Chereads / Once Bitten, Twice Shy / Chapter 4 -  I’ll Never Marry Her

Chapter 4 -  I’ll Never Marry Her

It seemed that Timothy did not expect Samantha to say such words as his face instantly darkened. Their surrounding temperature dropped further, and she felt danger incoming.

Timothy stared at her as if he wanted to tear her apart. At the same time, Samantha tried her best to straighten her back, sticking out her neck and meeting his eyes.

After a few seconds, Samantha was sweating cold sweats. Then, just as she was about to give up, Timothy suddenly snorted, "Samantha, you better mean what you said!"

After saying that, he walked away, not wanting to stay with her for another second.

Samantha heard the door slam, and she instantaneously lost all her strength, feeling desolate.

The man she used to love despised her. Samantha really could not understand what she did wrong…

Later, Samantha left the hotel and visited the pharmacy across the street.

She bought an emergency contraceptive pill and a bottle of water. As she sat on the long bench by the road, she took the pill. Soon, she buried her face in her hands.

After a while, her shoulders suddenly shook…

Samantha returned to Larsson's residence. When she walked in, she ignored Simon and Cynthia, who were both waiting for her on the sofa. Then, she went to her room.

She took a shower and lay in her bed, covering herself with the blanket and shut her eyes.

Perhaps she was exhausted, or maybe she cried too much, but Samantha quickly fell into a deep sleep. When she woke up, it was already morning.

She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling for a while. She only got up after she recollected her senses.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Then, the maid's voice sounded, "Ms. Larsson, there's an emergency. Mr. and Mrs. Larsson want you to get down immediately." 

When she heard that, Samantha's lips twitched, and she replied callously, "Alright."

In the living room.

When Samantha appeared, Cynthia instantly stood and helped her to her seat. Then, she glanced at Simon.

Simon understood the hint, and he quickly took the iPad and showed it to Samantha, asking, "Sammy, what's going on? Were you with Tim the other day? Are you two back together?" 

He could not hide the excitement in his tone! 

Samantha's sight fell on the screen.

It was a famous marketing account on Weibo, with the headline: Breaking news! Timothy Barker, the heir of the Barker Group, has an exciting secret date with his ex-girlfriend Samantha Larsson, the down and out lady!

They even had a pixelated video. Timothy was seen walking out of the hotel room first, and then she walked out of the room in messy attire.

Before Samantha could answer, Cynthia anxiously interrupted, "Sammy, we can't suffer in vain as before anymore! Since the matter between you and Tim is publicized, he would surely be responsible for you, right?"

Samantha slowly raised her gaze, looking at Simon then at Cynthia. After that, she laughed self-deprecatingly. 

Next, she questioned them, "Father, why are you asking me what happened? Don't you know more than me?"

Simon's eyes flickered, but he still stubbornly answered, "Sammy, what are you talking about?"

Samantha coldly watched Simon's performance, and she did not say anything. However, she stood and walked toward Charlie, who was standing at the side and immediately grabbed his right hand, dragging him toward Simon.

"When I was attacked, I scratched the attacker's right hand!"

Samatha pointed at the scratch marks on Charlie's right hand. "Father, you directed the whole thing, so is there a need for me to explain this to you?"

Realizing that his scheme was exposed, Simon was livid. Nonetheless, he shamelessly admitted it. "Yes. I did it! If it weren't for you being disobedient, why would I waste so much effort to orchestrate this! You've had a luxurious life since you were young, and now that your family is in trouble, you should repay us!"

After saying that, he gave an order to Samantha, "Go upstairs now and change into a presentable attire! Follow me to meet the Barkers. Let's get our justice!"

Then, Simon turned his head and commanded Charlie, "Inform the media and let them follow us. If the Barkers refuse to take responsibility, we'll make a scene! I don't believe that the Barkers would be willing to tarnish their reputation!"

Samantha listened to those audacious words, and she tightly clenched her fist. The veins on her hands slowly appeared.

These were her parents, and they had nothing but profits and money in their eyes. They might treat their dogs or cats better, but as their daughter, her feelings, thoughts, and everything about her was unimportant!

Samantha was extremely disappointed, but that was the only thing she felt. She whispered, "Alright."

At the same time, in the Barker family's old mansion.

Old Madam Barker had seen the news early in the morning. She was stunned and quickly ordered the butler, "Ask Tim to return now!"

About an hour later, Timothy walked into the Barker family's old mansion.

Old Madam Barker was discussing the list of gifts. When she saw her grandson, she immediately beamed. "Tim, I'm preparing the presents for the marriage proposal. Why don't you take a look and see if there's anything you want to add?"

Timothy frowned and chortled. He walked over in big steps and sat on the sofa. Then, he glanced at the table full of gifts, and he calmly answered, "There's no need to prepare anything."

Old Madam Barker was confused. In fact, she was slightly angry. "Tim, aren't you going to take responsibility? Is this how I raised you?"

Two years ago, he publicly broke off their marriage, and he had yet to tell her the reason. Old Madam Barker felt extremely sorry for Samantha. Nonetheless, it had been two years, and the two of them had such an interaction. She would not let Timothy mess this up!

"Besides, don't you like Sammy? That's why you spent the night with her, right? Are you going to tell me that you two were simply having a pillow talk!"


A cold light quickly flashed across his eyes.

That day he sat in the car and saw Samantha at the roadside, crying and eating the pill. At that moment, he really wondered whether he misunderstood her.

However, reality cruelly slapped him in the face again.

Such a scheming woman, who was good at acting and would do whatever she could to achieve her goal, was not worthy of his feelings!

Timothy hid his emotions and did not explain further. He indifferently answered, "Grandma, you don't have to worry about this matter. I'll handle it."

Old Madam Barker was furious. "I've let you do as you wished before. This time, you must take responsibility for Sammy. Otherwise, you're going to get it!"

Timothy did not reply to her. Instead, he stood and elegantly buttoned up his suit jacket, bowed at her slightly, and strode off.

The car slowly drove out of the Barker family's old mansion.

His assistant looked at the emotionless Timothy through the rear mirror and hesitated before finally asking," Mr. Barker, the Larssons are using public discussion as an advantage. I'm afraid that this won't be so easy to handle. After this, Ms. Larsson will threaten you to marry her. With the Old Madam's support, what are you going to do?"

The man's slender fingers gently tapped on her knees, and his obsidian eyes turned gloomier. Then, he opened his mouth and said in complete disdain and mockery, "I'll never marry her!"