Chereads / Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System / Chapter 6 - System Part One

Chapter 6 - System Part One

"Haha! How can I be a dragon? Look how small I am. I am sure I am just some kind of winged lizard." Kana played off Lysairth's declaration as a joke.

"Little one, I think you're mistaken. This temple would never respond to anyone outside the dragon race, and they would need to be a one hundred percent pure-blooded dragon at that." Lysairth looked down at Kana with a warm gaze. To her, Kana was like one of her own children.

"I see…" Kana felt a little uncomfortable with how Lysairth was looking at her. She began to wonder if this woman was some kind of ghostly pervert. But what she said was kind of a shock to Kana. She had thought she was some little winged lizard with red scales. She never thought that she was some kind of legendary creature. But this also brought up another question. If the lady in front of her said they were of the same kind, then why did his beautiful woman have human features? After pondering this thought for a moment, Kana was truly confused. "Umm… Can I ask a question?"

"Sure, dear, go ahead." Lysairth was happy to see that Kana was willing to ask her questions.

"Ummm… If we are of the same kind. Then that means one of your parents was human and the other was a dragon, but how does that work? Was your father human? Because I can't imagine a woman would…." Kana shivered, even thinking such a thought.

As for Lysairth, who stared blankly at Kana, her smile was frozen solid before she suddenly burst out laughing. "Dear no, both my parents were dragons. How could we mate with such lowly beings? My appearance is due to my evolution. Do you not have a system?"

"System? Not that I know of. I tried saying status earlier, but nothing popped up." Kana may have been a homeless orphan, but she was not always like that. Before her mother had passed away, she had taught Kana how to read and write at a young age. And while digging through the trash for food, she would stumble upon some books now and again. Her favorite book was about a girl who reincarnated in another world and had a system. The system allowed the girl to level up and see her stats, among other things. This was one of the reasons why when Kana thought of the system thing when she realized she got a new chance at life.

"This is strange… You see, every creature and even insects in this world are born with a system. For you to not even have that is quite strange. But fret not, this is easily fixable." Lysairth began to wonder if the system that was granted by the gods had overlooked Kana. But then a thought came to mind that she had completely overlooked right from the start. If Kana was a baby dragon, where were her parents? Kana's wings were not strong enough yet to allow her to fly, so it was impossible for her to even make it to the entrance of this temple without being able to fly. "Dear, I must ask, where are your parents?"

"Hmm? I have no parents..." Kana thought for a moment before continuing. "I woke up today and found myself on a ledge higher up the mountain. This is my first day in this world."

Kana had decided to keep the fact that she was someone from another world to herself. She was afraid if she told the truth, Lysairth would not help her anymore. She also had many things to ask Lysairth about this world.

Lysairth looked at Kana, her expression complex. She had never heard of a dragon being born like this. She wondered if one of the gods had decided to give dragons a second chance. She only knew that before she died, there were very few dragons left in the world. She had thought by how Kana was that maybe her parents had died giving birth to her, but that did not explain how Kana came to be here at this temple. If what Kana said was true, then she was not birthed by any other dragon but by one of this world's gods. After much contemplation, Lysairth decided this must be the case. "If that is the case, then you are a miracle child and the only hope our dragon race has left. The only thing you lack is a system that everyone has from the time they are born. Without one, you will never be able to grow or evolve."

"So, does this mean I will always be this small?" Kana asked, feeling a little down. She liked being small, but she also wanted to grow bigger. She also wished to become a humanoid like Lysairth. She felt it would be really cool to have horns and a tail in a humanoid body.

"No, as I said before, I can fix it. But this would require me to travel with you and merge with your body. I would lose this form until you were strong enough for me to re-manifest myself using part of your mana, but I would still be able to talk to you through a telepathic link from within your body." Lysairth explained. But when she looked up, she found Kana was slowly edging away from her. "Dear?"

"She's going to eat me!

"I knew all ghosts were bad!

"From the start, this was her plan. Get me to trust her… Then bam! Possesses me!

"I'm too young to be eaten by a ghost!" Kana began shaking all over again. She pressed her body against the barrier blocking the door and curled back into a ball, waiting for the inevitable.

"Not this again..." Lysairth shook her head and rubbed her temples. "Dear, will you please stop. I said it before, no, I will not eat you!" Lysairth tried to reach out and pat Kana's head, only to have her suddenly yell out.

"Ahh! Perverted ghost trying to eat me!"