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Dear Immortal Tyrant

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Chapter 1 - Synopsis + Excerpt

An immortal who has lived a millennium...

He went by many names, many lives, many titles, but one stuck with him the most...

Kaden. One look and you'd think you've met the devil. Dangerous, devious, and indifferent, people always bowed their heads to him—except for the woman that brought the tyrant to his knees.

A woman with a special ability and curse...

Lina. She was cursed with clairvoyance—the ability to see a person's close or far future. When most didn't even remember their childhood, Lina had memories from her first life, and repeated nightmares about a man, and she knew exactly who it was.

When Lina stumbled across Kaden again, she gets a flashforward to his disatrousou future with a bride crying before an empty altar, gunshots in the distance, fire on the woman's dress, and Kaden nowhere to be seen.

Frightened by his future, she flees from him, but there's nowhere in this world she could go that he couldn't find her.

Lina wants nothing to do with him, and Kaden wants everything to do with her. Love between Lina and Kaden was impossible, but will they have a final chance at love, or will history repeat itself?

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Kaden's long fingers stroked her cheeks, a dangerous smile on his face. "I adore you far too much to let you go."

"And if I ran away with another man?" Lina asked, despite the warning signs.

Kaden calmly glanced at her. "My dear dove, he will face a fate worst than death. Then, I will screw you again and again, until your insides are molded back to my shape. I'll put you in every position until you remember nothing but my name and the pleasure I've given you. Until you remember exactly who you belong to."