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President Wife is Pretty and Cool

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Chapter 1 - Miss Loser: Reborn

The Lan Family and Mo Family were to be joined in marriage, which was explosive news in Rong City.

Everyone knew that the Mo Family was extremely powerful. With their distinguished status, even a yawn could cause the tides to change.

Because of this, everyone thought that it was a blessing for the Lan Family to become associated with the Mo Family.

But secretly, they knew that Mo Jinrong, the eldest young master of the Mo Family, was ugly, old and would jinx his wife.

It was rumored that Mo Jinrong had as many as five fiancés, but unknowingly, all of them were met with accidents on the eve of their marriage.

Behind closed walls, people in Rong City thought that Mo Jinrong might actually eat people!


"Grandma, I don't want to go, I don't want to marry Mo Jinrong."

In the Lan Family's old mansion, a beautifully dressed girl lay on an old lady, sobbing.

"Sweetheart, they are the Mo Family. After you are married into the family, you won't just enjoy endless glory and wealth, you will become the young mistress of the entire Rong City," the old lady said with a pained expression.

"But, Mo Jinrong is old and ugly. He has a bad reputation! Grandma, I'm scared."

The girl's face was stained with tears. "Grandma, I'm begging you, don't make me marry into the Mo Family, sniff…"

The old lady cherished her deeply. She patted her back in a hurry, feeling conflicted. "But, this is your grandfather's decision. We, the Lan Family, keep our promises; we won't break them."

The girl rolled her eyes and her cries softened. She was choked up while saying, "Doesn't Uncle have a daughter of the right age? Let her go. Then we wouldn't be breaking our promise."

The old lady's eyes lit up, the former despair disappearing from her face. "Ya'er, you are right. I'll call your uncle right now and get him to bring his daughter back. Anyways, she is someone that will only bring misfortune to the Lan Family, so it wouldn't matter if she died."


The patter of light rain persisted and a dark figure walked out from the woods.

She had a pale and clean appearance, a little mole near her ear, and could be recognized at a glance. She was the eldest lady of the Lan Family, Lan Anran, who was abandoned in the countryside.

Lan Anran was in a good mood. Today, she found the Ling Zhu Grass that had been cultivated a long time ago. Now, she had the right materials for her new medicine research and development.

When she returned to the adobe hut, the mobile phone placed in the corner suddenly rang.

Lan Anran picked it up and began to read the unread messages on the screen.

"The Baizhu fruit you placed on consignment has been sold, and the payment has been credited to your account. Please verify."

"Your account ending in number '1117' has successfully received 5,380,000 yuan today."

"Boss, the Baizhu Guo has been sold, but there are too many people asking for it. Someone wanted me to ask if there was any more and when it would be available again…"

Lan Anran ignored the first two pieces of information and picked the last one to reply to. "No, we will discuss this later."

She threw the phone on the table casually, ready to wash her hands and handle her herbs.

"Anran, Lan Anran, someone is here to see you," the village head shouted with an accent.

"Got it."

Lan Anran's face was calm, as if she knew everything. Earlier today, she had packed up all the flowers and herbs she accumulated over the years, as if it was all for this moment.

She put down the flowers and herbs in her hand and walked out of the house.

At the entrance, there was a man in his early forties, dressed in a suit.

The man had an elegant appearance and both hands were in front of him. He seemed a little at a loss, but at the same time, excited.

Lan Anran was taken aback and called out subconsciously, "Dad?"

The girl's soft voice made the man standing in front of her even more nervous, his joy was beyond words.

Lan Tingyun had imagined the appearance of his daughter many times, but after meeting her, Lan Tingyun's mind was completely blank.

Lan Anran could feel the love and caution of the man in front of her.

She took two steps forward, with tears in her smile.


This passionate call pulled Lan Tingyun back to his senses and he hugged the daughter in front of him. He choked a little and called out joyfully, "Anran, my good daughter."

Lan Anran was wrapped in his arms. She couldn't help closing her eyes, not wanting to let her tears flow down.

After waiting for so many years, she finally saw her father again.

Lan Anran was sent to the countryside as a child. When she was born, the old lady of the Lan Family had sought out a master's divination. If she lived in the Lan Family, she would die before the age of ten.

Her life was filled with evil spirits and no matter where she grew up, she would bring bad luck to the people around her.

Lan Tingyun didn't believe the nonsense from this master, but by coincidence, not long after Lan Anran was born, the Lan Family's business plummeted and Old Master Lan fell seriously ill.

That wasn't all, even Lan Anran was sent to NICU for rescue several times because of various accidents.

Due to family pressure and also the health of their daughter, Lan Tingyun and his wife tearfully sent her away to be fostered in the countryside.

In her last life, Lan Anran listened to the slander of those with ill intentions, thinking that her father didn't care about her at all and had sold her to the Mo Family for higher benefits.

She was frustrated with her father, and had disturbed the peace in their family.

In the end her father had vomited blood and died because of her. Her mother had also passed away because she couldn't stand the loss, and the entire Lan Family fell into the hands of outsiders.

Her reputation was ruined and she became a jinx in everyone's eyes.

Even Mo Jinrong left her in the end. That was when she knew, the cage he put her in was all the protection he could give her.

He used his life to protect her, but she had abandoned him.

She completely believed in Lan Yaxin, and it was only when Yaxin pushed her off the cliff with her own hands, did she know that everything was caused by her.

"Anran, you're not worthy of anything in this lifetime."

She watched Lan Ya'er's smile disappear from sight little by little.

The next time Lan Anran opened her eyes, there were no longer tears of excitement from the reunion.

Her eyes were clear. Since the heavens allowed her to relive this life, she would protect her family well.

In this life, no one could deceive her anymore.

If so, let that person go to hell.