman, could not even take one final look at him.

A group of footsteps were approaching.

There were sharp cries, loud shouts and threats of death that had continued following them.

"My wife, you have to live on well!" His husky, low and heavy voice seemed to continue ringing in her ears.

Those were his final words.

Even after losing his life, his arms remained tightly wrapped around her waist as though he was frightened of losing her.

She had a unique ability. She could hide herself amongst the crowd and escape the pursuit.

However, he had loved her so much. How could she have left him to face death alone?

But now there was no way for her to fulfil his final request.

Without him, she could not live anymore.

She slowly lowered her head and leaned against his firm chest. His body was no longer moving, but it still seemed to carry his warmth.

With a powerful thought, a wave of energy flowed out from her. Her body instantly exploded, covering his body in blood.

In life, she had let him down.

In death, she would cling onto his body with her spirit.

If there was a way to turn back time, she would choose not to love Bai Chenxi, but to properly treasure Bai Qinghao and his love and never separate from him.

It hurts!

It really hurts.

Amidst the sharp pain, Fang Xinxin gradually opened her eyes.