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Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Mu Kong
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Chapter 1 - Two Shots to Kill (1)

While the sun set, the sea's surface glistened in its light, and the last rays of the sun shone out over the water. A second later, darkness covered the Earth like a black, airtight net.

The jetty in Shalnork was known as the biggest trade port in Zelford. At this time, the lamps there were all lit. The dim lights flickered throughout the empty jetty and gave off a slightly luxurious atmosphere.

Right then, a team of people was sneaking under the eaves of a warehouse that was not far from the jetty. They glanced around while they prepared to face any sudden movement. 

"Sister Lin, it's so dark here. Will people really come over here? We're not coming over for nothing like the last time, right?" Little Mu Chen, who was fair and immaculate, was right behind the leader. He glanced around while he inquired and gasped.

The person who stood near him heard what he said, and she stopped for a moment. She spun the gun in her hand with agility before she knocked Mu Chen on the head. It gave Mu Chen so much pain that he grimaced. It hurt to the point that he wanted to scream, but he was afraid of alerting the enemies, so he could only take sharp breaths.

"Sister Lin, be gentle!"

Zhao Youlin raised her finger and grabbed the gun's handle with her hand. "Coming over for nothing? If the news this time turns out to be fake again and they make us work for nothing, I'll kill the intelligence team when I get back!" she said with the ghost of a smile.

Mu Chen touched his head and observed Zhao Youlin's murderous aura, which had practically materialized at this point. He immediately shuddered in fear before he forced a smile. He then flatteringly said, "That's right. The intelligence team contributes nothing. Every time, they just give us fake news. It's time to teach them a lesson, or else, they'll think that they can… bully us easily…" 

Before Mu Chen finished speaking, he became so terrified by Zhao Youlin's cold gaze that he had to stop. He looked flustered as he covered his mouth and made a gesture of zipping up his lips like he was currying favor.

Zhao Youlin laughed from amusement at his hilarious move. She used her free, gunless hand to slap him on the head. "Why are you harping on in a place you shouldn't? If I had known, I wouldn't have brought you along. All right, stop talking. If you keep nagging, I'll kill you no matter what happens to the intelligence team." 

Mu Chen instantly slumped down. He held his hurting head and muttered, "Can you not slap my head all the time? I'm not very clever, but if you keep slapping me on the head, what will happen if nobody wants me?"

Zhao Youlin burst out laughing. She reached out to rub the head of her junior who was a few years younger than her and complimented him, "You're quite aware of your abilities. It's okay, you're hopelessly stupid, so I just knocked your head to make you smarter."

Mu Chen was speechless. Why did it feel like she was saying, "You're so ugly, so I beat you up as a way to give you cosmetic surgery?" 

'Sister Lin, can we still have fun together?'

While the two of them whispered, they suddenly heard some noise in the distance. Zhao Youlin immediately looked stunned, and she signaled Mu Chen by placing a hand on her lips, telling him to be silent. She pressed her body against the cover provided by the warehouse while she observed what was ahead.

In a short while, a few large vans slowly approached from afar. After they sounded their honks in front of the warehouse, the door of the warehouse was slowly opened to let the vans in. It was as if they had been prepared for it a long time ago.

Zhao Youlin watched the door of the warehouse close and looked around. She studied the glass window on top of her head. Then, she raised her hand and waved it at the team behind her. She was the first to jump up, and she easily climbed onto the window. She moved inside before the team of people followed suit.