Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

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Chapter 1 - Rebirth

Su Jin felt the pain on her lips and instantly woke up.

This pain surprised Su Jin. She thought she died? Why did it still hurt?

She slowly opened her eyes and saw a pair of cold, dark eyes.

Although these eyes made her heart feel cold, they were like mysterious gemstones that made her remember. The owner of these eyes was the person who made her pregnant, made her die tragically, and made her feel so much pain that she wished she was dead.

Thinking about the tragic death in her previous life and Su Xue who had killed her, Su Jin felt bitterly disappointed. She had been so sincere in taking care of her, yet she treated her like that.

Her anger hit the roof and Su Jin's eyes instantly turned bloodshot!

Su Jin raised her head and stared coldly at the man in front of him. This man had treated her so roughly and harmed her.

Her greatest pain and torture had all been brought by this powerful person in front of her. However, from her pregnancy to her tragic death, she had never seen his real face.

Su Jin attacked angrily and used all the strength in her body to give the man in front of her a vicious slap.

The man's expression was ice-cold. His love-less eyes stared at Su Jin below him angrily. The pain on his face also made him more alert in an instant.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had never been hit before, not to mention a slap on the face from a woman.

"D*mn you bitch, how dare you hit me?"

Su Jin could feel the man's anger and danger. She clenched her hands and stared at that terrifying pair of eyes.

So what if she hit him? Did she need to pick a good day to slap him?

However, since he did not know anything, a slap was enough. It shall be treated as if he had returned everything from his previous life. The two of them were even.

This slap was not enough, but there was nothing she could do about it.

The man's angry eyes stared fiercely at the woman beneath him. He scoffed coldly, "Since you want to be my wife and live a good life, then you should accept my love now."

Su Jin was furious when she heard this. She glared at Xi Chenxiao.

He was too self-righteous. Who cared about being his wife and living a good life?

"You're not satisfied with me?"

Feeling Su Jin's anger and disdain, Xi Chenxiao could not help but ask.

If not for the elders who were anxious for him to have children and drugged him, he would not have touched her.

If not for the fact that she was the only one who could bear his child, he would not have laid his hands on her. He was never interested in women anyway.

Su Jin cursed in her heart. The one who wanted to give birth to your child and lead a good life was that b*tch, Su Xue, and not herself. However, those things had not happened yet, so she could only curse in her heart.

When she thought of what Su Xue had done to herself, Su Jin's eyes were filled with intense hatred. In her previous life, Su Xue had cut open her stomach and removed her child, and even dug out her eyes before she died. When she thought of this, Su Jin swore in her heart, she would become Xi Chenxiao's wife in this life.

Xi Chenxiao originally wanted to let it go, but when he saw the woman's bright eyes filled with anger and disdain, he immediately changed his mind.

He raised Su Jin's chin wickedly and the corners of his mouth curled up into a sneer.

"Are you playing hard to get?"

Su Jin's face instantly darkened. This Xi Chenxiao was too shameless!

"Then, I'll grant your wish!"

Then, Xi Chenxiao lowered his head and kissed Su Jin's mouth.

Su Jin raised her hand to slap Xi Chenxiao's face again, but in the next second, Xi Chenxiao grabbed her wrist.

Su Jin raised her other hand and tried to slap him again.

Xi Chenxiao seemed to know what she was going to do. He grabbed Su Jin's wrist again, narrowed his eyes, and said fiercely, "You still want to slap my face?"

Su Jin looked at Xi Chenxiao and blinked. She was a little flustered. This man could not possibly slap her back, right?

Now, she could only beg for mercy, but she had long been poisoned and could not speak.

What should she do? Should she just watch helplessly as Xi Chenxiao slaps her?

Or, if she admitted defeat to him now, perhaps he would forgive her and not hit her.

She was held down by Xi Chenxiao and could not get up. She could only pray that Xi Chenxiao understood the expression in her eyes.

Xi Chenxiao smiled playfully as he got closer and closer to Su Jin.

Su Jin panicked when she saw Xi Chenxiao. As Xi Chenxiao got closer and closer, her heart beat faster and faster. Just as her heart was about to leap to her throat, Xi Chenxiao suddenly…

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